1 and a half boy, his right leg was run over his leg, tibia and fibula fractures, but fortunately to keep his leg


1 and a half boy, his right leg was run over his leg, tibia and fibula fractures, but fortunately to keep his leg

Original title: 1 year old boy was crushed by the right leg of the car over the leg fracture of shin and fibula, but fortunately to keep his leg

The accident almost happened under Xiao Zhang's eyelid.

He and his wife gave her medicine, an inattentive, 1 and a half years old son Lele (a pseudonym) from home went on the road, and a gallop truck collided head on.

Yesterday, the pediatric department of orthopedics of Xi'an Red Cross Hospital, Lele just finished surgery third times, blinking eyes lying.

His right leg was tied with white gauze and a stationary support. "To blame, I have only to blame too careless."." Father Zhang said, things happened in the early morning of June 27th, because the two-year-old daughter had a cold, after getting up, he and his wife was busy with her daughter medicine, "completely forget that there is a smaller son."

Small Zhang in rural Shaanxi Dingbian County, near Ningxia in Yanchi County, 307 State Road, across from the front yard, "there is no fence, is out of the road." When he heard his son's cry, Xiao Zhang hurried out. "The truck rolled over his son's right leg, and the scene was full of blood."."

First went to a hospital in Ningxia, when his son had been shocked. Limited by medical conditions, the night of the incident, 120 ambulance overnight pulled the child to Xi'an.

The Red Cross Hospital Pediatric Department of orthopedics director Xie Qiang told Sanqin Daily reporter, the child thigh upper femoral comminuted fracture, thigh muscle necrosis, crush avulsion, leg fracture of tibia and fibula, already in sleepiness, condition is not optimistic. The hospital organized a number of departments experts consultation, blood transfusion and anti infection support for systemic treatment, the first seriously ill, and soon fell ill, "not to mention amputation, the first priority at that time is to protect life."."

Fortunately, after the timely treatment of the hospital, Lele's right leg was saved, and after the 3 operation, his right toe was able to move, and the function was restored well.

At present, the traffic police departments have been involved in accident investigation. Lele next step will be skin grafting and systematic rehabilitation training.

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