Tear eyes! The two brothers are war, 67 years after her visit uncle Pro nephew


Tear eyes! The two brothers are war, 67 years after her visit uncle Pro nephew

Text: Changjiang Daily Reporter Jia Teng Tengfei

Tear eyes! The two brothers are war, 67 years after her visit uncle Pro nephew

Zhang Mingfang said he would read every time he heard the news about Enshi in the states. More cowardly nostalgia of the past, on the train to Enshi, he silently gazing out the window.

Tianhe airport.

With the MU2088 from Taipei to Wuhan flights landed, Zhang Mingfang returned to his hometown after a 67 year hiatus with her daughter, never met uncle pro - visit war veterans Zhang Jianxi.

Flowers, banners, hug, relatives of the warm welcome, dispels chilliness spring cover. Suddenly see so many relatives, "the head of Zhang Mingfang with some hair paste" American joke 25 year old daughter, Georgia, to see if she could remember all the relatives appellation.

Yi lu.

The 92 year old Zhang Jianxi, early to open the door, sitting in the middle of the room, the vicissitudes of the story, all engraved in the old forehead deep wrinkles, as if never finishes without ripples.

"Uncle, I've come to see you."!" A door, Zhang Frances plumped down on his knees.

Tear eyes! The two brothers are war, 67 years after her visit uncle Pro nephew

After 67 years, Zhang Frances first met his uncle pro - War veterans Zhang Jianxi.

"Get up, get up, I'll show you to Grandpa and grandma first."." The old man's voice trembled and tears welled up in his eyes.

Cramped bedroom, photos of the elders of Zhang family, the end of the correct hanging on the wall. Sun worship has come across the sea, the firstborn Wafa, space-time can not be separated, but the family blood is thicker than water.

The old man took the national award of the victory of the Anti Japanese War to commemorate the 70th anniversary chapter carefully taken out from the drawer and put her hands Zhang, "you look carefully, this is the highest praise for those years." He turned around and took the photo, and brother Yuan Chang north to photos, look in front of the nephew, her lips and said "like, really like......"

They both hold. This hug, Zhang also represents the burial of his father in Taiwan, Yuan Chang north.

The daughter of Zhang Mingfang of Georgia was born in the United States, the first time she returned to the mainland, see this, could not help tears trickling down cheeks.

Zhang Mingfang said that after the death of his father Zhang Yuanbei, photos of relatives on the mainland could not be found. He asked his daughter to copy the pictures of his father who met his brother on the mainland in the 80s of last century and wanted to bring them back to the United states.

Tear eyes! The two brothers are war, 67 years after her visit uncle Pro nephew

After the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, Zhang Jianxi joined the Southwest Air Committee of the people's Liberation Army and studied at the people's revolutionary University of southwest. Then, he went from Chongqing to Changchun second school when the instructor, for the people's Liberation Army training flight personnel. 70th anniversary victory in the war, the elderly invited to participate in "draw lottery", to interview Sa Beining.

Zhang Mingfang helped his uncle and went to visit the Enshi Memorial hall. "Stand up (stand up), Hold on (wait), Stand by door (stand by the door), Go (jump)", Zhang Jianxi still can clearly repeat the 4 passwords of parachuting in english.

In the final exhibition hall of the Enshi Anti Japanese Memorial Hall, photos of Enshi veterans were included, including Zhang Jianxi himself. The old man said, "brother is a hero in the war of resistance, and his picture should hang up.". The staff of the Anti Japanese Memorial Hall promised the old man to have pictures of Zhang Yuanbei and make sure they were hung on the wall.

One inch of mountains and rivers, one inch of blood, one hundred thousand young men's one hundred thousand army. That's a broken in the flames of war, Zhang, a two brothers, has toubicongrong.

His brother Yuan Chang north, Whampoa  military academy graduated in 12, at Enshi air station as a webmaster. Enshi Airlines station in the Sino US hybrid flight brigade, is well-known "Flying Tigers" one of the stationing. En Shi Airport often has American fighter planes, bombers and big horse bombers to land.

Tear eyes! The two brothers are war, 67 years after her visit uncle Pro nephew
When young, military uniform in the body.

When Zhang Jianxi was 14 years old, he was admitted to the military academy. As a result of the need for resistance, the original 3 year term was shortened to 1 years. At the age of 15, he was in charge of radio intelligence work in the sixth station.

His father admonished: "your brother to participate in the war of resistance, sacrifice which I am not a pity.". But the sword West young, fear you, spoil everything, finish the task and delaying fighter, to persuade them to give up the radio intelligence work, entered the Sichuan University economics department.

In 1941, Zhang Jianxi gave up his studies, joined the expeditionary force, worked in communications and was in charge of the United States. He acted as interpreter for the Chinese liaison officer in India and burma.

A battle, Zhang Jianxi with Quixote fighting view. All bodies, a wounded Japanese soldiers suddenly prepare the gun to shoot them. His eye, pulled out a pistol, the first to be killed. He found a crystal stamp from the Japanese soldier, engraved with "Tanaka", two words, and a photo of his family.

When he saw the pictures, Zhang Jianxi remembered his brother and remembered his parents. He said: "war not only brings disaster to the Chinese people, but also hurts the Japanese people.".

70th anniversary victory in the war of resistance, the old man recalled in the Indian Burma battlefield, with a gun to shoot the Japanese scene.

In 1943, Zhang Jianxi traveled to Pakistan, Karachi, to study the flight and pass the preliminary and intermediate flight training test. In 1944, Kunming set up the first China Parachute Regiment, codenamed "Hongxiang army", he successfully added, and participated in the battle to seize the Guangxi Pingnan Danzhu airport.

After the war, peace is the popular sentiment. Zhang Jianxi didn't want to point his gun at his fellow countrymen. He slipped out of the team in 1948 and was taken to prison.

In May 16, 1949, liberation of Wuhan, Zhang Jianxi was released. He traveled to Chongqing to find his brother.

My brother said, It is all up with parents have been in Enshi, settle down, he has decided to flee to Taiwan.

He said, "here you are, you can't go, let alone liberate wherever you go.".

After the unpleasant conversation, the brothers met again for more than 40 years.

In 1986, Yuan Chang had relatives in Canada to the north, contact Zhang Jianxi. Zhang Yuanbei flew from Taiwan to Hongkong, from Hongkong to Guangzhou, and then to Wuhan.

The two brothers went to Enshi home, parents grave with a handful of earth, they burst into tears, very sonorous.

Four years later, Yuan Chang died in Taipei, and the two descendants broke up again.

Zhang Jianxi had a rough life. 20 years ago, her daughter-in-law suffering from ankylosing spondylitis, paralyzed at home, and later granddaughter also suffer from the same disease, inconvenience. The old man at home, care for the mother and daughter two people, never complained.

In 2016, her granddaughter attended a rehabilitation session and met Ms. Feng who married to Taiwan. Ms. Feng learned that Zhang family in Taiwan and relatives, they took the initiative to help find. She wrote many letters, sent to the Taiwan veterans around the office several times after finally echo no echo.

Zhang Mingfang, an American Chinese, runs a Thai restaurant in New Jersey. After he knows his uncle in Wuhan, he decides to take his daughter back home to visit his family.

"My daughter is Georgia (Qiao Zhiya) and she has a Chinese name, Zhang Yunjia." Uncle Zhang Mingfang told Zhang Jianxi, he is the "King" name, but I do not know behind the tree.

The old man sat down to write on the paper: national open view, and Shao ancestors. Jude Pei LAN GUI, Zong Gongyu Feng Lin......

Tear eyes! The two brothers are war, 67 years after her visit uncle Pro nephew

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