What is the process of dying? Lifetime, fortunately read


What is the process of dying? Lifetime, fortunately read

What is the process of dying? Lifetime, fortunately read

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This article from the medical point of view to tell you the process of dying, I hope we can understand, to help the family and their own calm. There are many misunderstandings about the realization of dying. It should be popularized so as not to bring unnecessary pain to the relatives!
A 22 year old man in a car accident was sent to a nursing home where his life was so critical that he could hardly speak. Then, in the 3 hours of time, are not allowed to enter the hospital ward to see the family at any time will bid farewell to family life, in subsequent years, also allows only one family visit every 2 hours in 5 minutes. In the long wait, the depressed girlfriend had to go home, and her parents were too tired to sleep until the nurse informed them that the patient had died. Because at the last moment could not deplore meet their relatives, say a few words of farewell, the family's grief sudden warming......
It's not cruel. At the end of the day, patients often have to accept such treatment passively: first, over treatment. Some patients are still receiving traumatic treatment until the last breath of life. The other extreme is the lack of treatment, that is, the suffering and discomfort of the patient until the death has not been sufficiently relieved.
So what exactly is life like in the last few weeks, days, hours? What happens to a person when he is near death? What's on your mind? What can I do for you? What should we do and what not to do? What can be done to bring comfort, tranquility, or even beauty to life?
The period of death is usually 10-14 days (sometimes as short as 24 hours). At this stage, the doctor's job should turn from "helping the patient to health" to "reducing pain."".
The dying patient often dehydrated, swallowing difficulties, blood circulation around the decline, so the patient's skin was wet and cold, cool to the touch. Don't assume that the patient is cold and needs to be covered with sheets to keep warm. On the contrary, even with only a little weight of bedding on their hands and feet, the overwhelming majority of dying patients feel too heavy to bear.
Respiratory failure makes it difficult for terminally ill patients to breathe, and oxygen seems to be a natural thing to do. But they have lost the ability to use oxygen, and at this point they are unable to alleviate the breathing hunger". The correct thing is to open the window and fan and leave enough space around the bed. In addition, the use of morphine or other synthetic opiates like opiates is the best way to relieve the difficulty and anxiety of the patient.
When dysphagia makes it impossible for the patient to eat and drink, some families think of feeding food and water with a stomach tube, but dying people are often not hungry. In contrast, dehydrated vegetative states cause accumulation of ketone bodies in the blood, resulting in an analgesic effect that gives the patient an unusual sense of euphoria. Even giving a little glucose to the patient will counteract this unusual euphoria.
In addition, feeding the patient at this time can also cause vomiting, food intake, choking, patient absence, and painful struggle, leaving the patient unable to walk quietly to death. Although intravenous fluids can solve dehydration problems in patients with delirium, they bring edema, nausea, and pain to the patient.
In the final stages of life, even three months before death, many patients communicate with others less, and activities in the heart increase. Don't take it as a rejection of your loved ones. It's a need for dying people to leave the world and talk to the heart.
A week after the death of 100 cancer patients, 56% of the patients were awake and 44% were lethargic, but none were in a state of coma that was unable to communicate. But in the last 6 hours before dying, only 8% of sober people, 42% of them were in a state of somnolence, and most of them were unconscious. Therefore, the family should pay close attention to the appropriate time to communicate with the patient, do not wait until finally caught off guard.
With the approach of death, the patient's mouth muscles relaxation, breathing, accumulation will rattle in the throat or lung secretions, medically known as "death growls", making people listen to very uncomfortable. But suctioning with suction organs at this point often fails and brings more pain to the patient. The patient's body should be turned to one side, the head of the pillow is higher, or use drugs to reduce respiratory tract secretion.
A dying person often makes a whimper or throat call when he breathes, but the patient does not necessarily have pain. At this point, some painkillers can be used so that he can continue to talk to his family or die quietly. Remember, there is no evidence that pain relief drugs can cause death.
What is the process of dying? Lifetime, fortunately read
Hearing is the last feeling of loss, so you don't want the patient to hear you, even in the end, you shouldn't say anything about it.
Over the past few days, I have been saying again and again that I have been wondering why and why, until now, I have read the article. What do you mean now? Now, my parents have died, but until the end time of their life, and I didn't meet this article, so make a big mistake in ignorance.
All misunderstandings based on a premise, we have been unable to communicate and dying, our closest relatives have been unable to speak about their wishes and needs, we must persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. And just need a little bit of medical knowledge at least, things are not complicated.
I remembered that I held my father's hand. He was as cool as a mountain spring. I ordered my brother to say, "Daddy, cold, get the blanket."! Now I know he is not really cold, but because the circulation of blood drops sharply, the skin becomes wet and cold. And now, in his senses, his body is becoming lighter, floating and soaring...... Even a silk scarf would make him feel unbearable pressure, not to mention a blanket!
I think until the death of his father, a doctor to unplug the connection in his body all the pipes, gas pipelines, infusion tube, electrocardiograph...... At the same time, we felt that he had been out of water for days and nights and always tried to make even futile attempts. The mother sent the freshly squeezed watermelon juice early in the morning and loaded it in a graduated bottle, and we were talking every day about how much water he drank today.
Now I know he's not really hungry. At that time, he has been freed from pain, the day is very blue wind is very light, the trees are green flowers are colourful, birds in Ming Shui in the stream, as described in the art and religion...... At this time, even a little glucose infusion to the patient, will offset the abnormal euphoria, he will be in the beautiful home, cross swords sticks.
Father was a man of few words, but in the last state of delirium he suddenly became talkative and full of native words. I'm afraid he is away from me, I wanted to call him, he paid no attention to. Now I know, at that time, he exchanges with the outside world less, the soul of the activities are very active, perhaps the youth, may show is a playful, staged scenes. How can I interrupt him without any reason and drag him back to the painful reality?
What I should do is just keep him quiet, never walk away. The dying deep coma, there will be a moment of awakening, is probably the folklore. At this time, he was the last radiance of the setting sun, most people need to find him very worried about, not to let him disappointed.

I remember the last wish my father expressed in this life was to pull the oxygen pipe from his nose. But two of us unfilial children how to disobey his wish ah, my brother and one side of the strong hold of his hand, his hand until completely helpless.

What is the process of dying? Lifetime, fortunately read
It is now known that the greatest mercy and humanity for the dying is to avoid inappropriate, traumatic treatment. How stupid and cruel it is to "rescue" at all costs!
Father is gone. The doctor came to a conclusion and the nurse came in for the final treatment. One side of the lively patients and relatives said: "my son and daughter are here, cry, shout a few words!". But somehow, I could not cry at all, and my brother was silent. Now I know that hearing is the last feeling of disappearing. Dad doesn't hear us cry. I wonder if he's happy or sad?

Life and death are natural phenomena, and I understand that. Just now I know, even the natural life the last time for this human, so reasonable, so good, so, naturally, is a fancy interferes and the death process becomes painful and lengthy.

One morning. I suddenly found my colleagues across the tears, a more than 50 year old man gaffe surprised me. Asked how he was, he told me the above article of his case before her death. He said that as described above, feel cold to her mother to wear warm clothes, cover thick quilt, felt the mother a few days without eating, not to stop her transfusion, his mother wanted to go home, can he insisted that she was in hospital. He thought he had done his best, but did not expect to bring her great pain.

People are always dying, with ease and beauty into another world, will certainly go better.
Now, I read the article. I will keep it until the last time, and if possible, I ask my children to follow it, and let my soul fly in the final glory.
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