Get rid of the "across the board" | Title Review and foreign language computer decoupling


Get rid of the "across the board" | Title Review and foreign language computer decoupling

Get rid of the across the board | Title Review and foreign language computer decoupling

In the central issue of deepening reform opinions ""

"Get rid of" overcome the only qualifications, seniority, only the

- outstanding performance evaluation level and actual contribution - within 5 years to complete all series title system reform task

The office of the State Office issued "on the deepening system reform opinions" foreign language titles, computer application ability examination is not a uniform requirement

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 8

General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council recently issued "on deepening the system reform of professional title opinion", tend to overcome only qualifications, seniority, only papers, and issued a notice requiring all localities and departments to earnestly implement the actual.

Opinions are divided into six parts, a total of 18. The first part is the guiding ideology, basic principles and main objectives. The second to the six part is the reform task. Finally, the opinions on the implementation of the proposed clear requirements.

"Opinions" put forward, strive through 3 years, basically completed the reform of engineering, agriculture, health, professional accounting, college teachers, scientific research and other series of tasks; through 5 years of efforts, the basic form of the title system is reasonable and scientific and standardized management, coordinated and comprehensive service.

"Opinions" clear, to improve the title series, to maintain the overall stability of the existing title series, to explore the new field of professional titles in the field, the title series can be set up in accordance with the relevant professional categories of professional fields. Currently not set the title of senior professional titles are set to senior.

"Opinions" requirements, to focus on professional and technical personnel occupation morality, evaluation of outstanding innovation ability, a reasonable set of Title Assessment in the papers and scientific research conditions, no uniform requirements for the titles of foreign language and computer application ability test. To further break the household registration, geographical, identity, files, personnel relations and other constraints, the smooth flow of non-public economic organizations, social organizations, professional and technical personnel free professional title reporting channels.

"Opinions" stressed that to strengthen the title appraisal supervision, serious discipline review, investigations to establish accountability mechanisms, the implementation of the policy of openness, open standards, open procedures and the results of the public, professional and technical personnel against infringement and other illegal interests. To play a leading role in the evaluation of professional titles, scientific definition, reasonable decentralization of Title Review authority.