Front: the alarm sounded, Trump will begin on China; rear: Trump's son-in-law and chairman of Ampang wine, is the truth...


Front: the alarm sounded, Trump will begin on China; rear: Trump's son-in-law and chairman of Ampang wine, is the truth...

Front: the alarm sounded, Trump will begin on China; rear: Trump's son-in-law and chairman of Ampang wine, is the truth...

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With the United States in January 20th "the handover day" is approaching, these two days, the mainstream media in the United States and Russia have sounded an alarm: Trump will open his hands on Chinese, "Trump's new deal".

"Piano" (public No. ID:bullpiano) summarizes several recent Trump movement:

1, the lawyer Robert Wright chize, Trump was appointed to the trade representative. The "trade hawks", has been to look at fiercely as a tiger does Chinese,Declaring China's entry into the WTO is significant to the United Statesthreaten. He is the American steel industry lawyer is one of China steel levy punitive tariffs on us all the initiator of evil.

2, economist Peter Navarro, was appointed chairman of the National Trade Commission by the president of the State Council of China, and was appointed as the president of the national trade commission. Navarro is extremely hostile to China"Deadly China" and "Crouching Tiger": what does Chinese militarism mean to the world?"Name, we can see his attitude towards china.

3, in the campaign, Trump's campaign slogan, that is, China took the jobs of the Americans, he came to power, China as a currency manipulator, to impose on Chinese goods45%Punitive tariffs.

In 4, before the formal inauguration of a number of attacks China twitter, he mentioned the geopolitics, but more upside in trade to launch attack. For example, in Taiwan, he said: "I understand the public a China policy completely, but unless we trade in other affairs and China deal, otherwise why we are subject to the" one Chinese "policy?"

5, even in North Korea, China trader Trump is still spinning, he said, "Chinese through completely one-sided trade from the United States to earn a lot of money and wealth, but does not help in North Korea, so good!"

Front: the alarm sounded, Trump will begin on China; rear: Trump's son-in-law and chairman of Ampang wine, is the truth...

6, under pressure from Trump, Ford canceled the $1 billion 600 million to build factories in Mexico plan, and promised to make electric cars and automatic driving in Michigan. Earlier, Trump sharp attack on Ford's plan, threatening to impose a large border tax".

Pave the way for public opinion, personnel ready, Trump will start to china.

Unlike Trump of Chinese "stern", Trump's son-in-law is China wine and enterprises in the recently to talk about cooperation. I do not know whether the foreign media comment saying "eat in front of tight, tight rear."

Front: the alarm sounded, Trump will begin on China; rear: Trump's son-in-law and chairman of Ampang wine, is the truth...

Ampang Insurance Group Chairman and CEO Wu Xiaohui

According to the New York Times reported local time on January 7th, the evening of November 16, 2016, Ampang Insurance Group Chairman and CEO Wu Xiaohui in New York Waldorf Astoria with U.S. President elect Barack Trump's son-in-law Jade Kusna (Jared Kushner) for a private meeting.

8 days ago (November 8th), Trump has just won the general election in the United States, and will take over in January 20, 2017, Obama, officially became the new president of the United states. As early as October 2014, Ampang insurance group has price of $1 billion 950 million acquisition of Hilton's Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York.

Front: the alarm sounded, Trump will begin on China; rear: Trump's son-in-law and chairman of Ampang wine, is the truth...

Trump, President elect of the United States, Jade Kusna (left) and daughter of the president of the United States of America, the son of the president of the Republic of China, the son of president of the Republic of China

According to the New York Times reported above, the dining place is located in New York in the high-end restaurant in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel La Chine, except for Chinese delicacy and a $2100 bottle of lafite. Wu Xiaohui and Mr Kusna are close to reaching an agreement to jointly rebuild Fifth Avenue's 666 estate, the Pearl of the real estate assets of the family of the state of the state, the. New York Times quoted two the meeting informed sources said that during the meeting, Wu Xiaohui said the hope with us president elect Barack Trump met.

Kusna was born in January 10, 1981 in New Jersey, the Jewish family, he is the family of Real Estate Company CEO and publisher of the New York observer. In 2009, Kusna married the daughter of Trump Ianka Trump. Currently, Kusna is the closest adviser to Trump, he is actively involved in controlling the direction of the policy, to finalize the candidates and to help contact the overseas leader of the leader of the world, and he is the most important person in the world. He is the most important person in the world.

Kusna will also enter the White House, and Trump to give advice and suggestions, the Kusna family bought about $7 billion in assets in the past ten years, a lot of funds from overseas. Kusna spokesman Risa Heller explained, and Ampang negotiations as early as six months ago, far earlier than Trump's victory. Heller said in a statement stressed that the United States is not found Ampang is a state-owned enterprise, it is very important, because the United States Constitution prohibits government officials receive money and gifts overseas policy.

In recent years, Ampang Insurance Group's overseas investment is accelerating the pace of.

In 2014, Ampang insurance group of New York after the acquisition of the Waldorf Astoria hotel. In October, Ampang Insurance Group announced 220 million euros to acquire Belgian FIDEA insurance company, became the first case of domestic insurance companies to acquire 100% stake in the European insurance company.

In December 16, 2014, Ampang Insurance Group acquired the Belgian Centennial bank Delta Lloyd bank for 219 million euros (Delta Lloyd Bank).

In February 2015, two successive shot overseas Ampang insurance industry, M & a contract with South Korea in the Oriental life sign, after the investment of about 6 billion 300 million yuan, and the purchase price of about 12 billion 150 million yuan in Holland VIVAT insurance company.

In September 2015, Ampang invested 6 billion 170 million yuan, the acquisition of 63% stake in South Korea, life. The first half of 2016, South Korea, life insurance premium income of 22 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of more than 90%.

In November 2015, the United States announced the acquisition of high-profile again Ampang letter with a price of $26.8 per share life-insurance company, the acquisition of a total of about $1 billion 590 million, about 10 billion 100 million yuan.

In November 2016, Ampang insurance group after the acquisition of life in South Korea, through the acquisition of Korea only state-owned bank, Woori Bank 4% shares.

However, the pace of overseas investment in Ampang insurance group is not Everything is going smoothly. Following the March 2016 acquisition of the Starwood plan fell apart after May, Ampang insurance group because of resistance to U.S. regulators, and announced the withdrawal of 2015 for acquisition of American life insurance trust (Fidelity & Guaranty Life, FGL) plan.

Businessmen say this without too much.

But different from factories in the United States Cao Dewang, Ampang group has some special identity.

At present not only a trade war on the financial front triggered at any moment, the struggle has never stopped. 2016 years, the United States by raising interest rates is expected to induce capital flight in emerging countries, resulting in a substantial fluctuations in the RMB market, so that China's foreign exchange reserves to reduce to nearly $3 trillion, precarious.

From Ampang U.S. real estate investment and infrastructure news in the background, will let people have heart.

I wish we were thinking more!