Xuzhou kindergarten explosion what happened, \x2f explosion truth


Xuzhou kindergarten explosion what happened, \x2f explosion truth

Original title: Xuzhou kindergarten explosion what happened / explosion the truth

Xuzhou kindergarten explosion incident affects the hearts of netizens, in kindergarten entrance actually happened such a bad event, then what is Xuzhou kindergarten explosion? What is the fuse of the kindergarten explosion in Xuzhou? The following small series for everyone to introduce.

Small but last night was "Xuzhou kindergarten explosion" message to the scraper, it is understood that the current Xuzhou kindergarten explosion accident has caused 8 deaths, 65 people were injured, so the effect of such a big explosion is going on? Go with small see.

Xuzhou kindergarten explosion what happened, x2f explosion truth

A mark left by forensic staff at an explosion site

June 15, 2017, at 4:48 on Thursday, Jiangsu, Xuzhou, an explosion at the entrance of an innovative kindergarten, the accident occurred, the police immediately launched rescue for the injured people. By 23 last night, 8 people had been killed and 65 injured, including 8 seriously injured. Fortunately, the kindergarten did not finish school, the teachers and students in the garden escaped a difficult, we imagine, if the explosion later, then ten minutes, the children are out of school, the consequences are really unimaginable.

Xuzhou kindergarten explosion what happened, x2f explosion truth

The wounded and wounded were transferred to the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University

This morning, Jiangsu Fengxian County held "615 Xuzhou kindergarten explosion accident scene of the press conference, the dead silence also said, informed of the case has been convicted of a criminal case, the suspect has been locked. Informed sources broke the news that the accident was caused by a gas explosion at a snack stand outside the school, and that the final result could only be wait for a detailed investigation by the police. I believe it will soon be given to the public and to the families of the deceased.

Xuzhou kindergarten explosion what happened, x2f explosion truth

In Jiangsu, Fengxian County, "6. 15" explosion news conference site, the participants to the dead silent

Earlier reports

According to Beijing Youth Daily micro-blog news: June 15th afternoon, Jiangsu, Xuzhou province Fengxian County innovation kindergarten entrance, an explosion occurred. Beiqing Bao reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Xuzhou Municipal Committee, all the injured have been sent to medical treatment.

A merchant near the kindergarten boss said, about 5 or so, heard a bang sound, is found out after their distance less than one hundred meters in the kindergarten door exploded. According to him, when it was parents to pick up children from school, more people. Live video to witness that after the explosion, the suspected location at the gate of the kindergarten, many parents and children lying on the ground, the scene items scattered on the ground, many people who have blood.

BYD reporter noted that the explosion incident, some people in rags, and many people have obvious trauma. 15 PM 6 am, Xuzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department responsible person, North Green newspaper reporter confirmed that, at 4:50 this afternoon, Xuzhou, Fengxian County innovation kindergarten entrance explosion.

According to the modern express news earlier, when the explosion occurred at the time to pick up the kids from school, the scene lay down a large, many people were injured, in rags.

Beijing Evening News reported that 17:30 or so, a number of suspected Fengxian County innovation kindergarten entrance explosion, video spread over the network. In the video, the gate of the kindergarten, more than one badly mutilated fell to the ground, unable to move, not only adults and children. In addition, Xuzhou officials also said that the police and related departments rushed to the scene for the first time to carry out rescue.

Xuzhou Propaganda Department revealed that the initial investigation was due to an explosion in a snack stall gas tank at the entrance of the kindergarten. It is understood that Fengxian County innovative kindergartens for the provincial quality kindergarten, located in Zhongyang street, South Ring Road and Fung Park District next to