Shenyang: big spotted woodpecker nesting in the park, crazy powder


Shenyang: big spotted woodpecker nesting in the park, crazy powder

Original title: Shenyang: big spot woodpecker Park nest crazy suction powder

A myriad of flash lights clicked on the family"

Big spotted woodpecker nesting nests in the park, mad powder, and other places

Shenyang: big spotted woodpecker nesting in the park, crazy powder

Changqiangduanbao, professional photography equipment, in the Hunnan Olympic Park next to a big tree ring frame, flash "KaKa" sound, this is what happens? Originally, a brood is of great spotted woodpecker couple here nest, there is one family warm love attracted countless photographers and public onlookers, more fans from Jilin, Panjin, Fushun Shen car to shoot. Yesterday, the reporter came to the Olympic Park, witnessed the love of the big spotted family.

Surprise: a big spotted couple

The 65 year old photographer who lives in the South Bank of Hunhe River and forests all right, love the bird with a camera in the Olympic park. Three days ago, Lim stroll in the Olympic Park accidentally found a pair of beautiful birds nest here, two birds and baby birds, a couple in charge at home to take care of the baby, one is only responsible for foraging. Carefully observe a moment, the bird was a couple of old touched by the warmth of the scene. In order to take better photos, old home for professional camera, waiting under the tree.

Lim was informed that this couple of birds called great spotted woodpecker, also known as red j.. A small bird with a length of 20 to 25cm. The main body is black, forehead, cheeks and ear coverts white, shoulder and wings have a large white spot. Black, black and white spots outside of Oba Ku cross, cross with black and white feather spot. The lower abdomen and tail are covered with bright red feathers. Male red pillow. It's a very beautiful bird. Because of this bird eating a variety of forest pests, therefore known as "forest doctor". This old couple of birds called "big spot couple".

The forests of waiting and publicity, the couple settled large plaque thing soon in the photography enthusiasts and the public spread. Soon, the photography team had dozens of people to the Olympic Park to go forward with great strength and vigour, changqiangduanbao all stand in the big spot next to their home. At the beginning, the great spotted the couple see suddenly so many faces, some vigilance and anxiety, small eyes danced from time to time to guard against the crowd, but see onlookers are not malicious, quickly adapted to the "star of life", you take you, I am busy.

Accident: fans from outside to Shen Shen onlookers

Yesterday 8:30, the reporter came to the Olympic park. Have not yet come to the big trees couple settled in front of the tree, far from the dozens of photographers to see, holding a camera against the big spot couple shot. The "snapshot, snapshot, great spotted dad foraging back, his mouth is full of bugs." Photographer Wang excitedly raised his voice. "I see. I see daddy."." In the ranks of these photographers, a 4 year old boy's voice was extraordinarily crisp. It is understood that the young boy is a photographer, Lao Zhang's grandson, listening to Grandpa said the big spot couples, and deliberately follow grandpa driving together, from Panjin to Shenyang to see birds. Lao Zhang told reporters, he heard the news came to Shenyang, and together there are Jilin and Fushun photography friends. "Big spot, this kind of bird has a lot of love. I want my grandson to come and see the family with love, even if he has a lively natural lesson."."

Through Wang's lens, the reporter saw the big spotted couple for the first time. Black, white, grey, red and white colors, beautiful. In the middle of the tree, through the thick leaves, there is a large sized tree, the tree hole is big spot a couple of their love nest, the baby will stay in the tree hole. Large plaque couples a clear division of labor, leaf mother usually kept in the tree hole, as to take care of babies, and the father is responsible for the big spot out for food.

Photography enthusiasts will be big spot deep concentration, Dad they return in the moment. After coming back for food, big spotted father poked his head into the tree hole and fed all the worms in his mouth to the babies. The reporters found that the big spot dad every time to catch 7-10 worm, his mouth stuffed it back. It is estimated that the number of babies should be around 5. Feed the baby, big spot daddy still does not forget to take the baby excrement in the nest to throw out with the mouth, throw away.

Photographer Mr. Zhang said he especially love take the bird, but has not photographed a big spot, heard the Hun River big spot, very excited. "I came over at 6 in the morning and watched. I wanted to take a picture of the family with love. Maybe it was just for that picture. I had to wait here for most of the day.". I even brought lunch with me." Mr. Zhang said he had some previous knowledge of the big spot, which is a natural architect who will soon build nests and build new nests every year. Reporters also noted that, as Mr. Zhang, with lunch to shoot the big spot photography enthusiasts as many as five or six.

Mr. Wang, a 48 year old photographer, told reporters that he loved photography and was a volunteer for the birds. He will later take pictures of his big picture in the circle of friends and micro-blog, so that more people know how to love birds and protect birds. Mr. Wang said, see the environment more and more beautiful, more and more birds, he was glad. But there was also a slight concern in his mind. "Like the big spot, this bird is not only beautiful in shape, but also of great medicinal value. It has the effects of nourishing, tonifying, reducing swelling and relieving pain. In recent years, it has been threatened by illegal hunting."." Mr. Wang said that the big spot couples coming added vitality to the river, he hopes the big spot couples can always stay in the Hun River shore, hope they never hurt.

The reporter learned that, in recent years, with the strengthening of Hunhe River governance, Hun River water is more and more clear, the river dense vegetation and lush, has attracted more and more birds to this habitat, in addition to the magpies, warbler and other birds, usually a rare magpie duck, smew, pochard, tufted duck, green winged ducks, Morillon, mandarin ducks, herons, great spotted all enter the photographer's lens.

Photography enthusiasts, bird experts Zhou Haixiang said, the river vegetation is very suitable for birds, but both sides of Park groups are too disturbed to birds, especially let him worry about is the pesticide pest control practices for trees in summer. Some young birds may die if they eat insects or leaves that have pesticide residues." Zhou Haixiang appealed to the public to watch birds, and to love birds and birds. Shenyang evening news, Shen Rong, director of financial media reporter Zhang Xiaoning, photographer Wang Yong