Baby in the baby swimming pool upside down, drowning, struggling for 72 seconds, with the child, a second can not be neglected!


Baby in the baby swimming pool upside down, drowning, struggling for 72 seconds, with the child, a second can not be neglected!

I saw a video yesterday and I felt sad and dead.

It was a children's swimming pool in Shandong, Yantai, in May 16th.

A two or three year old girl wears a swimming ring and swims in a children's swimming pool,Unattended beside. Halfway through, a woman dressed in light blue overalls came over. It was a pity for the womanJust look down on your cell phoneAnd then opened a door, went out, and did not come to see the child.

Baby in the baby swimming pool upside down, drowning, struggling for 72 seconds, with the child, a second can not be neglected!

After playing with water for a while,Suddenly leaned forward, out of balance, upside down, drowning. According to surveillance video, the time was 13:16, 38 seconds.

Baby in the baby swimming pool upside down, drowning, struggling for 72 seconds, with the child, a second can not be neglected!

The next time is a suffocating moment.

For a swim ring, children can not stand up on their own, only upside down in the water drowning, children exposed in the water feet constantly struggling to thump.

The sad thing is, there is no staff around the pool. On the other side of the glass door facing the video, you can see clearly that there are two people sitting there, but unfortunately their direction is back to the swimming pool.

In this way, more than a minute passed, the children struggled to move smaller and smaller, until finally, no longer struggle.

A full 72 seconds later, it was found that the child's abnormalities, emergency into the room, the children fished out. This time, the child is dying. Two people put the child back on the table, then the child was sent to the hospital rescue.

Fortunately, after the rescue, the child is now out of danger.

Watch the video when I feel heart clench, chest pain and this is absolutely Biede, can avoid!

Just because adult neglect, relax vigilance, caused the irreversible tragedy. It's infuriating to think.

If the parents of the little girl some high vigilance, security alert heart to their baby, a second don't relax, accompany children around, watch children swimming in the pool, the drowning incident will not happen completely.

If the pool staff a strong sense of responsibility, at any time, as long as there is a baby in the swimming pool, there is at least one person in the pool at any time to pay attention to the child's situation, the drowning incident can be avoided completely.

If the person in charge of the pool with a conscience, also a little more responsibility in the pursuit of economic interests, for the baby swim ring high safety point, what kind of casual move baby swim ring will tilt the capsized, drowning incident could not happen.

But when all accidents come together, it becomes necessary. Tragedies happen when one mistake after another comes together.

72 seconds, for many people, is only a moment of life, very short. But for the drowning child, every second was long suffocating. Every second contains her despair of life.

Her life was fortunately recovered, but the damage caused by drowning may not be reversible. One minute of brain hypoxia may be a problem for an adult. But for children who are in the brain? Will it affect the nerve of the brain? No one knows, after all, 2, 3 years old baby brain nerve is much more fragile!

And this will become a nightmare plagued drowning child in a long time, the child may be rather baffling to become afraid of the water, may often feel breathless, a long time, there may even become physical and mental disease.

This is a completely avoidable tragedy! I really hate such parents and swimming pool staff.

After the event, the swimming pool staff in an interview with particular emphasis on the staff has been in the hospital to accompany the child. I just want to ask: Why did you go earlier? If I had been so serious and responsible, where should I run to the hospital?

In this incident, the responsibility of the swimming pool is inescapable. A swimming pool is an accident prone place where numerous children have drowned. The drowning child often, with no voice, and no TV in efforts to struggle so exaggerated, not our imagination will be called, will struggle, or lying in the water, but may like to play in the water, standing in the water.

This is because children tend to choke, choke, breathe, and sound, and the brain quickly loses consciousness, so there is a "standing" drowning. Just a mouthful of water, the child may have been about, but the process is very short, not easy to cause the attention of people around.

Therefore, the best way to avoid child accidents is that parents are always with you. There must be no carelessness.

When Zai small, we bought a home baby swimming pool, each water swimming, there are at least two people at home, a person walked away, there is absolutely another guardian beside. Including every time he takes a bath, from the bathtub to wash it out, someone is accompanied by the next, never leave. Not until he was 3 years old was he old enough to relax.

I grew up to go to the swimming pool to swim, and my dad is still a young second chances, always pay attention to his every act and every move. The pool we choose must also have a professional lifeguard on the shore to keep an eye on the pool and to ensure everyone's safety.

Even adult swimming pools are not afraid of carelessness, let alone Baby swimming pool? A baby is more fragile, even if 3 centimeters of water can cause him to drown.

If you think the child wearing a swimming ring can be assured, but it is a greater misunderstanding, if the child chose the wrong swimming ring, it is prone to lean forward, rollover, slide...... These are more likely to go into dangerous situations.

In the drowning, the biggest responsibility was not the others, but the parents of the child. Parents are the child's first guardian, when the child is small, especially before the age of 3, as long as the children go out, they should always be on high alert, 1 seconds can not let the child out of his own sight.

Swimming, shopping, going to the bathroom, watching movies...... Keep your child tight at all times.

