The research in Zhangjiagang to tighten regulation, customer accumulation for housing is greater than should be notarized Yaohao; Suzhou to clinch a deal price shot in cold soil

Focus today

[event]Recently, the Zhangjiagang Property Management Center issued "on the further strengthening of the real estate market supervision notice" announcement. Online publicity pre-sale commodity housing declaration filing price. Housing prices in the pre-sale permit within 10 days of the one-time sale of all available housing, strict implementation of the purchase of real name system, for customers to accumulate more than the availability of housing, Yaohao commercial housing should be sold.

[CRIC comment]On the policy itself, the new deal in Zhangjiagang, or in Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities around the second tier, there is no breakthrough in the means of regulation. Of more concern is the spread of such a policy, since 2017 Zhangjiagang property market significantly, the market also appeared in the phenomenon of false price, high renovation costs in China, the new deal is to further curb the deterioration of these illegal phenomenon. The illegal phenomenon in Zhangjiagang is not the case, the regulation in the hot city severely, and the rapid advance of new urbanization industry background, and a second tier city demand overflow phenomenon more obvious, more and more of the three or four line of the city's heat heating up too quickly, the market chaos will follow, from this point of view, the next new deal will spread more in the three or four line of the city.

The land.Suzhou soil cold auction more floor price, Longhu 976 million low premium commercial and residential land

[event]June 13th, Suzhou soil second days, the scene was mediocre, plots are low premium or low turnover. The main Su Su 2017-WG-17 commercial and residential land, from Longhu to clinch a deal, the total price of 976 million yuan competing, the floor price of 7101 yuan / square meter, the premium rate of 29.09%.

[CRIC comment]On the premium rate point of view, Suzhou soil heat drop significantly. But considering the plot itself, we think it is still reasonable, partly because most of the land is relatively remote, project sales forecasts, on the other hand, because the auction a higher threshold, strict restrictions, such as the commercial part of No. 17 Commercial and residential land must be self-sustaining, and commercial cap can apply for housing pre-sale. The threshold, high development costs, and lower earnings expectations in the face of strict soil shoot, current soil beat bidding had ceased in 2016 and with the event, to plan for the year started to fall, the second half of a second tier city for the scale will further increase, is expected to take the heat to cool soil will also become more normal city.

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