Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!


Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

General Office of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council recently issued the opinions on deepening the reform of title system, the title system has been highly concerned about the reform has a clear roadmap. "Opinions" required to overcome the only academic qualifications, only qualifications, the only paper tendency. The implementation of academic fraud one vote veto system". Papers, titles, English, computer application ability examination is no longer uniform requirements, instead of the evaluation material is more inclined to professional and technical personnel ability to work and results.

What are the main objectives of the reform?

Strive through 3 years, the basic completion of the reform, health, agriculture, engineering professional accounting, college teachers, scientific research and other series of tasks; through 5 years of efforts, the basic form of the title system is reasonable and scientific and standardized management, coordinated and comprehensive service.

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

Title system how to build?

Perfect title series

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

Engineering, health, agriculture, economics, accounting, statistics, translation, publishing title series radio and television, art, teachers and scientific research will be continued, to cancel individual title series of economic and social development, the integration of the similar occupation property title series.

Sound hierarchy

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

Each title series are set up primary, intermediate, senior titles, including senior titles are divided into senior and deputy senior, junior professional titles are divided into assistant and staff level, according to the need to set up only assistant level. But at present, some of the professional level is not perfect, some titles in the series is not distinguish between senior titles and vice senior titles.

"Opinion" requirement,Currently not set the title of senior professional titles are set to seniorTo expand the professional and technical personnel career development space.

Avoid cross setting

Title and professional qualifications is no longer the two line, will promote the professional title system and the effective convergence of vocational qualification system. "Opinions", based on the classification of the occupation, the overall planning of the title system and professional qualification system framework, to avoid cross set, reduce repeat evaluation.

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

In the title field closely related to occupation and occupation qualification and occupation qualification correspondence established titles, professional and technical personnel occupation qualification obtained can be identified with the corresponding series of titles and levels, and can be used as a declaration of a higher level Title conditions.

Primary and intermediate title of the implementation of the national unified examination of the profession is no longer the corresponding title assessment or accreditation.

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

Adhere to the quality of professional and technical personnel in the first place, focusing on professional and technical personnel of professional ethics. The employer through personal description, assessment, survey etc. a comprehensive study of professional and technical personnel occupation ethics and professional conduct. Explore the establishment of credit archives and title declaration review dishonesty blacklist system, the implementation of "one vote veto" academic fraud, to resort to deceit obtained through the black box operation discipline violations shall be revoked the title.

Heavy capacity

The occupation attributes and job demand, the revised series title evaluation standards, the implementation of national standards, local standards and standard unit combination, focusing on professional and technical personnel of professional, technical, practical, creative, outstanding evaluation of innovation ability. Do not use the paper as a restrictive condition to evaluate applied talents.The title of foreign language and computer application ability examination is not uniform requirements.It is necessary to evaluate the level of foreign language and computer, the employer or the review body to determine the independent review criteria.

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

Pay attention to the evaluation of professional and technical personnel to fulfill the job responsibilities of the performance of the work, innovation results, increase the weight of technical innovation evaluation indicators. Professional and technical personnel who have made significant contributions to the development of various undertakings in the economic and social sectors may directly apply for the evaluation of senior professional titles.

On the introduction of overseas high-level talent and the urgent need for qualified personnel, relax qualifications, age and other conditions.

Establish a green channel for professional title evaluation. For a long time in the hard and remote areas and grassroots frontline professional and technical personnel, focusing on the actual performance of their work, the appropriate relaxation of qualifications and tenure requirements.

Evaluation mechanism how to change?

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

Rich evaluation method

Establish an evaluation mechanism based on peer expert review, focusing on the introduction of market evaluation and social evaluation:1.The evaluation of basic research talents is based on peer academic evaluation;2Application research and technology development talent evaluation highlights the market and social evaluation;3The evaluation of the talents of philosophy and social science research focuses on peer recognition and social benefit.

Evaluation of special talents in a special way. Encourage the establishment of professional and technical personnel of the grassroots professional titles review committee or review group, separate review.

Expand the scope of personnel

Further break the household registration, geographical, identity, archives, personnel relations and other constraints, the smooth flow of non-public economic organizations, social organizations, professional and technical personnel free professional title reporting channels.

Professional and technical personnel approved leave or part-time business enterprises, 3 years in the original unit normal declaration according to the provisions of title,The performance of the work as part of the evaluation of the title during the period of starting or part-time work.

Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the mainland employment of professional and technical personnel, as well as holders of foreigners permanent residence permit or issued by the overseas high-level personnel residence permit abroad, may be required to participate in the title assessment.

Promote the evaluation of socialization

The establishment and perfection of individual self declaration, impartial evaluation, industry unit merit to use and socialization review mechanism of government guidance and supervision of the meeting, the non-public economic organizations, social organizations and emerging business title evaluation requirements, upgrading and optimization of industrial structure and economic development entities.

Title system how to change? Evaluation criteria? This is about the future of your career!

Strengthen the supervision of Professional Title Evaluation

Improve the examination and approval of the record management system at all levels of the Commission to review and improve the selection mechanism of expert evaluation, the establishment of open system of title assessment, the establishment of professional title assessment system.

Social organizations are prohibited to carry out the evaluation of titles for the purpose of profitIn accordance with the law, standardize all kinds of job evaluation, examination, certification and charges matters, vigorously investigate fake websites, making and selling false and illegal behaviors against cheating, counterfeit and other illegal Title review.

What is the relationship between Professional Title Evaluation and personnel training?

In some professional fields and gradually establish a link with the professional title of professional degree graduate training system,Accelerate the development of key industries, key areas of professional and technical personnelTo promote the professional title assessment and professional and technical personnel continuing education system convergence, accelerate the professional and technical personnel knowledge update.

For the full implementation of post management, professional and technical personnel academic and technical level and post responsibilities are closely related to the public institutions, the proportion of posts should be carried out within the proportion of professional titles.Improve the appraisal system, strengthen management, to achieve the employment of staff promoted or demoted.

Title Management Service how to change?

In order to further decentralization, the transformation of government functions, the "opinions" of the government departments should strengthen macro management, strengthen public services, strengthen supervision, reduce approval, reduce micro management, reduce transactionalwork.Gradually put the title of senior professional appraisal authority to the eligible city and social organizationsColleges and universities, hospitals, research institutes, large enterprises and other intelligence intensive enterprises and institutions in accordance with the management authority to carry out independent Title evaluation.

To break the geographical, ownership, identity and other restrictions, the establishment of equal rights, equal conditions, equal opportunities for professional title evaluation service platform to simplify the reporting procedures and audit links. Improve the professional examination and evaluation institutions, the establishment of professional title examination and examination information management system, to carry out the title certificate query verification services.

Strengthen leadership, responsibility. Adhere to the principle of party management talent, and strengthen the Party committee and government of the unified leadership of the title. Party committees at all levels and their organizations should take the reform of the title system as an important part of the work of talents, and play a coordinating role in policy research and macro guidance.