Wen zaiyin promoted several senior officials, "notorious" controversy!

Wen zaiyin promoted several senior officials, notorious controversy!

South Korean President Wen zaiyin has been in office for a long time, is still popular, Peter Ron F Jon more. But there are also areas of criticism.

That's the appointment of personnel.

According to the Korean media Asian Daily reported on 17, so far, Wen zaiyin has promoted 17 departments responsible for 15 people, two people are poor.

However, four of them had a big problem, and Korean media picked out their black history, such as pretending to move families, plagiarized papers, drunk driving, and forged private prints.

It was called by Korean media:A blemish that never lets go.

Obviously, their black history is not so simple.

For example, the nominee for the Minister of justice in the days before the promotion of an Jinghuan yin.

The man was stripped of the forged female seal, secretly registered marriage, and finally the court ruled that the marriage of black history.

In this regard, he himself was very honest, but also held a press conference.

Bluntly: this difficult enterprise tooth ashamed past, was my fault, there is no justifying behavior.

Wen zaiyin promoted several senior officials, notorious controversy!

It is reported that, in South Korea's law, this act is a felony, the maximum sentence may be 5 years.

Fortunately, he passed the indictment.

After making a big thing, the Korean government has also come forward to whitewash, while sincere apology, while denying, the play embarrassing.

To some extent, this is the Korean media to Wen zaiyin prick. Of course, Wen zaiyin promoted these people have to take these risks.

South Korean politicians are accustomed to quitting their jobs, so sit down and watch some newly promoted officials rush out.