Someone explained that the swimming pool was not allowed to be accompanied by the parents. That's not the reason, okay? No, it's beside the swimming pool, but what about a big glass door? Why don't parents stand outside the glass door and watch the children's every move? If you can not give the child the best protection, of course, it is impossible for others to protect the children.

Children 3 years old before independence is not enough, security awareness is inadequate, as long as the band out, parents can not relax. Children who do not allow their parents to accompany their children, or related industries, can be drawn into the blacklist! Do not say what training, independence, sterile disinfection, for children, any independence, disinfection and other security is not important!

Institutions that fail to protect their children do not sign up even if they offer courses that train their children to become geniuses!

Children have nothing to worry about, parents must always be vigilant!

At the end of this article, share with you some baby safe use and prevention methods:

An accidental fall

The younger the child, the more easily injured by falling, children under the age of 1 fall incidence was 54%; and the home and the school dormitory is the child fall injury high place, especially in the investigation of 1 - 4 years old, 57.4% is a drop in the home, therefore, for new parents the child care and education is particularly important.

The following 8 measures can help children avoid accidental falls as much as possible:

1. when children ride bikes and skate, prepare protective equipment, such as helmets and knee pads.

2 non use windows to escape the lock, or installed on the balcony railing, the distance is less than 9 cm.

3. windows without chairs, cradles, and other furniture.

4., when changing diapers or clothes, do not leave the baby and keep one hand to protect the baby.

5. remove risk factors at home, such as rolled up carpets, exposed wires, railings, wide balconies and corridors.

6. place skid pads in the bathroom, front and front of the sink.

7., pay attention to children in the pulley Walker safety, or use other fixed walkers instead.

8. check the safety of children's activities, such as whether the ground is smooth or not.

First-aid method:If the child fell after the injury, the first with a small towel wrapped ice cold for 10 minutes, and then bandage, will be wound up, let the blood flow slowed down, in order to reduce the extent of bumps and bruises.

Two, drowning

A toddler, Restroom to close the door, toilet seat cover at any time; parents should give children after bathing, cleaning tub or bath water; if the children can swim, but also in the water level is lower than the head of the swimming pool area.

First-aid method:Once a child drowning, do try not to water rescue, if it is to rescue common sense more grasp, you can try, but it is best to call the police immediately, clear the site of the incident, seek professional help. While waiting for the police, I called for help from the adults around me.

Three, scald

Do not try to prevent the child pull tablecloths tablecloths, causing the vessel overturned hydrothermal bloom; when the children bathe, should first put cold water and hot water, the water temperature maintained at about 38 degrees; the strong household cleaning agents, such as detergents, salt water, sulfuric acid and so on in the child is not easy to reach, so as not to be children eating or spilled into the skin, causing a chemical burn.

First-aid method:In the event of such an accident, the child's injured parts should be promptly placed in cold water and cooled for at least 10 minutes. Then take off or cut off the clothes near the wound. If the clothes and the wound stick together, do not touch it and wait for the doctor to do so. If the wound area is larger than the child's palm, cover the wound with a clean plastic wrap or a fluffy cloth and send it to the hospital at once.

Four, poisoning

Adults should not take medicine in front of their children; there is an open window in the home to prevent gas poisoning; medicines and detergents should be kept away from children.

First-aid method:If a child swallowed a poisonous substance, to call an ambulance, before the ambulance arrived, let the children stay. If possible, find out what he has eaten, and bring a little to the hospital for tests. Don't force your child to vomit. If the child is vomiting naturally, collect the vomit and bring it to the hospital. If the child feels a burning sensation in the esophagus or mouth, give him a drink of milk.

Five, asphyxia

Remove the children bed, plush toys and other soft bed items, it is best not to hang toys, if you want to hang, the rope length should not be more than 17 cm; it is best for children to wear zipper shirt, if wearing a button shirt, should always check whether the buttons loose; when children eat, to ensure that no small particles they reach area, such as toys, peanuts, grapes and other components; do not give children under the age of 3 to eat small particles of food, such as candy, nuts, grapes and popcorn.

First-aid method:We must learn to like Heim first aid. If the baby is choking, the parents can spank the child's back so that he can cough as much as possible.

When necessary, the baby can be inverted beat. In addition, let the children rolled over, lie down on your back and head position lower than the whole body. With two finger tips, push the child's sternum inward and upward, every 3 seconds, and each time you push it, see if there is anything coming out of the throat. For older children, can let him stand in front of him, you put a fist on his belly and bottom ribs, with inward and upward force. If the thing in the throat is still not coming out, repeat the pat on the back, repeat it with a 5 back slap and 5 frontal push as a unit. After 3 units, if there is no relief, call an ambulance. Repeat the first aid before the ambulance arrives.

Six, kitchen safety

The pot put on the stove are inward, hot food and liquids will not be placed on the edge of the table; when cooking, do not hold the child; put a fire extinguisher in the vicinity of the kitchen and prepare emergency telephone number telephone; cook food, do not let the child unattended.

Seven, ride safety

All children under 13 should sit in the back seat of the car. A survey shows that compared to the driver's seat and the copilot seat, the accident was the lowest; and the children don't share a seat belt; every child in the car, should choose the right child seat, in addition, should ask professional personage to check whether the seat is positioned correctly; don't put the child alone in the car.

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