Shandong man is not in retaliation for extortion alarm accidentally strangled sixty old man

Original title: Shandong man extortion not be retaliation for sixty old man accidentally strangled alarm

Shandong man is not in retaliation for extortion alarm accidentally strangled sixty old man

The police arrested the criminal suspect

In August 22nd, the Shandong Weifang section of Changle Qiao Guan Zhen Jia Gou Cun village Lee found his 62 year old uncle Haomou died at home. The old man usually not sick, good health, and suddenly died, so Lee felt some strange, so quickly called the police.

According to the "people's livelihood through train" reported that, 62 year old Hao is a bachelor, weekdays rarely with people, and personality is relatively weak, in the end what is he down this ruthless hand?

Changle County Public Security Bureau police brigade squadron leader Tao Jialong said, through the examination of Hao's corpse, found Hao body fracture phenomenon, they are sure that this is intentional homicide case.

Margery said police, the victim found east of the incident that day at six pm to eight pm, the victim has a loud voice of the home, the east by the sound of it, quarrel with the victim who is likely to be gemou.

Police further understand that there is a big contradiction between Mr. Hao and ge. In June this year, gemou also went to Hao house and the victim, Haomou sparred. Changle County Public Security Bureau Criminal Police Brigade squadron leader Tao Jialong said, when looking for GE investigation, found that GE mobile phone in the shutdown state, can not contact.

At this point, the wind heard GE has left Changle to Qingdao, Laixi, the police immediately followed, and touched the location of his work.

Police police disguised as food delivery workers, to the factory to send rice. The police entered the factory, found a similar physical characteristics of the man gemou. The man spoke with an accent of Changle and claimed to be Ge, a man who was suspected of being a criminal suspect. After interrogation, Ge intentional homicide crime confessed.

The suspect gemou said, three years ago, the village of Xiamou and the deceased Haomou happened contradiction, gemou also involved, and blackmail Haomou 30 thousand yuan in cash, Haomou report, the stolen money has been recovered, but gemou has not appearing in court. Two people have thus been languishing. So, Gregory has been looking for a chance to teach Hao hao.

The suspect gemou said, he drank some wine that day, see Hao pulled a light, gemou at Haomou open the door after the fruit from the west, climbing over a wall, the door kick. Subsequently, to give Gregory some money, begged him to let himself. So, Gregory got the money and left. After Ge left, Hao called the police, saying Ge Mou blackmail him. Gregory learned, decided to go to teach Hao hao.

The suspect gemou said, when he squatted down Haomou pinch neck, inadvertently choked him to death. Originally just want to give Hao a little lesson, didn't want to make life, Gregory regret unceasingly.

Later, the suspect Ge Mou felt very regret, for this little thing, ruined others, but also destroyed himself.