The crackdown situation behind the reunion ": a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost


The crackdown situation behind the reunion ": a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost

On May 15, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security issued an emergency release platform for children's missing information -- just a year after the reunion system was launched. On the morning of 17, the Ministry of public security with a set of data presented this year's crackdown results.

As of May 15th this year, the reunion system issued a total of 1317 missing children information, find 1274 people, including 75 people drowned, killed 29 people, left 750 people rescued 40 people, lost 192 people, 67 people go to students at home to play, the other was accidentally killed 7 people, 114 other people, not to return to 43 people. Recover rate was 96.74%.

About 3% cases of abducted children, more than half are runaways, lost the case, the crackdown is undergoing new changes. A senior Ministry of public security police crackdown pointed out that although the high proportion of home is away or lost, but the security problems on the part of the children still can not be ignored, who can predict outside unaccompanied minors the next second will meet what dangerous, this kind of crowd easily abducted, cheated, with respect to the families of abducted minority occurred. We should give more care and help.

The crackdown situation behind the reunion : a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost

Fujian, Quanzhou, Ding Shan in the original rented house. Late last year, his son, Ding Xiaokang, was taken away.

Many children trafficking means, "Chaoyang masses" great strength

The Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau crackdown office deputy director Meng Qing still remember the sweet "Reunion" released the first cases of missing children information. In May 13, 2016, the "Reunion" system was tested online. That night, a message about the disappearance of Yi ethnic minority girl who was "eating and doing" was spread to the system. The "strange" name at first made Meng Qing think it was another online test. But she soon confirmed that the news was true.

The same day, the 2 year old girl named eat as parents follow the train through Hebei HengShui Railway Station, parents fell asleep, wake up, her daughter disappeared.

In the past, the public security organs will use the method of issuing missing persons clues to find clues, the role is limited, missing children information printed out, and then paste out, it takes time, wind and rain, the paper is easy to break. "It's too late, so we're going to use information technology to publish information quickly," he said."

The "Reunion" system is based on such a background, said Chen Shiqu, deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of public security.

In accordance with the principle of "Reunion", the "missing children" is the center,

Missing within 1 hours, the directional push to the radius of 100 km range;

Missing within 2 hours, the directional push to the radius of 200 km range;

Missing within 3 hours, the directional push to the radius of 300 km range;

Missing more than 3 hours, directional push to the radius of 500 km range.

The essence of this technique is by the Security Department of Alibaba group based on modern mobile office APP nail for the national police crackdown to develop a set of collaborative program 6000 National Police, police crackdown quickly through the Internet for information exchange and confirmation, and by the High German map, Sina, micro-blog and many other super APP will be pushed to the public information accurately and quickly. Greatly enhance the efficiency of the public security police crackdown.

That night, HengShui Railway Station 100 km near the mobile phone users quickly received the "reunion system" through the emergency push issued by each APP client. The trail came in, and two days later, he was rescued by police in Henan, Zhengzhou.

Today, the Ministry of public security in the "Reunion" system 3 on-line release of the latest data conference. Away from home 750 people, accounting for up to 57%. In this regard, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau crackdown office director Chen Jianfeng said, although not runaway children abducted, but objectively increased the risk of abduction. The data show that children running away from home need to be noticed by the departments concerned and the parents of the school.

Meng Qingtian said that the reunion system has an important bright spot, that is, authority. Previously, friends circle often forward where lost children, but no one sent the child to find the news. And in reality, a lot of things are a lot of family disputes, one side of the child carried away, said very terrorist. For the public, an official channel is required to publish such information in a unified manner.

The crackdown situation behind the reunion : a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost

In May 30, 2016, Liu Xu, a two year old boy from Henan, Huixian, disappeared, during which he experienced thrilling 17 hours. 17 hours ago, he was wearing a blue long sleeved autumn coat, and 17 hours later, when he returned to his family, he was wearing a pink dress made for him by a dealer.

The boy ran away from home and was spotted by the supermarket owner 10 days later

Guizhou County of Zhijin is the county under the jurisdiction of the city of Bijie. Like other cities and counties in Guizhou, many parents in the county go out to work and leave their children cared for by the elderly. In the town of Zhijin, often see two generations of people, accompanied by the scene, due to the lack of family warmth and education, these left-behind children tend to become an important source of lost children ".

Li Jian is Zhijin County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade deputy commander, he is cracking an important function. According to him, Zhijin county has nearly 5 years of time not occurred in cases of child trafficking, most of the current crackdown case is handled with a backlog of years ago. But children often run away from home.

In November 12, 2016, 13 year old boy Xiao Long away from home, his father went to the local police station, the police station police immediately collected the basic information of the missing boy, judge with "reunion system" upload information standards, through the superior public security organs approved on the same day in the group round system released Xiaolong information.

10 days later, a Guiyang supermarket boss Chen in the use of high moral map to see when the reunion push the Xiao long lost news, "how to look at the supermarket with the child Xiao Long like some photos, former soldier Chen made very accurate judgment, although Xiao Long in the street outside the near the 10 day, but was a shabby in dress, he recognized, he put Xiao Long into your supermarket, and quickly contacted the police left missing information contact, after Zhijin County police received clues for Chen, more than an hour arrived 150 kilometers outside of Guiyang, finally, Xiao Long Ping back to his parents.

