Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover


Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover

Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover

In September 7, 1965, Song Meiling visited New York, USA, for an interview with reporters at Carlyle Hotel, the first visit to the United States in 6 years

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Some time ago, the Latin American town of Long Island, a luxury villa known as Song Meiling's late residence, was bought by a mysterious buyer for $11 million 800 thousand. Real estate brokers said that the listing on the day there are 7 Chinese buyers to showings, and received nearly 50 Chinese telephone consultation. The picture shows that the villa has a wide golf course and swimming pool. It's not like a place where a 100 year old woman has lived. Taiwan media quickly rumor: this mansion is not Song Meiling's former residence, but in its former residence near the new built in 2004.

Similar Oolong events were staged in 1998. Song Meiling moved to the United States in his later years and lived in a manor house in Long Island, then moved to a high-rise apartment in downtown Manhattan, New York. In 1998, the eldest daughter of Kong Xiangxi Kong Lingyi will villa with the manor to $2 million 800 thousand to sell land to a local real estate developers, real estate developers are good at speculation, immediately call auction advertising claims the former residence of Song Meiling and interior items, they are expected to Laiyibaiduo, more than ten thousand Chinese flocked, even came from the southern states, there is panic buying first lady things used, some pictures to watch. In fact, when Song Meiling moved almost took away all personal belongings, auction of paintings and decorations are developers, including acquisitions, into the house, the results are sold at double prices. The north shore of Long Island is rich with much land and few people in residential area, the local population of just a few thousand, never been to so many people, serious traffic congestion, the police had blocked the road to ease the "Financial Times", "USA Today", ABC television to "catch" were reported.

In the following years, the estate divided the estate into three parts, which were renovated and expanded, including the new villa which was recently advertised as Song Meiling's former residence. The house in the manor has changed hands several times, and the three storey villa that Song Meiling really lived in has changed several masters. Those who presided over the auction, lamented that they had totally underestimated Madame Chiang's influence.

A towel concealed bodyguard clearance

In April 5, 1975, Jiang Jieshi died at the age of 78, Song Meiling finished after the funeral, announced that she will go to the United states. Song Meiling is a public explanation of treatment, said he had found the breast cancer surgery, want to go to the United States, but because Jiang Jieshi was too busy to take care of now, "President" has not, she alone two people living together for 20 years and decided to leave the residence feel very depressed at the prospect.

A lone man away, many people speculated that there will be significant hidden secrets, actually stand in the perspective of Song Meiling, Taiwan and the United States, it is hard to say which is more in line with the country "". Taiwan is forced to Pianan, her mood and millions of veterans and their families, isolated from the foot of the day, every hour and moment not looking forward to leaving. The mainland can not go back, the United States is no stranger. Song Meiling was studying in the United States, religious beliefs, ways of thinking and living habits of Westernization, such as her mother tongue English fluently, private collection is almost all English, Chinese writing and reading ability is very weak, the letter speech by others. Although Taiwan has Jiang Jingguo and several grandchildren, but she has no blood relationship with the younger generation, really close to her life is the sister of Song Ailing's children, Kong Lingyi, Kong Lingkan and Kong Lingjie were both in the United States settled, hole Ling Kan prepared for her house, ready.

Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover

In April 1975, Jiang Jieshi died of heart disease. The picture is Song Meiling, Jiang Jingguo (right) and Jiang Weiguo (left) in Jiang Jieshi's hearse. The 78 year old Song Meiling finished after the funeral, announced that she will go to the United States

In September 17, 1975, Jiang Jingguo personally helped the stepmother Song Meiling into the plane cabin, as usual as it was. The old lady is small and was forced to flee Chiang failed to seize power. According to Jiang Xiaoyong, the son of Jiang Jingguo said, want to seize power is our family descendants, Jiang Jieshi had just died that day, the hole family every day at the bedside of Song Meiling ", but to" grind "grandmother is really a rare lady, she was very firm," from the NO in the end". Family disputes largely prompted Song Meiling to leave more quickly, in order to avoid arousing suspicion.

Song Meiling and more than ten attendants and nurses arrived in New York, and drove straight to New York, on the eastern coast of Long Island, to a manor house. The park covers an area of 37 acres, is located in the north shore of Long Island Latin Town, founded in 1913, the purchase of Kong Xiangxi in 1943 1948, after Song Ailing and Fumei settled hole and children live here, Song Meiling to visit the United States also had to stay.

Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover

In 1949, Jiang Jieshi and Jiang Jingguo and his wife and other family took photos during the outing

The town of Latin America is one of the most upscale suburban communities in New York and even in the northeastern United States where property owners are not rich. Each villa has a vast surrounding private estate, it is difficult to meet the neighbors. Song Meiling is very reclusive, so the local people have hardly seen her face, only occasionally see her limo out. Song Meiling regularly goes to the town beauty center to have his hair cut, but only on Sunday and holidays, when the shopping center is closed and other residents do not enter the city. She covered her face with a headscarf and hurried off. Two bodyguards stood guard outside the door. The United States government sent undercover workers over the years to protect her and her important staff.

