Chen Sicheng was derailed within marriage is their main female


Chen Sicheng was derailed within marriage is their main female

Chen Sicheng was traced to the marital affair: Chen Sicheng traced to suspected marital infidelity, instantly detonated public opinion. As the event continues to ferment, two women's identity in the hotel for the night and broke the news video Chen Sicheng have been friends Bachu, first woman suspected actress Qi Qi, second women were users guess Chen Sicheng's new signing artist Liu Zhiwei. In this regard, the Qi Qi did not make a positive answer, and Liu Zhiwei in the individual micro-blog under the multiple users reply, strongly denied this, "black come to me rather baffling!"

Chen Sicheng was derailed within marriage is their main female

According to the exposure of the video, Liyan Tong ended Chen Sicheng's new drama "great expectations" after the shooting left Shanghai, then this Chen Sicheng began jumping around. He should talk to the assistant to eat dessert, done with friends over for dinner, and then went to a pedestrian KTV, sing the end of K, there is a girl on the line of fur.

Then the girl went to Chen Sicheng's car, but did not go to the hotel with Chen Sicheng. My heart just put down half, see this girl for a night, 0:49 go knock on the door of Chen Dao! Girl standing door with a mobile phone for a long time, Chen Daocai to open the door, but also cautious.

After all, is the director, if is to give the actors say the script can guide hangchikengchi? Chen spoke two hours without rest. And then a girl knocked at the door, I said to myself: if the two people tired of talking, and then call a person to fight landlord!

And until the morning, neither of the girls was out of the house......

The two girls who? Fur girl was thrown out of the all star on the micro-blog ID, a small neat world, is an actor, also will play a role in Zhao Liying's "journey to the west" daughter of the country, the real name of Qi Qi.

Turned the girl's micro-blog, but also shocked me. This is a fan of micro-blog million chicken soup manager, told the women: what are not women can not, can the money can map right.

10 micro-blog 5 are the beauties with their chicken soup, 3 to the star forward point of praise, nothing to comment on a star and that point thing, then nothing, with a photo of sun star.

In 2013, she was also in the "very perfect" hand in hand, according to the information at the time, she is Xiamen, professional dance teacher.

Look at the second girls, three in the morning the door silently "hat girl", real name Wang Tianchu, is an actor, played network drama.

The difference is, the higher her root face, awl, more high-profile, show a show. Chanel, a luxury car, a high-profile concern only to the second shot two stars, a Chen Sicheng, a Liyan Tong.

In yesterday afternoon broadcast broke the news, "All Star" host also discloses called Qi Qi call, pretend to Chen Sicheng identity to its "confirmation", claiming "I directly went to Guangzhou to find you, you go to a good room, or again? The real number on my mobile phone." The words were bold and sparked a lot of controversy, but the woman on the phone then hung up on the phone. Up to now, Qi Qi did not make a public response to the matter.

Second women, users have to guess to Chen Sicheng's new signing artists Liu Zhiwei, users also drying out of a group of Liu Zhiwei and Chen Sicheng from WeChat chat screenshot exposure in this group chat, Chen Sicheng to sign with Liu Zhiwei, meet second day meeting, are confident that we can sign "so, you can buy it with the broker", "do you know me less than the others will take many detours". According to the net friend said, Liu Zhiwei life has a boyfriend, named Xie Binbin, she also had a circle of friends in the chat record, drying out the gift of her gift to the sun, and she gave her a gift for the gift of the sun.

But for such speculation, Liu Zhiwei firmly denied. You can see in her micro-blog under a lot of friends for her comments accusing, but Liu Zhiwei repeatedly direct users reply: "you what can I do tour, playing in South Korea, I wipe the black, come to me, rather baffling" and "I'm in Korea! Black come to me what ghost". For users on the question of her deletion of micro-blog, Liu Zhiwei also replied: I think there is no language, why come to me here, so delete ah".

As of press time ago, Chen Sicheng and Liyan Tong couple were yet to respond positively.