Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!"

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

These two days, there is a fire on the micro-blog sentence. This sentence still comes from Wang Jianlin.

After the "one hundred million" target, he seems to have a saying: "what Tsinghua University, not daring."

However, a closer look, this is not the recent golden sentence. This is the video that he participated in the CCTV program in May 2013. The original theme of the program is "Wang Jianlin: hold on for a while.".

A courageous, he said on the show is this:

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

To date, someone pulls out a speech by Wang Jianlin, the "courageous" interpretation.

The video here down down down

Inside this, said: "in my speech I said; what Tsinghua University, not daring. Now I'll tell you what, Harvard and Yale, as your own daring."

Accidentally led to the student party

But that's not the point.

The point is that before and after the exam week, this video has attracted the attention of many students.

Some netizens ridicule, whether it is not Qinghua University, immediately to the exam, there are more than a dozen homework (Yu) Xi students, is also a big heart & courage!

Wood and cabbage:I have a lot of courage, today, the exam yesterday night insomnia.

@ seventeen:You don't think I'm brave enough to do it every time

Ah ah Meng Meng Meng @ 618:I'm very brave. I haven't read the book tomorrow.

@ handsome lord:Soon the exam, I said to myself, as long as the courage, every summer vacation, and I am ready to take up.

Cuiai @ Fei Leng wink:For example, the day after tomorrow to test Calculus I, from the beginning of 6 has been said that the yu! Until now has not yet begun!

Idol Du chongchong: PubMed @ Tsinghua University, Peking University is better than what is bold brush micro-blog exam tomorrow I'm still nervous.

However, you ridicule ridicule go, see also the inner face of the exam I ~

Otherwise, how could you be in the library before the exam?

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

About daring, how do you see?

Of course, for Wang Jianlin's words, support and opposition are. Support said:

Cheng Qing see:Please kindly comment the people don't interpret out of context! This meaning is very simple, no matter you are university or you don't have high academic qualifications, if you do one thing you can do you have the courage to innovate and you will insist on Qierbushe, whether you in which way you can succeed!

@ Mrs bear margarita:People just want to say there is not enough light dream, the key is to take that step to practice, otherwise the probability of success is 0, it is clear that the right people do not understand what the acid. People's money is a little bit of their own earned.

@ I love this boundless horizon:There are people in the comments that reading useless, do not read can not really be brainwashed into a fool, Wang Jianlin means that not reading can also be useful. Why are many people even don't get confused retort.

@ Xiao Min babybaby:Most young people mainly have the guts, you fear the tiger, and the wolf still earn what money. Courage to make big money, do others dare not do, earn people earn. The most important thing is to adhere to, adhere to the last to see brilliant.

Tucao said:

More than Guisheng @:Success is failure of arsenic is chicken soup.

@ victoria:This is the landlord have surplus words.

@Minna- exclusive traceless double fold eyelid:What Tsinghua University, as a good father.

@ Hello @ little sister:No money to support what courage.

Small alley @ ye shu:Successful people, how to say how to say.

@ decision maker T:This has to be seen who said that.

@66666 oh:Tsinghua University is also able to report to the University of Beijing is also a great courage to hum ~

These words of the richest man, or to give you the exam week

However, the richest man said some words seem to be quite reasonable.

In Wang Jianlin's words, "innovation, courage, daring to dare to try" is a high rate of appearance of words.

For example, he said: "if you want to start a business success, I am sure that I have to try. Absolute grasp, how can there be such an easy thing? What is the entrepreneurial spirit? The most important of the two standards, one is daring to dare to try, the two is to adhere to the spirit of."

In Wang Jianlin's view, the dream is not enough light, but also the courage to take the first step in entrepreneurship. As he said: Tsinghua University, not daring!" If you dare to try, perhaps half the success of half failed, but do not dare to try, the chance of success is zero.

Or to entrepreneurship, for example, he believes that all of the innovations are facing failure, there will be a perfect process, many people after a failure or a few times to give up, only persistent perseverance to succeed in the end. Having a dream is not enough, but also the courage to take the first step of entrepreneurship, it goes back to the sentence: "Tsinghua University as courageous," if you try, maybe half half failed, but not the chance of success is zero".

Of course, as users have said, it is obviously not enough courage. "Not only on, not only books, not only foreign, how dare you dare. It is not enough to have enough courage, but also to have the spirit of persistence." Wang Jianlin said.

Here, if you feel it is still very useful for examination: Wow ~ in mind, excellent expedition is easy, but the real review, is also quite painful.

So, stick to it.

Nothing is impossible.

Smooth or not, many students seem to have passed the exam week. However, the real heart to do not care about the results do not seem to be much. In fact, you also need to divide your courage.

For example, here are some of the following:

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

It is definitely not a result feel alarmed. Two. Otherwise, how will the Wuhan University administrative micro-blog have come forward down down down

Wang Jianlin and the fire: what Tsinghua University, not daring!

In addition, the following chicken soup, but also hope to bring you some inspiration ~!

1, that the pain is the greatest misfortune, it is impossible to be brave; that is the greatest enjoyment of happiness, it is impossible to control.

2, the world has not yet been able to cure the cowardice of herbs.

3, courage is the light in adversity.

4. There is genius, power and magic.

5, bitter and sweet from the outside world, strong comes from the heart, from a person's own efforts.

6, "take courage to" the roar is all the mother of success.

7, cowardice is your biggest enemy, courage is your best friend.

8, the test is more huge, severe, complicated. For those who are good at it, the better it is. No matter how strong the pain, for any one can see that the pain of the extraordinary benefits to the people, will lose their effectiveness.

Finally, one thing is certain: whether your goal is to get 70 points or 90 points or more grand, if has been set, you can go to try, maybe one day the dream is true?

From this point of view, what Tsinghua University, not daring!" Is it possible to give you a boost when you are still waiting for an exam or a grade?

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