Two operation room, medical staff melee, official: because of love life gap!

Two operation room, medical staff melee, official: because of love life gap!
Open NetEase news, see wonderful video live long see! They started fighting after they had finished the operation

Legal Evening News recently, a medical staff in the operation room of the strike violently spread throughout the network video sparked heated debate. This morning, the "Legal Evening News" reporter learned from Lankao County propaganda department, the matter occurred in Lankao County Central Hospital, some of the two medical personnel because of love problems dispute.

Reporters obtained a video showed that two medical staff in the hospital's operating room first altercation, and then hit each other up, 1 of them even 7 punches, the presence of other medical staff quickly stepped forward to stop. Video publisher said, this scene took place in a hospital in Henan Lankao County in the melee is a doctor and a nurse.

In the video, a police officer investigating the incident said the incident occurred after the operation was completed, when the patient has been introduced operation room, the two sides broke out the cause of the conflict is not easy to disclose.

Today morning, Legal Evening News "reporters call the Lankao County propaganda department, news department confirmed that a responsible person, the incident in Lankao County Center Hospital, two medical staff for a male and a female, due to a dispute in question, but the two is not a relationship. A staff member of the Propaganda Department said the hospital was still under investigation. Someone hospital hospital staff responded that all the publicity to the county Party committee as the news.

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