Beijing remediation group renting public reports group rent up to 200 yuan award


Beijing remediation group renting public reports group rent up to 200 yuan award

The door opened is a wall, originally spacious living room disappeared; the wallpaper has been partition wall wear flowers; living room chandelier almost fell to the upper edge of the bunk bed; dirty like a bookcase......

Beijing remediation group renting public reports group rent up to 200 yuan award

At 9:26 yesterday morning, if the Chaoyang District and Shuangjing Street comprehensive management office responsible person finally knocked on the door of their house to rent the house for 5 months of Ms. Liu: I can't believe this is she has been carefully maintained, European style home decoration.

Her home in Kowloon Garden, is a good section of Shuangjing Qiaodong; in Chaoyang District it seems that this project is the past years have not been able to be remediation of the rental housing disaster areas. This year, the city's ease of action to improve the regulating and promoting the city has entered a new stage, a number of areas to "stubborn" moves to sniper "guerrilla group". With the help of the centralized rectification, Ms. Liu found that his house had been people rent.

In Ms. Liu's two bedroom, the original square living room was separated by a partition wall into two rooms. In a dark room with only a single bed, about 7 square meters, a woman is packing her things in panic.

The other room was about 16 square meters, squeezing two beds and a single bed. This bed is placed, leaving only a narrow sideways through the single aisle.

Several young men were also tidying up the contents of the house. Up to half an inch of youth suddenly straightened up, said: "we worry about rent to September, now removed, the rent can be back?"

Across the dark room rent of 1100 yuan, the house rent about 800 yuan per capita. No matter Ms. Liu or the tenant, the rental contract shown in the show of the same name - Beijing Ye Sheng Shengyuan real estate brokerage Co., ltd..

A few copies of the contract shows that in December 2016, a man surnamed Niu in the name of a family of three, through to the owner Liu Ye Shengyuan lease this set of two rooms, a term of 3 years.

Ms. Liu's family moved away from the Kowloon Garden for their children. In the ensuing months, Ms. Liu called the man surnamed Fang occasionally, and wanted to see the situation after the house was rented, but the men who were surnamed Niu were blocking the "business trip".

Yesterday morning, Ms. Liu returned to her home for the first time. Looking at the European style decoration has become a "grocery store", she was surprised to open her mouth, and for a moment, love and anger intertwined in her face.

Reporters found that button man left in the contract, as early as 2015 in the number of telephone users in the shielding system and forum marked as "intermediary" and "fraud phone."". It was reported that the phone holder had lied in Fengtai rented house.

Street office relevant responsible person said, this is actually illegal intermediary deliberately do. Some illegal intermediary first find individuals in the name of their own homes to rent down, signed long-term contracts, and then quickly change groups rental housing. According to him near the rental price estimates, after deduction to Ms. Liu's rent through base rent, intermediary in the suite on the monthly net profit can reach 4000 yuan.

After leaving a period of time for the tenant to pack up personal belongings, Ms. Liu's partition began to be removed. Liu angrily contacted the intermediary, to recover the house.

"It's a good idea to take back the house like this."." A very tall worker looked at the list in his hand. The above shows that the district may also have more than 40 sets of group rental is pending governance.

Why is Kowloon Garden a disaster area? Shuangjing Street office staff said, this is because the intermediary in the area near the rented suites, some beyond the jurisdiction of the cross street, even once, they quickly began to check, the tenant will move, locked the door, "guerrilla".

A woman who lived in the district for 17 years told reporters that there are not only a large number of rental housing in this district, even some people rent the 20 floor of the top floor of the house, open kindergarten.

"Those kids are jumping up and down on our heads every day. We'll talk and the tenants don't pay attention."." In this renovation, the attic kindergarten has also been administered.

According to the reporter, led by the comprehensive management office in the capital, to April, the city's total renovation of the illegal group renting 3709, completed 53% of the annual plan. Among them, six districts, 2730 households, completed 48.8% of the annual plan; 1468 core areas, completed 91.8% of the annual plan.

The intermediary can provide "disguised rent"

Reporters found that many of the regular real estate brokerage agencies in the group claimed that there is no housing rental housing, cut off at the same time, it is similar to this form of cooperation, through the source to other agencies to promote groups of housing, housing rental partition, and intermediary fees charged. So, this case is a case, or is it possible to widespread phenomenon? Reporters continue to investigate.

The reporter visited more than ten housing agencies located in different districts of Beijing central city, and raised group renting houses and partition rooms. Almost all salesmen said that the company had forbidden such leasing behavior.

Real estate brokerage agencies salesman: before we have broken rooms, all dismantled, as long as there is a penalty for our company 100 thousand yuan.

Although most real estate agents said there is no ready-made "partition room", but there are many available at any time "play off" services.

Real estate brokerage business unit: now play partition is relatively simple, more than 1000 yuan to play a partition.

Salesman revealed that the company's long-term agent house is better, cut off, as long as the contract expires, the house returned to the owner before the demolition of the partition, the restoration of the original shape can be. Would that be a personal act of a salesman in order to earn extra money?

Real estate brokerage agency salesman: our company must know that, in fact, we also belong to work in the company.

The clerk explained that the company in order to avoid the loss of housing, agents, contracts and other procedures have special management, it is difficult to operate privately. And reporters visited a number of housing intermediary, can directly provide "cut off" services are not many. Most intermediaries say there are other ways to stay".

Real estate brokerage business clerk: put the upper and lower berths, before the inside put 10 upper and lower berth.

Real estate agent: you draw a curtain to the wall and pull it up. Master bedroom, which can be placed two upper and lower berths, you can live 4 people.

According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of housing and the introduction of Beijing, "group housing" is not just "cut off" housing. "Rental housing per capita living space shall not be less than 5 square metres, the number of living rooms shall not exceed 2."". These "in the real base rent also increased the difficulty in obtaining the relevant departments in the process of investigating.

Deputy director of the office of Beijing Haidian District City, the floating population and rental housing management committee Jia Huping: we (from the past two years) the governance of more than 10 thousand sets of base rent, the past to hit him, a maximum of ten rooms twenty rooms, this is. Last year our governance and the emergence of new circumstances, for example, cut off not to play, or use the lower berth curtain Raab, so avoiding the fight off rental, but a new model which is the base rent.

Gu Hongtao, director of Beijing Chaoyang District City, the floating population and rental housing management committee office: 2016 we will strengthen the real estate intermediary institutions such as thorough investigation, to all registered group of illegal rent, we must complete the task of governance in 70 days.