The United States VS China members called on the impeachment of Trump VS = China Belt and Road Initiative reached more than 270 results


The United States VS China members called on the impeachment of Trump VS = China Belt and Road Initiative reached more than 270 results

Who is the world's hottest man in two years? Non US President Trump?. At the beginning of the election, the controversy continued, and it was difficult to get on the presidency. Recently, the "secret door" intensified "through the Russian gate", making Trump once again pushed to the cusp of public opinion, and even Congress hospital has called for impeachment Trump. Look at Trump's boast of Haikou, "let the United States be great again", and now it's a blessing to be able to keep it. In China, successfully held the world's attention "The Belt and Road forum, shocked the world again for the Chinese economy.

The United States VS China members called on the impeachment of Trump VS = China Belt and Road Initiative reached more than 270 results

In the whole world will focus on Trump's "secret door", on the other side of global concern is China held recently "The Belt and Road forum.

During the forum and on the eve of local governments, and enterprises reached a series of cooperation agreement, important measures and practical results, China has some representative achievements of the analyses and summary, form a forum list of achievements. List mainly covers policy, communication, facilities, China Unicom, trade flows, financing, and popular communication among the 5 categories, a total of 76 major items, more than 270 specific results.

The Belt and Road for China economic "add fuel to diesel"

The Belt and Road strategy is China's construction of homeland security development barrier, led by the United States to get rid of unequal international trade negotiations, major strategy to seek greater resources and market cooperation, known as the century strategy. "Belt and Road Initiative" is expected to build a new global economic and trade circulation, becoming the Atlantic, Pacific after the third economic development space.

"The Belt and Road area covering a total population of about 4 billion 600 million (more than 60% of the world's population), the total GDP reached $20 trillion (about 1/3). The Belt and Road Initiative strategy will bring what effect Chinese economy? And Chinese people's assets have what relation?

First, the opportunities brought about by industrial innovation.

Industrial innovation involves industrial transformation and upgrading and industrial transfer and other dividends. With the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, the transfer of some quality surplus industry will Chinese to some other countries and regions. At home, because of changes in market supply and demand, some of the excess industry, perhaps in other countries can be properly estimated;

Second, the opportunities brought by financial innovation.

"The implementation of The Belt and Road" strategy we need to have adequate cash flow, a huge amount of money demand can only be solved by financial innovation. We have initiated the establishment of Asian investment bank "and" Silk Road Fund ", but it can only solve part of the funds, along the" belt "along the" road "countries and regions will be a variety of financial innovation, including the release of various types of securities, the establishment of various types of funds and financial innovation mechanism and so on, the bonus and even more opportunities is unthinkable.

Third, the opportunities brought by regional innovation.

"Belt and Road Initiative" is essentially an international regional economic category, with the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" strategy, will lead to regional innovation in different countries and regions, including the regional development mode of regional industry, strategy selection, technical route, regional economic cooperation between regions and so on, each of the innovation it contains unlimited opportunities.

The Belt and Road will give new impetus to the Chinese economy, bring new growth point. In this economic trend, the value of fixed assets in China will continue to rise.

Focus on the three major investment lines

Whether it is from the current domestic environment, or from the international perspective, "The Belt and Road" are in the accelerating period, with the future of "The Belt and Road" strategy to go in depth, there will be more countries and regions to join the economic and trade cooperation with China in the past, to gradually go out of the country's Chinese enterprises, also means there are more opportunities for the future.

The "The Belt and Road International Cooperation Forum held successfully, will further enhance the" The Belt and Road "market attention.

As to the capital market, there are three main investment most worthy of attention: a clue is the PPP model and the "The Belt and Road combined output capacity advantage, mainly involving construction, building materials, machinery and other industries. Secondly, it is the promotion of high strength industries represented by high speed rail, communications, power equipment and other high-end manufacturing industries. Third, we should pay attention to the large-scale infrastructure construction in the western region, and then the air supply will be added.