Long Island coastal, spring and summer climate, winter cold and snowy, and far from the city center, is not conducive to medical treatment. Kong Lingkan has set up a duplex apartment for Song Meiling in a 15 story apartment on the east side of Manhattan, on ninth and tenth floors with 18 rooms and private elevators. Song Meiling lived more when he lived here. The apartment is located in Gracie Square Park on eighty-four street, overlooking the East River by window. It is the golden section of New York. Every time Song Meiling goes to the hospital to check, he is escorted into the hospital by the bodyguard from the back door. He even empties the first floor. More mysterious, more rumors hit off. Probably because of food rich reserves, cockroach infestation in the apartment was, Song Meiling had to ask a professional pest control company to pesticides. A staff member claimed that when he checked cockroaches, he saw a cabinet filled with gold bars.

Unite the united front and boycott "Taiwan independence""

In 1981, Song Qingling died in Beijing, the funeral committee gave Song Meiling an invitation. Long Island villa in front of those days packed with reporters, the media are very concerned about whether Song Meiling will attend to the mainland. Song Meiling stuck to Jiang Jieshi's three principles of "no negotiation, no compromise and no touch", and made no response to the invitation to the funeral. According to the attendants nearby, Song Meiling shed tears on her sister's death, but she never showed any emotion in public. Later Qing Ling see Meiling, asked Liao Chengzhi after a message to the United States, Meiling only four words: "reply letter."

In 1982, Liao Chengzhi, deputy head of the central leading group for the work of Taiwan, was commissioned by Deng Yingchao, the group leader, to write an open letter to Jiang Jingguo, hoping that Jiang Jingguo would take advantage of the peace talks to promote reunification and to put Jiang Jieshi's remains in Qian'an in the future. Jiang Jingguo adhere to the "three principles" no reply, Song Meiling on behalf of the letter - writing credit Chinese, by Jiang Jieshi, the youngest "brain trust" Qin Xiaoyi. Review the fight with Liao Zhongkai couple of revolutionary friendship in this paper, a large number of "Cultural Revolution", "tone to the elders lessons Chengzhi nephew" repent and be saved.

Touched the nail, Deng Yingchao did not give up, every new year Song Meiling sent a greeting card. Thanks for the table, 1984 Deng Yingchao 80 birthday, Song Meiling from the United States trustee sent a crystal rabbit as a birthday gift, because Deng Yingchao is a rabbit. Song Meiling and Deng Yingchao in the Anti Japanese war had jointly established conservation assistance to refugee children, at that time the song quite appreciate deng. By this close, 1988, Deng Yingchao wrote to Song Meiling, "and called for national unity I seek lady", "Mount Lu first, recalling the fifty years now. The mountain together,, well, still seems like yesterday, sincere words. Song Meiling unmoved, reply with dished out the "Cultural Revolution" Killer-x, quipped: "when is in the uncomfortable position hang by a thread, endless." She has two KMT-CPC cooperation painful lessons, refused to be "United Front", claiming that "today really is China in Taiwan, Handan, not too late".

From the letter can feel Song Meiling irritated mood, 1949 debacle has been in the past forty years, pain of cutting one's body bujiandangnian. But Song Meiling insisted that the attitude of China's unification is clear, but it must be unified with the three people's principles.

In 1986, Song Meiling returned to Taiwan to attend Jiang Jieshi's centenary birthday celebration. He lived for nearly 5 years, during which Jiang Jingguo died. Song Meiling is more than 90 years old, to dignity in Taiwan. However, Taiwan has lifted the ban on political parties, turn the world upside down, Jiang Jingguo died before the ban. Song Meiling is the last spokesman of the Chiang family, the living fossil of the authoritarian era, and the criticism and reflection of the masses inevitably take her as a breakthrough. She wrote: "there are instant coffee, instant tea, but there is no quick democracy, or just bragging."."

The air of equality, openness and freedom can no longer tolerate Song Meiling's high and mysterious living habits. In the United States more than ten years, covers an area of 5.2 hectares of the residence has been reserved for her, and now, from time to time there are people under the slogan demonstrated in front of the residence, demanded the surrender of this vast city land for people to play. In the past, all about Song Meiling is that others can not inquire, now the media can be seen everywhere, the Confucius family of Jiang and Song Meiling himself openly pointing. At the beginning of 1989, Song Meiling removed the right ovary, over the years, her condition is always fully blocked by Kong Lingwei, a doctor at Taiwan Veterans General Hospital was leaked Song Meiling breast cancer was forced to resign. A Taiwan magazine sarcastically said, "why does Song Meiling's family always have a mystery about her condition?""

