Shanghai, a residential building "rockery" package was ridicule as "mountain view room.""


Shanghai, a residential building "rockery" package was ridicule as "mountain view room.""

Original title: Shanghai, a residential building "rockery" package was ridicule "mountain room""

The reporter visited the residential building on the spot today. This is "rockery" wrapped residential buildings, users joked that it is "mountain view room."". It has 16 floors, facing the street, is a relatively isolated residential buildings, almost attached to the next door, a 28 storey residential building on the side. Downstairs is Shanghai Metro Line 7 and line 13, Changshou Road station, port 2.

Enter this building, there are few real residents, most of the housing was rented to the company, used for dance classes, gyms and other institutions. Mr. Zhang on the 13 floor is one of the few households here. He has lived here for seven or eight years. "It's mostly wet," he told reporters. Metope can ooze water, basically have no method, unless tear down this. Because it is hollow inside, affirmation steam is more."

Shanghai, a residential building rockery package was ridicule as mountain view room.

"Rockery" downstairs is the subway station

Reporters noted that the 13 floor of the door and the elevator door is very close, probably about one meter distance. This sudden "rockery" wrapped in the building, only one floor and another residential building linked to the stairs. Although from the outside, the building seems to be "rockery" wrapped, but in fact, the outside package is not a real rockery, but similar to the rockery resin materials.

Next door, Ms. Yang said, "it was thought that if one day there was a typhoon, the stone would fall off.". Then I found out that it wasn't stone, but it was empty. Something like plastic, I didn't care. But if it's a long time, we don't know what's wrong with it, and we don't know its internal structure."

Network media reported that the "rockery" is built after the addition of the building. But the residents said that these "rockery" design has existed, then sales department also claimed what construction award.

Reporters saw at the scene, was "rockery" wrapped outside the building, still hanging outdoor air conditioning, some windows are still drying clothes. The strange shape of the residential building was mixed with nearby residents.

Ms. Yang said, "our colleagues say," what's good about putting it here? It's like a person's face is stuck with something like a scar. But I think that's good, if it is not dangerous, it is quite special, in other parts of Shanghai have not seen."

Although the outside of the strange residential buildings pointing, but no more people worried about its safety. Well, whether there is any security risk here? The reporter first found the residential area where the residential building is located -- on the green Jiayuan neighborhood committee. Staff told reporters, "online, there are residents afraid of hidden dangers.". As a matter of fact, this was approved at the time of our acceptance. Similar to the rockery material is very light, but there are reinforced with, or the wind blown away. They will strengthen their maintenance in many years."

Shanghai, a residential building rockery package was ridicule as mountain view room.

Far from the "rockery floor", the foot of the street is more than 10 stories high

Reporters learned that this building has existed for more than 10 years. District owned Changshou Road subdistrict office staff familiar with the situation revealed that they have not received residents in the area, reflecting the security risks of this building. "This building is because of the appearance design is like this, there is no security risks, and other Feng Shui, superstition are not.". Its living space has property rights certificate, the residence is normal."

As for the original design of such a design, whether the design has passed the relevant planning, the street staff said that the streets do not grasp these circumstances. After the coordination of Shanghai Putuo District news office, residential property manager Fu Wenlan said in an interview, more than 10 years, there should have been no security risks. Inspections are being conducted every day, and no problems have been detected. This area is located in the mountains, there is water, built when the "rockery" this form.

Putuo District planning and land administration deputy director Zhou Zhiqing also made clear that through inquiries file, this "rockery" wrapped residential buildings are in line with the original planning approval conditions. "We turned the file, and now the location of the rockery, the original design is the existence of. We also found the developer's handling personnel, rockery internal structure is steel structure, the outside is attached to resin materials."

Hot Internet users: "in the light of Feng Shui", "what is worse is ugly, rockery?" "Changning 120 thousand, nearly twenty-one thousand square meters, how could not mountain?", "most cow Mountain View Room".

Shanghai, a residential building rockery package was ridicule as mountain view room.

Shanghai residential building was 14 storey rockery package, was teased as "mountain view room.""