College lovers intimate photos, how to establish a correct view of love


College lovers intimate photos, how to establish a correct view of love

Recently, the Shandong foreign language in Career Academy campus set up a uncivilized behavior of exposure, pets in the dormitory and in public campus hugging and kissing and other acts of exposure, it sparked heated debate in the school and the network, netizens ridicule a mountain error for life, then girlfriend becomes passers-by.

College lovers intimate photos, how to establish a correct view of love

According to the school student Xiao Song, he was in May 14th in the campus cafeteria gate to see the exposure table, this few days have passed the students around the board discussion, for pets, smoking, alcohol and other acts of school exposure, most students expressed support, but for the campus show loving couple behavior is defined as bad manners and public exposure, there is something wrong.

The panels, according to the Shandong foreign language Career Academy student disciplinary regulations thirteenth, cuddling, kissing, etc. there is uncivilized phenomenon, do not listen to discourage those in public school, given a warning and punishment above.

Panels were subsequently released to the network by students, triggering hot net friends:

@ sunrise sunrise: not hugging or kissing in public or talking about love!

@ this ZHU is very subtle: Group Work Department printed in the lower right corner: still have to play, dare to admit such candid camera! Show affectionate, uncivilized, show candid camera, very civilized.

@ blue thin: all college students, and embrace what happened? As long as no law, no immoral things, the school has no right to interfere. High school teacher is not talking about the University, you love people will not tube it?

Shandong Foreign Language Institute student union also issued micro-blog: dare not fall in love!

May 17th, live sunshine reporter visited some college students, for the school's approach, supporters are not in the minority.

Sophomore Xiao Lin think, no rules, no Cheng Fangyuan, the school is a place to study, some students do not know self-discipline, school to adopt some rules and regulations, to punish should be.

Freshman, Xiao Qin believes that, for this public place, "dog abuse" behavior, it should be stopped, and direct photo exposure is not appropriate.

College lovers intimate photos, how to establish a correct view of love

Extended reading: how to set up a correct view of love among College Students

The students love is an eternal topic, everyone hopes for a field with vigour and vitality, but actually talk about love enduring as the universe, in the University, there are a lot of people injured, failure in love, even lost, lost interest in life, why? We are not mature enough mature love is? How? How should we face love? How do the balance of love and love in school? Even if it is found not suitable and how not to hurt each other and become friends? A lot of problems for the love of the people will not want to, until problems cannot be saved. Here today to tell you some simple right view of love, and wish lovers!

1, treat love correctly

Correctly deal with love, academic, career relations between the three. Love is a great event in life, but it is not everything in life. College students should rely on their studies, because learning is the main purpose of College students. Career is higher than love, advocate career oriented, not premature love. But don't think love is a stumbling block to your career. If you deal with it well, love can also catalyze your career.

Cultivate the power of love. His ability to love consists of the following:

(1) the ability to meet love.

If a man has love in his heart, he must dare to express it in the right way; if he is in the face of other people's love, he should be able to make a choice and accept or reject the choice in time. Psychological distress that can withstand courtship or refusal or courtship.

(2) the ability to refuse love.

There should be courage to refuse a love that you do not want to accept or consider unworthy. When you refuse, you should pay attention to two points: first, if you do not want love to come, the tone of refusal should be resolute and resolute, and you can not tolerate the slightest indecision, otherwise it will cause greater harm to the other party. Two, to grasp the proper way. To master the way and the degree of speech. Although everyone has the right to refuse love, but also to do the least respect for others.

College lovers intimate photos, how to establish a correct view of love

2, to correctly deal with love setbacks

(1) face reality. Lovelorn pain lies in a love word, love is two-way, mutual, based on the love of both sides, the loss of either side, love will lose balance, love is terminated. At this time, the lovelorn side, no matter how deep the love of the other party, is unrealistic, as a rational university students should face this reality.

(2) empathy. Put yourself in the other's shoes. This will help you understand the reason why the other end love, help you accept the painful reality of lovelorn, and early out of the shadow of lovelorn.

(3) emotional catharsis. Don't hide or suppress the pain caused by the lovelorn too much. You should find the right way to vent your feelings. There are usually ways to give vent:

1) tears relieving therapy. A cry in grief can calm the mood. Experts believe that tears shed some of the toxins produced by organisms during stress.

2) exercise remission. Strenuous exercise helps to release the energy of the excitement.

3) transfer attention. When you are in a bad mood, you can do something you are interested in.

4) gloze method. When the person who does not love is lovelorn, citing reasonable reason and fact to explain the setback, thus obtains the spiritual comfort.

5) pour out. Write to your diary or write a letter to a trusted teacher, classmate, friend, teacher, etc.. If you feel this is too deep, unable to resolve, but also can find the counselors for psychological counseling.

(4) situation transfer. Lovelorn is difficult to get rid of romance in all aspects of life are inextricably linked with the former lovers, so want to get rid of the pain of love, will be in a new environment, to temporarily leave the familiar environment. Put yourself in a happy place. Like to make some friends and participate in some collective recreational activities, or you can find someone to go shopping, travel to relax, it helps to broaden the mood. On the other hand, there is a sense of emptiness after the lovelorn, temporarily difficult to adapt, so you can use work or other methods to enrich themselves, not in the absence of idle practice, cranky.

(5) sublimation. As soon as possible to lovelorn sublimation into an upward momentum, as soon as possible into the study or work. Must not be disappointed because of love, and that life and life have lost meaning. You know, love is an important part of life, but not all of it. To correctly view love, straighten out the position of love, deal with love in learning, love in life, love in marriage.

3, the correct love motivation

Love is the future looking for like-minded, said of a couple life-long partner, not to comfort the boredom, looking for excitement, not simply in order to meet the. The choice of the object of love is a complex process, and it can not ignore the factors of economy, politics, culture and personality, but the common ideal point, common moral character and sentiment are the most fundamental. Whether the motive of love is good or not is directly related to the success of love. As a bridge of the new era, college students' love view should be an organic combination of ideal, morality, career and love.