What is more intolerable to Song Meiling is the rise of "Taiwan independence" forces. Song Meiling Jiang Jieshi in "recovering the mainland will never accept Chinese split. As Deng Yingchao said: "my wife and I saved the country in a different way, patriotism is the same."." Because of this, the two sides of the Taiwan Straits have interesting phenomena: the image of Chiang and song suffered a disastrous decline in Taiwan and was reshaped in the mainland, and their achievements during the war of resistance were positively evaluated. The people of Taiwan in the residence, and Jiang Jieshi, forcing the Xikou home and Song Meiling often go to church now, have been rebuilt to protect, become a tourist attraction.

The political environment in Taiwan has made Song Meiling sick, and the hot and humid natural environment is not suitable for her to live in. Song Meiling, like her sister Song Qingling, has been suffering from skin allergies for the rest of her life and is especially severe in her later years. Doctors believe the weather in New York is better for her. In September 1991, Song Meiling went to the United States again, marking the end of the influence of the song and song families in Taiwan. The 94 year old Song Meiling do once to carry luggage ready, hundreds of boxes, including books, clothing, antiques, even large wooden furniture used for years is packed away, and Konglingyi Ling Kan came from the United States to Taiwan to help pack up. According to the China Airlines staff rumors, luggage in a box is the bird's nest and the moon. In the last 12 years of his life, Song Meiling briefly returned to Taiwan in 1994 to visit Kong Lingwei in the late stages of cancer. Kong Lingwei said the two hole miss love attire, unmarried, in Taiwan during the long-term stay in the residence, the residence is a housekeeper, Song Meiling personally packed by her life. Song Meiling told her as her own, and even rumors that she is Song Meiling's daughter. The long flight across the ocean can be a test of life and death for a 97 year old. It is only for the sake of seeing the last side of the niece that it shows the depth of affection. In spite of the grief and the flight of more than ten hours, the moment the plane appeared, it was found that Song Meiling was so well dressed that she could not see a trace of haggard.

Arrived a few days later, Kong Lingwei died, his restrained feelings Song Meiling at the funeral cry. White hair sent black hair people, Song Meiling lost in Taiwan, the last worry. The political environment is even worse for Song Meiling. The first time that the Foreign Ministry of the Taiwan asked Song Meiling to enter the Taiwan Strait, he must use diplomatic passports instead of the former special pass. After the funeral, Song Meiling flew back to New York almost without stopping.

Congress speech

After returning to New York, Song Meiling was depressed, the staff arranged a number of guests to visit, the transfer of emotion, including the original Hebei provincial government chairman Wang Shuchang's son Wang Ji, he engaged in research work in Library of Congress, often for communication between Chinese and Taiwan folk running.

Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover

1995, Washington, Song Meiling, attended by the United States Congress to celebrate the end of World War II 50th anniversary cocktail party, nearly a hundred year old Song Meiling delivered a speech. The picture shows Senate majority leader Bob ·, Dole (left) and Senator Paul · Simon (left two) talks with Song Meiling

Wang Ji suggested that Song Meiling write her memoirs. She said, "I don't have a memoir, and I have nothing to remember.". My best time was when I was young to go to school. After returning home to marry the first husband of smoke, is busy with the war, civil war, rushing about, not what good memories." Wang Ji proposed to Song Meiling for a conference in 1943, she conquered in the United States national congress speech this year, want to ask her to go to a victory in the Second World War 50th anniversary times, to commemorate her contribution, an important figure in the World War II left her a, Roosevelt, Churchill, De Gaulle and Jiang Jieshi are not in the. Now Song Meiling was in the mood. She smiled and nodded. "I'm the only one left. I haven't thought of it yet."."

Wang Ji immediately set up, Democratic Senator Paul and Republican Senator · Simon dowler expressed willingness to lead. Paul's father worked in a China mission, they have feelings of China; dowler participated in World War II, was wounded in the camp has not seen Song Meiling, knew that Song Meiling was alive and in the United states. The news reached Taiwan caused a sensation, the television Song Meiling began making documentaries, on behalf of the Taiwan Community Charter more than 100 people come to the ceremony. Song Meiling told Wang Ji in particular that the foreign minister of Taipei would not come back, and that his wife could come. She probably does not want political disputes on such occasions.