Zhijin County police Yu Zhongxiang learned afterwards, Xiao Long away from home because of weariness. Yu Zhong, the captain of the group, said the children leaving Zhijin mainly came from single parent families, left behind children, families, drug addicts and families. Although no major child trafficking cases, but this string taut moment to crackdown, once lax, certainly a major event.

The sharp reduction of abducted children cases

Anhui provincial public security crackdown Office Deputy Director Tang Qingmei, in a crackdown had 16 years of experience in crackdown. Tang Qingmei introduced: "Anhui over the past year, there are eight drowned children, younger, generally under the age of five.". Generally, children over the age of ten are basically away from home. There are tired of learning, there are contradictions with the family, or net friend about to go out to play, work. Since the launch of the reunion system, as of May 15th, Anhui's data showed a total of 149 missing messages were released, 146 people were found, and three others were not recovered. Therefore, the current case of abducting and selling children's cases is high."

The crackdown situation behind the reunion : a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost

"Trafficking in children" cases, our province's largest year will be two or three. In fact, the whole country now is not much, but also spawned a lot of new crime, such as the sale of self." Tang Qingmei says.

As early as the last century, from 80s to 90s, the traditional trafficking cases were rampant, mainly focusing on the sale of children, adoption as a child, and more distributed in the western provinces. With the popularity of the Internet, the evolution of a variety of new means of trafficking cases, including trafficking in women and children forced into prostitution, kidnapping and manipulation of juvenile delinquency, and the use of disabled children begging trick etc..

In 2000, the Ministry of public security crackdown special action crackdown, once rescued more than 4000 women. Since then, the case of abducted women and children decreased year by year. An informed police crackdown, in most cases is the historical backlog of existing abducted.

The Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau crackdown Office Deputy Director Meng Qingtian introduced in 2007 to 2017 ten years, the crackdown has undergone great changes, before many mountain children cheated to sell to the mountains, the birth of a child after the rescue of obstacles, and even to mobilize a lot of police armed police, now in the way of rescue the situation of women is less. In 2010 by the State Council organized the inter ministerial joint anti trafficking, is a new milepost, the National Women's Federation, the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of education and other 35 departments have joined together to crackdown. In 2015, all the buyers entered the prison, hindering the rescue and entering the punishment. The public's awareness of prevention is also ahead of schedule, and the masses are turning to high enthusiasm.

According to the criminal law (Amendment nine), which was formally implemented in November 1, 2015, the buyers of trafficked women and children will also be prosecuted for criminal responsibility.

Wu Shenkuo, associate professor of Beijing Normal University Institute of criminal law and law school, according to the "criminal law" stipulates that the crime of child abduction can be sentenced to five years imprisonment or criminal detention, and the crime of trafficking in children should be more emphasis on sentencing. The least trafficked children shall also be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years and not more than ten years, and shall also be fined. If there are eight aggravating circumstances prescribed by the criminal law, they may even be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years or life imprisonment, and shall also be fined or sentenced to confiscation of property. If the circumstances are particularly serious, the death penalty may also be imposed.

New trends in science and technology crackdown

The crackdown situation behind the reunion : a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost

"From the crackdown means, domestic crackdown technology has changed from the original DNA identification, fingerprint identification, wearing special equipment, to the development of face recognition technology, iris and" Reunion "and other new media technology crackdown."

The crackdown had concerns over Beijing Normal University associate professor Wu Shenkuo said.

The reunion system in looking for runaway, lost children play the role of missing events, a police crackdown deep. In March 8th this year, Beijing Chaoyang District night, Guanzhuang police station received a public warning that Tang Yuan, a 13 year old boy with the parents did not return home one day, after finishing the record, released by reunion Tang far away from the boy system information, the next day at 3 pm, to push the message of the reunion Chaoyang masses found clue.

Finally, the clues provided by the masses to help police find a boy from home in a supermarket in Guanzhuang. Tang Yuan said, almost every day in the daily work will receive one or two children lost alarm, in the "reunion system" push message, with the help of most children can find in three days. "Missing children after the release of information, many enthusiastic users will even provide clues to the message, many netizens forwarded information about missing children, let more people know, which greatly improved the probability of children back."

As a technical support, public reunion project manager, Alibaba's chief risk officer, Liu Zhenfei, will gradually add other functions together, trying to expand the effective information coverage, multi direction to solve people care and attention to the crackdown, lost children away from home etc..

"The Ministry of public security crackdown office can trust us, such a project to do to us, for us is a blessing." Liu Zhenfei said, "the reunion system on the line, the first access to app is the High German map, Sina micro-blog, was the Ministry of public security and Ali together to talk about, to version 2, a large number of APP applications access to the Ministry of public security, this is the reunion of the social effect, more and more companies realize that it is a pure public welfare project."

"We are also considering expanding content, such as whether we can look for old people or other missing family members," Liu Zhenfei said.

"Reunion" system version 3 on-line conference, the Ministry of public security also announced 7 new access APP list: national emergency broadcast center, Tencent news client, money shield, Baidu, easy to go, ofo, baby tree. So far, the official access to the "Reunion" system of APP has reached 21.

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The crackdown situation behind the reunion : a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost

The crackdown situation behind the reunion : a year on the line back to 1274 children abducted cases accounted for only 3%, more than half are runaways, lost

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