Schools can charge "love school fees", but cannot impose daily.


Schools can charge "love school fees", but cannot impose daily.

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Today, let's talk about school and money.

Schools may charge "love school fees", but they can not impose them


Recently, a micro-blog has attracted much attention, the micro-blog broke the news that the Shandong Yingcai University will be forced to charge ten dollars to the graduating students, each graduate must pay, the name of the charge is called "love school fees"". Love school? Love is ten dollars. Some students sighed, "is my deep love for my alma mater worth ten dollars?" (May 15th surging News Network)

10 yuan. In the present age, it's really a small sum of money. As a graduate, no matter how bad the family economy is, how poor the family is, and how much the 10 yuan "love school fee" seems to be affordable. Moreover, the school is not "Bai take", but also issued some souvenirs. Look, the school is not so heartless. Moreover, as a student, love their alma mater is a responsibility and obligation, so that their alma mater has become better, but also can do a lot of effort and a heart. Under such circumstances, the graduates pay a little love school fees, seems to be understandable.

But why is this 10 yuan "love school fees" set off no small waves? On the Internet, there are many people questioned such a thing? Is it because netizens generally don't love their alma mater? This is not so, because a little, that is: when the "love school fees" into a mandatory fee, even if it is 1 dollars and 10 dollars, is not reasonable, but also do not have the procedural justice; and when the students voluntarily pay "love school fees", even if it is on thousands of yuan, it is reasonable, with justice. In addition, "love school fees" is in the near graduate students charge, but also gives a "kidnapping" feeling.

Objectively speaking, "love the school fee" is bound to be charged, but the problem is that such a result of justice, but also need procedural justice to support. To explain in the popular words is that you can charge "love school fees", but you can not force and kidnap, but you must fully respect the students' opinions and listen to their voices fully. Moreover, there are many ways to love alma mater, not to pay the "love school fee" in order to prove their love for their alma mater. What is more, when the "love school fees" into a mandatory fee, also let the stale, give a person a kind of five mixed feelings: love is to use money to measure?

Unfortunately, this seems to be the mandatory style, some outrageous One principle runs through it all.. In many schools, similar compulsory practices seem to be quite common. For example, some schools in school uniforms, is mandatory, even if the local education departments repeatedly reiterated that do not comply with the law, but some schools still bored; for instance, some schools not only blatantly illegal makeup, also openly mandatory extra fees again; for example, some students practice, is mandatory...... In many cases, the school is a very strong one, and the students are relatively disadvantaged groups, but also basically do not say "no" right.

10 yuan love school trouble, school does not respect students big thing. At any given moment, schools should set an example of respect to others, rather than coercion. In this regard, for such mandatory "love school fees", even if only 10 yuan, the education department is also can not be ignored, and should undertake certain punishment and education, so that more schools learn a lesson. Otherwise, giving a total student fish school is Daozu feeling. Only schools know how to respect students, and students enter the society, will better understand respect for others, because many of the influence is imperceptible.

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The scenic free tickets, more should clarify the stakes


Recently, Xu Xiake's first tour to Tiantai County announced: since May 19th, Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain national 5A grade scenic spot ticket free to cancel Guoqing. This is a scenic spot in Zhejiang province after West Lake, Shaoxing, Lu Xun's hometown, but also a free opening of Zhejiang 5A class scenic spots. 5A scenic free of charge the first to eat crab, is the Hangzhou scenic area in West Lake. Free of charge, the number of tourists in West Lake scenic spot to rise year after year, statistics show that as long as a tourist stay more than 24 hours in Hangzhou, Hangzhou City, the annual tourism comprehensive income will increase 10 billion yuan. (May 14th Zhejiang daily)

As for the development of the tourism industry, two distinct paths have already taken shape. In this one, "the way to continue in the ticket economy farther and farther in many places, constantly enclosure card, price provided fee; and with the relative, is another scenic wall break around, free of charge, and vigorously promote tourism attractions for global tourism...... From the visitor's point of view, nature is more convinced of the latter model. However, in the professional view, the so-called "free and open" is not universally applicable. After all, all the scenic spots have their particularity, this means that it must be based on the specific context, to targeted assessment and practical consequences of the possibility of free of charge.

In reality, take the "free of charge" mode of scenic spots is not much. Comb down, can be divided into two categories. One is the "mature scenic spots" like West Lake". Its characteristics are known abroad, bursting with popularity, tourism infrastructure is relatively perfect, and the related upstream and downstream supporting services are highly developed; and in addition, those not what fame, not so convenient "popular scenic spot" is often not tickets. This part of the attraction was a deserted house, "free of charge" Shishuwunai choice - to be clear, the scenic free tickets from what is not to help the people, but what. It's a marketing strategy, not a moral one!

Public data show that as long as a tourist stay in Hangzhou for 24 hours, Hangzhou's annual tourism income will increase by 10 billion yuan. It seems that West Lake free of charge to Hangzhou to bring the income not fall. So, other scenic spots and other city why can not emulate, modeled on? For this reason, we should first clarify a basic fact. That is, Hangzhou has always been a tourist destination city. A series of complete accommodation, catering, entertainment, shopping formats, can easily transform West Lake tourists into "money" consumers. This trait is clearly not available in many places.

In sharp contrast to Hangzhou, many famous tourist sites are actually only "tourist transit places"". Although it also has a large number of tourists, but most tourists will walk through the attractions after the immediate departure, and will not produce considerable local consumption". Under this premise, this kind of local nature can only rely heavily on ticket revenue, to cancel their tickets is so broken only "way". In this regard, the so-called "free model" is obviously not suitable for all scenic spots, to a large extent, it also depends on what stage the development of scenic spots. You know, West Lake is free of charge, in 2002 after the beginning of the.

Indeed, not all scenic spots are suitable for free admission. But, in the tourism economy to the depth of development today, this should at least be considered seriously, serious demonstration of one of the programs. You know, some scenic spots "tickets" is helpless, have to have some scenic spots, "tickets" is a matter of inertia, be an anachronism.

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Schools can charge love school fees, but cannot impose daily.