Buy a house also Yaohao?! Will your hometown follow suit?


Buy a house also Yaohao?! Will your hometown follow suit?

Buy a house also Yaohao?! Will your hometown follow suit?

China Jingwei client May 16 (Liu Xueyu) following the purchase of new homes in Shanghai to be notarized Yaohao, Nanjing followed the pace to become the second wave of introduction of the policy of the city. Less than half a month, two cities nationwide have introduced Yaohao policy, a part of the small partners at a loss. Will your hometown follow suit? Yaohao housing system will have any impact on property buyers?

Shanghai Nanjing buy a house to be notarized Yaohao

In May 4th, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee issued "on the further strengthening of the real estate market regulation of commercial housing pre sale behavior notice", clearly requires opening of new commodity housing take presided over by the notary public Yaohao sales; strict implementation of real name system; not for any nominal price price.

Following the footsteps of Shanghai, in May 13th, Nanjing issued the circular on Further Strengthening the control of the real estate market and the new Nanjing commodity housing notarization Yaohao sales rules. Among them, the real estate development enterprises and their agents commissioned by the sale of institutions should be adopted by the public institutions presided over the "public Yaohao" approach to the sale of commercial housing.

Less than half a month, two cities have introduced the purchase Yaohao policy. In this regard, E-House Research Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin to the new latitude client (WeChat public number: jwview), Shanghai, Nanjing two city issued Yaohao policy, two city real estate market lack of inventory, housing is not enough. "Through Yaohao can ease the risk of supply shortage, the property market in other cities will play a guiding role."."

Yaohao did not increase the burden on property buyers

Lou Jianbo, director of the real estate law research center of Peking University, to accept the new Jingwei client (WeChat public number: jwview) interview, said the need for the purchase of Yaohao Yaohao way, property buyers do not have to panic. First of all, hot cities and hot flats originally also Yaohao purchase. In Beijing, for example, the majority of new sites in the purchase process, you need Yaohao or Pai pai. Originally, these projects are organized by the developers Yaohao, now converted to a notary public, on behalf of yaohao.

Lou Jianbo said, buy a house notarization Yaohao not only did not increase the burden of property buyers. On the contrary, the property buyers to purchase, at the trust relationship, "an extra row card fee", "tea", take the legalization Yaohao, these costs will not exist, reduce the purchase cost of buyers. In other words, the purchase of justice Yaohao policy itself is for the interests of property buyers, not only to buy more transparent and transparent, but also constrained the behavior of developers. Avoid developers in Yaohao "edge ball", or cover Xishou violations.

In addition, Lou Jian Bo pointed out that the new regulations have two issues worth exploring. One is from a legal perspective, the purchase behavior belongs to the civil, property buyers and developers belong to the civil subject, the local government or the relevant departments to formulate rules and regulations to restrict buyers must through legalization Yaohao purchase, whether beyond the legislative authority. Two new homes should be entrusted to the notary office to Yaohao notary commissioned cost is a cost trade-off, brings the cost and the effect of the policy is also worth exploring the pros and cons.

Or there will be hot cities to follow up

In the near future, whether there will be hot cities follow suit? Lou Jianbo said: "whether follow-up, do not jump to conclusions, we can see, Shanghai, Nanjing, two cities in the next period of time, the order of commercial housing is more orderly, so as to make a reference."

Yan Yuejin said that in the hot city housing shortage, the election room or even need to ask the relationship, which is a kind of abnormal market transactions. Therefore, if the "hot city" looting phenomenon still needs regulation, "Yaohao" most fair, and the highest efficiency, is expected to continue to follow other cities".

In addition, China City Real Estate Research Institute president Xie Yifeng expects, in the short term, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other hot and second tier cities are likely to follow up the implementation of Yaohao housing policy. (Sino Jingwei APP)

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