The Chinese American community donated more than 2000 pieces of cultural relics China Flying Tigers Museum


The Chinese American community donated more than 2000 pieces of cultural relics China Flying Tigers Museum

The United States of Losangeles, the famous overseas Chinese collectors Dr. Chen Canpei recently once again to Chinese Flying Tigers Museum donated 25 pieces of precious cultural relics of the "World War II". So far, Chen Canpei has donated to the museum "World War II" Flying Tigers cultural relics more than 2000 pieces.

China News Agency reporter 13 from China Flying Tigers museum was informed that Chen Canpei's donation of Flying Tigers relics include the use of "Chinese 1945" silk scarf, black and white photos, the original Zhi River surrender in World War II Flying Tigers related information, the Japanese invaders to the U.S. disc leaflets and the Flying Tigers related information.

Chen Canpei, native of Guangzhou, Panyu, knew the story of the flying tigers from an early age. In 2006, a Flying Tigers veterans after the death of the Flying Tigers family legacy items donated to Chen Canpei. Since then, Chen Canpei set foot on the collection of Flying Tigers cultural relics road.

In recent years, Chen Canpei has invested a lot of money and effort in collecting large amounts of cultural relics during World War II, including many flying tigers and Chinese soldiers and soldiers, but most of them have been donated.

Memorial staff, Chen Canpei has five times to Hunan, Zhi River, donated "World War II" Flying Tigers cultural relics. In addition to the free donation in Hunan, Chen Canpei's "Flying Tiger" complex also covers Yunnan, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Nanjing.

In 2014, Chen Canpei in Chongqing, Nanjing donated a total of more than 500 pieces of cultural relics, including the "World War II" flying tiger team uniforms, volunteer Air Force pilots and crew poster, cross badge and other precious historical data.

In the portrait of his donation, Chen Canpei also actively contact the organization of Chinese American Flying Tigers veterans and their families to go to Hunan to visit Zhi River.

Huaihua municipal Party committee, propaganda minister Qian Dexi said at the meeting with Chen Canpei, will take good care of these cultural relics, the intrinsic value of mining heritage, better promotion and popularization of the Chinese nation's history of the war, let more people be educated.

Chen Canpei said that he would donate more cultural relics to the memorial hall in the future. He hoped that through donations of cultural relics, the world would share a period of history and enhance the understanding and friendship between the Chinese and American peoples. (end)