In July 26, 1995, Song Meiling arrived in Washington, the conference organizers wanted to send more than 20 cars to meet the team, Song Meiling said not too ostentatious, finally arranged 5 cars. Around 5 pm, the team went to the The United States Capitol, a road with thousands of overseas Chinese welcome. A meeting of 400 people flooded 500 people, including more than 150 members of Parliament, and many former flying tigers. Song Meiling was greeted with thunderous applause, she wore a black silk pattern long dress and black and white shawls, wearing jade earrings, brooches and bracelets, color elegant, elegant, she refused to help, steady pace, clear speech articulation, firm voice. The venue was hung by Song Meiling, Jiang Jieshi and Roosevelt, Churchill, Chenault and others. A 93 year old member of the queue, shaking hands with Song Meiling, shook hands and went to the end of the line, lined up three times. He said he and Song Meiling were people of the times and had the opportunity to see her again, very excited. From morning to evening arrived in Washington ended his speech, 98 year old Song Meiling non-stop activity for seven or eight hours, never show signs of weakness.

The United States government is trying to prove that they only recognize one China. In order to avoid the discontent of the Chinese government, senior officials of the Clinton administration received an invitation but did not attend. Beijing did not comment on the reception, but the DPP expressed opposition to Taiwan, saying that Song Meiling was a dictator and should be forgotten. Not long ago, Taiwan just held the "228 Incident" memorial ceremony, the ruling party of the Democratic Progressive Party began to remove hundreds of Jiang Jieshi statue.

Only the height of the high-heeled shoes changed

Kongjia nephews are walking in front of Song Meiling, only Kong Lingyi and his wife, three grandchildren love Song Meiling and Jiang Jieshi also died. She alone spanned three centuries. Less and less people talk about Song Meiling's relationship with politics, but talk about her health secrets and beauty law. Song Meiling at the age of more than 90 ovariectomized, several times fell for several months in a wheelchair, for the old age, surgery and stumble are fatal blow, but she again change danger into safety. In order to restore her legs, she was very strenuous in her exercise therapy, much more demanding than the doctor, until she was able to stand up and walk again, and the staff were amazed by her perseverance.

After all centenarians, she looks inevitably old and clumsy, but still white skin, not deep wrinkles, cheekbones and full, eagle-eyed. Song Meiling kept healthy eating habits throughout his life. He also ate fruit and vegetable salad in his later years and rarely ate rich food. Every religious belief supported her reading of the Bible, bearish death. Her hobby is also conducive to self-cultivation, until a hundred years old still insist on writing calligraphy and painting.

Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover

The afternoon of March 30, 2002, from across the United States and China former Nanjing National Revolutionary Army School Alumni and their families on behalf of Song Meiling for her apartment in New York, too, when Song Meiling hands took the letter and read carefully, Shanghai words with deep feeling tells "thank you"

Song Meiling's life to keep makeup, said even Jiang Jieshi had not seen her makeup, she got up in the morning is ready, just out of the bedroom, never let the servant. One hundred years later, she guest still Sheng makeup, wearing elaborate collocation of jewelry, hair neat, someone said, so many years, she was dressed only only change the height of the high-heeled shoes. She worries that she stays behind the fashion all day at home and often asks Mrs. Jiang Weiguo what dress makeup Qiu Ailun is looking for now.

One of the attendants revealed that Song Meiling began to make-up from more than 90 years old difficult, she often painted eyebrows deep, shallow, foundation side thick, thin side, lipstick is also easy to paint outside the lips. If she is at home, the staff usually turn a blind eye, not to remind her, so as not to embarrass, if there is a visitor to visit, then help her re - change. Officials in Taiwan or Jiang Jieshi, Song Meiling's old men to work, most will greet to visit Song Meiling's apartment, but only some people can be met, the other part is by the staff reception and return. Some people say that Song Meiling is too big, a long serving for old attendants refused, said to understand: customers have to wear jewelry wearing cheongsam hair makeup, for a centenarian, is too much trouble too tired, can not see or disappeared.

Song Zian's son Song Zhonghu visits his aunt two times a year. When asked if Song Meiling is conscious, he says she is sober in her own way...... She sometimes talks about Song Zhonghu as other people for a long time. Song Meiling was 99 years old, as usual, Song Zhonghu came to see her in her apartment for a week, every day, Song Meiling repeated this sentence: "my sisters died, my brothers are dead, I don't know why God left me." Sometimes she would mention her sister's birthday and read, "if my sister is still alive," she said".

On the evening of October 23, 2003, Song Meiling died peacefully, and Kong Lingyi and her husband stayed with her at the end of the bed. The morning of the second day, her body was carefully wrapped to move outside the apartment on the hearse in the wool blanket, a large number of reporters holding the camera there, Song Meiling's family is ready, call the police to maintain order, prevent any person taking pictures. She remained mysterious until the end of her life. Countless people expected her to write and dictate a memoir, but she never opened her mouth, rarely interviewed, not to mention sensitive subjects. She like the legendary women like Wu Zetian, life experience to the world's only strong wind and big waves, a wordless tombstone.

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Old age Song Meiling: refuse to recall, never remover

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