Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?


Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

Since last year, "9.30" since, China's 55 cities issued a variety of related real estate regulatory policies more than 160 times, the property market regulation after layers of "overweight" into the purchase, limit credit, limit, the sale of "four limit" era". And 4, the introduction of new flats in Shanghai need to be notarized Yaohao sales measures, analysts appear, or other cities to follow up, the property market sales supervision is expected to have more measures introduced.

Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

Shanghai new regulations: new premises need to be notarized Yaohao

Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

On the night of May 4th, Shanghai released a big news story.

Municipal Construction Committee said that in mid April, municipal construction committee Industrial and Commercial Bureau, jointly with the Municipal Price Bureau in the city to carry out a new round of real estate brokerage special rectification, as of the end of April, a total of 1500 revocation and cancellation of the real estate brokerage business license and qualification record and sign. Next, the city will continue to rectify the property market order:

First, rectifying and standardizing the real estate intermediary marketAnd further improve the supervision mechanism of the real estate intermediary;

Two is to regulate the order of commercial housing sales, clear requirements for the new commodity housing by the notary public presided over, Yaohao sorting, orderly purchase, and other means of public sale. For alleged violations of the real estate business, once verified, will be suspended net.

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The full text is as follows

Shanghai municipal housing and urban construction management committee

On Further Strengthening the supervision of the city's real estate market

Notice on regulating the pre sale of commodity housing:

District Housing Authority, housing authority, the real estate trading center, housing investigation agencies, real estate development enterprises, real estate brokerage institutions:

To further standardize the sale of commodity housing in this Municipality, curb speculation and maintain order in the real estate market, we hereby notify you of the following issues:

First, to obtain pre-sale permit commercial housing projects, real estate development enterprises and its authorized sales agent enterprises shall, within 10 days of all prospective sale listings and each housing prices, which in accordance with the "open, fair, fair and transparent principle, foreign sales, customers accumulate more than for housing projects, should be taken presided over by the notary public Yaohao sales of commodity housing Yaohao sort, in order to sort the list of buyers, Yaohao site publicity.

Two, strict implementation of the purchase of real name system. Buyers should be with the scheduled agreement, reservations, pre (out) sale contracts, purchasers, pre registration, pre purchase consistent, not increase, reduce, change the name of the purchaser after the subscription. Buyers name inconsistent, the real estate trading center will not apply for online records and other transaction procedures.

Three, has not achieved the pre-sale permit commercial housing projects, real estate development enterprises and its authorized sales agent enterprises are not allowed to subscribe, booking, arranging, issuing VIP, etc., to collect or purchase a collection of deposit, booking and other properties of the cost.

Four, the real estate development enterprise and its authorized sales agent enterprises shall, in accordance with the declaration of the price of foreign sales, not in the pre sale contract (out) the transfer price, extra price to the purchase by any other name. Where the selling price exceeds the declared value, the contract for pre sale (sale) sale shall not be signed on the Internet, and no pre registration or transfer registration shall be carried out. Violation of the provisions of the real estate development enterprises, real estate brokerage agencies and practitioners, according to law seriously investigated and dealt with, related enterprises and personnel into the industry credit management blacklist".

Five, the real estate development enterprises and other enterprises commissioned sales agents, real estate brokers and related management agency staff, not in various ways housing speculation, may not provide convenience or brokerage services for others to illegal transfer of forward delivery housing. The staff of real estate development enterprises since the purchase of commodity housing, according to stipulated by publicly Yaohao purchase, and to declare that the "commercial housing sales plan", while the purchase list report prepared by the district housing management departments, from the district housing sector for the whole process of supervision. Real estate development enterprises commissioned by the sale of enterprises, as well as other real estate brokerage agencies, employees may not buy the project agent housing. Relevant management staff members shall not use the functions of the purchase, should be prescribed by Yaohao, sorting and other public means of purchase.

Six, the district housing management departments should further strengthen market supervision, and urge real estate development enterprises to maintain a good sales order, to increase efforts to deal with the housing speculation, drive up prices and other illegal acts, suspected of real estate development companies and real estate brokerage violations, once verified, will be suspended until the abolition of the real estate net, reduce the development of enterprise credit management industry qualification, and included in the "blacklist", alleged crimes, transferred to judicial organs.

Hereby notify.

