The sparrow is not small bile Deyang homeowners 3 days was built in the confiscation of clothes pocket sleeve 3 nest


The sparrow is not small bile Deyang homeowners 3 days was built in the confiscation of clothes pocket sleeve 3 nest

Original title: sparrow small bile Deyang homeowners 3 days was built in the confiscation of clothes pocket sleeve 3 nest

The sparrow is not small bile Deyang homeowners 3 days was built in the confiscation of clothes pocket sleeve 3 nest

Last week, Zhongjiang County Villagers Qin Guoying dry your clothes in the eaves to the county after relatives, 3 days after her home to collect the clothes found inside the bird nest, to see this scene, one family laughing. "A two sleeve, a pocket." In Qin Guoying impression, this bird in her laundry inside the nest there have been 10 times, each time she found the nest down, but the sparrow did not move out of the mean, the next time the clothes, the sparrow again. "It's going to make trouble and make you play."!" Qin Guoying said helplessly.

A dress has built 3 nests

On the afternoon of April 9th, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter came to the 3 group of Red Locust village in Zhongjiang county. In this quiet village, from time to time the sounds of birds were heard.

The most common is the sparrow, and they can be seen everywhere on the farm, in the yard, on the tree tops. There is a small forest in Qin Guoying near the house, usually there are a lot of birds inside chirping incessantly. Often, birds fly to the clothes rack on the balcony of the dormitory, and they also pull the excrement onto the clothes that are airing.

Two sparrows have built nests outside her house, and many sparrows are looking for new nesting sites. The two sparrows held up many branches in their mouths and flew over to rest on the clothes that were airing. Little sparrows shake their feathers from time to time and clap their wings.

Seeing a lot of strangers in the room, he flew straight up to the residents across the street. Three or four minutes later, another sparrow flew up and stopped at the opposite side of the house. Finally, the reporter retreated to the room, the sparrow was assured to fly over, in the villagers drying clothes looking for nesting sites.

"At a time by 3 nests, a sleeve, two pocket all of a nest to dismantle it." Villagers Qin Guoying introduced last week, she put clothes under the eaves, and love to the county to go relatives, 3 days later, when she went home to collect clothes, but found that birds in the nest.

Qin Guoying's lover Zhou Yunqiang introduced, this year, the sparrow came to build more than 10 nests. The love nest in the coat pockets, sleeves and hat. "It is love nest in the crotch and trouser legs inside." Zhou Yunqiang, once he put the clothes in the children under the eaves, "aired two days later, I went to collect my trousers, found a black crotch." He took down his trousers and found a bird's nest made of grass, twigs and so on, which made him laugh and cry. He took out the bird's nest and washed his trousers again.

Like the Qin Guoying family, most villagers dried their clothes and had nests built by sparrows. Some villagers had to hang their clothes in the house.

"There are so many sparrows in recent years that it can be said to be rampant."." Zhou Yunqiang introduced, every summer, when the rice is about to mature, flocks of sparrows will go to rice paddies to eat rice. The sparrows are so huge that they can't take them at all. It was driven again, and it was a dummy deterrent, but thousands of sparrows and villagers played guerrilla warfare".

An early crop of rice will suffer." Therefore, local farmers also follow this rule, all kinds of rice, mature period, "so that every field cheating a little sparrow, the loss is not great. They also knew that sparrows were not protected by the state, but they could not hurt them.

A little bird at Adobe clothes

"Sparrows build nests in our clothes. We've met before."." In this regard, Li Tao, vice president of the Deyang bird watching Association, said that in recent years, the ecological improvement, birds have fewer natural enemies, people's awareness of protection is also increasing, many endangered birds are back to people's vision. As the most common bird in rural areas, sparrows are even overrun in some places, and farmers grab grain".

This season is the season when birds build nests and reproduce, Li Tao said.

Although there are woods and houses in rural areas, but the birds nest like sparrows, doves are not the same, a kind of bird, love for the wall environment such as simple adobe eye position to make the nest, the nest is usually simple; love magpie twigs in the trees and branches to settle down; Yan Zixi likes to use mixed mud nest slobber under the eaves......

"In the past the sparrow nest holes in adobe walls, now the rural house is less and less, they must find a new environment." Under the eaves, the environment is relatively simple, and the harmony between people and birds, sparrows feel that this place is hidden and safe, in line with the installation conditions, the choice of clothing in the right place to nest

Bird lovers suggest that if birds build nests in farmers' homes and do not affect family life, it is recommended that you be next to the birds and take care of them.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter Wang Mingping photo coverage