Shanghai municipal housing and urban construction management committee

Two years, 17 years, May 3rd

Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

Shortage of cities or follow up "notary Yaohao""

Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

Chinese City Real Estate Research Institute president Xie Yifeng said, "Shanghai notary Yaohao buy a house" policy,The purpose is to ease the sale of new homes and the sale of housing and housing supply imbalance.To some extent, you can temporarily play a contradiction between the supply and demand control of deterioration, to prevent frenzied looting of the house or late queuing to buy a house, or housing prices to pay people or find support queuing buy a house unpopular illusion.

"From the impact of policy, Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei said that the provisions of Shanghai is a supplement to other regulatory policies, a direct impact on the follow-up, there should be other regulatory policies. E-House Real Estate Institute think tank Research Center Director Yan Yuejin also believes that the future of the real estate market in Shanghai is expected to tighter control, especially to sell, a housing price, private charges and other practices similar to a real sales process control.

"For relatively scarce cities, how to get the right to buy is critical.". Seems to be fair trading, but housing prices easier to control housing, resulting in a new housing costs increased." Yan Yuejin said that the practice of Shanghai is expected to follow up other cities may follow. Because similar housing transactions in the auction, the only applicable judicial auction house, the real estate market one room one price limit, making Yaohao is the most direct and effective control measures.

Xie Yifeng pointed out that Nanjing in March there are Yaohao buying policy is not clear, written provisions, now Nanjing Hexi, Jiangbei plate sales are basically take such sales. He expects short-term, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and other hot spots, second tier cities are likely to follow up the implementation of Yaohao housing policy.

Near February, more than 20 cities have been overweight, the implementation of restricted sale

Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

Shanghai commercial housing pre-sale specification requires developers to customer number is greater than the available for sale listings should be notarized Yaohao, means that this year the national market regulation from the "purchase" to "restricted", to further upgrade the current public notary "Yaohao" program.

Since last year, "9.30" property market regulation began in March 17th this year, Beijing issued a new property market regulation, set off a new round of tightening of the property market regulation. According to Centaline Research Center statistics, since the end of September 2016, the country has at least 55 city released a variety of related real estate policies more than 160 times.

Only in March, the Beijing version of "housing recognition loan" policy as a sign, rough statistics, more than 40 cities have introduced property control measures. Among them, the "housing recognition loan" policy not only covers the North Canton Shenzhen first tier cities, Tianjin, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other second tier cities also joined the "housing recognition loan" camp. By April, local regulation and control policies were nearly 50 times, and the scope and scope of regulation continued to expand. The regulation and control areas were mainly concentrated in the two or three - tier cities.

And in the means of regulation, some cities opened the "restricted sale" mode. Up to now, there have been Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Huizhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Xi'an, Ji'nan, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and so on,HangzhouChangzhou, Yangzhou, Changle, Qidong, Xushui, Dongguan, Gaobeidian, Baigou, etc. more than 20 city start limit control policy sale.

Zhang Dawei expresses,This round of regulation and control over the previous biggest difference is that for the first time involving commercial and residential property. This round of property market regulation and control of the overall upgrade, from the perspective of curbing speculative investment, there will be more cities to join the restriction, limit credit, limit, limit the sale of the "four limit" era".

"Four limit era", the property market to cool down more

Limit purchase after sale, Shanghai notary Yaohao buy Hangzhou or to follow up?

In the intensive regulation and control, many property market transactions, a new round of cooling prices. E-House Real Estate Institute issued a residential transaction report 4, April, the monitoring of 50 typical cities, new commercial housing turnover area of 26 million 670 thousand square meters, a decrease of 10%, down 19%.

Yan Yuejin pointed out that the report of its Institute, in 50 cities monitored, 3-4 months, at least 30 cities have introduced various policies, including restriction. April, the 30 cities new commercial housing turnover area of 18 million 320 thousand square meters, a decrease of 14%, a decrease of 20%, more than 50 cities overall turnover decline.

China Index Research Institute and the Central Plains real estate in May 2nd has released statistical data also show that in April the overall property market downturn, a second tier cities are varying degrees of decline, the three cities with a slight increase in the chain.

April Hangzhou property market cooling significantly, showing year-on-year growthFell sharply, the city's secondary Housing turnover was 11616 unitsAmong them, the core city volume of 4905 sets. Core city turnover accounted for less than 50%, compared to Xiaoshan, Yuhang, early into the off-season.

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