Driving on behalf of the "trouble" drove into the water drops: either responsible for repair, or pay ten thousand yuan


Driving on behalf of the "trouble" drove into the water drops: either responsible for repair, or pay ten thousand yuan

Driving on behalf of the trouble drove into the water drops: either responsible for repair, or pay ten thousand yuan

Lee recently worked in Changzhou because of the generation of driving encountered a problem. In January 6th this year, the evening, he traveled through the APP to find the driver on behalf of the driver accidentally drove his car into the pool, the vehicle in front of the engine room, cab bubble in water for several hours. Mr. Lee asked in addition to travel drops compensation for vehicle maintenance costs, but also bear the water brought depreciation Depreciation losses, and the company said the insurance provisions no depreciation of this claim item.

Yangzi Evening news media reporter Guo Jingyu, Ma Ben

By driving on behalf of the "trouble": the rain did not see the car into the pool.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the party mr.. Mr. Li told reporters that he is now working in Changzhou, Fujian. January 6th at 9 o'clock in the evening, he went to the north of the Yangtze River Hotel dinner, as a result of drinking, on the platform by dropping a contact. "At that time, it was very dark, but also in the rain, on behalf of the driver did not notice the hotel at the entrance of the road, directly into the car in front of the hotel pool. Wait until the car was hanging up, it is already 3:30 on the 7, and my car in the water bubble almost more than 5 hours. The entire front of the car into the water, the engine is also, after the car also into the water." Mr. Lee is very sad.

Solution: all car owners dissatisfied, devaluation of the bubble car how to say?

After the event, I immediately call the relevant personnel by driving on behalf of the negotiations, they sent the Commissioner of insurance claims are two solutions, one solution is to buy travel insurance claims from drops, all expenses directly to repair; another solution is to start the owners of car insurance, drops I travel compensation for ten thousand yuan." Lee on these two programs are not acceptable: once the car bubble water, the use and sale of the future will have a great impact, even if repaired, but the probability of failure will be much higher behind. If the sale, the loss is even greater. My car is 2013 November Polaris 1.6 version of the manual, I specifically asked about the second-hand car professionals, not the water before my vehicle evaluation price is more than 80 thousand, being even 3 is not necessarily willing to accept wandu."

Mr. Lee felt that now drops reply only agreed to repair, without consideration of the vehicle depreciation loss of flood damage. "This attitude is really that I cannot accept, my car is parked in the 4S store keeps being what it is, not for the processing and maintenance." Mr. Li is worried that once the maintenance is complete, every party completely does not recognize this loss, so before a solution in the discussion, he did not dare to repair the vehicle, but the longer the delay, the more detrimental to my car."

Response: insurance does not include depreciation costs, but will study and solve

The reporter contacted drops travel PR Manager Mr. tube, Mr. Guan replies reporters, after verification, the evening of January 6th, by driving on behalf of Mr. Li Bu master to provide driving services on behalf of, because driving failed to observed the road ahead, causing the vehicle to inundate damaged.

In view of the situation encountered in the course of driving the car damage, drops platform for each order were insured, the owner can enjoy the maximum amount of compensation of 3 million insurance. The insurance covers the vehicle passenger injury, vehicle damage, third party liability, etc.. Mr. Guan said: "currently, we recommend Mr. Li to the 4S shop to assess the damage to the vehicle, according to the insurance scheme of the insurance company on behalf of the driving behavior drops will first owners to advance the loss expenses. As for Mr. Li put on the vehicle because of water led to the devaluation of the insurance claims, according to the relevant provisions of the company, there is no depreciation of this claim item, we will study the solution of the demands of the owners and maintain communication and maximize provide perfect solutions for the owners."

Voices of all parties

Lawyer: drops should bear the loss of Mr. Lee

Jiangsu Chang strong law firm Gao Lingxia lawyer said that the devaluation of Mr. Lee's claim for compensation for losses is reasonable. Drops to provide charges on behalf of driving services, Li Xiansheng once the car keys to the driver on behalf of the formation of a service contract relationship. In the meantime, the accident, the service side of the trip should be responsible for. If some losses are outside the scope of the insurance claims, then the trip should be carried out on the difference in the loss of part of the bear. However, the standard of compensation, to be assessed by third party evaluation, of course, the two sides can negotiate.

Used car dealers: conservative estimate of car owners loss of 30%

Changzhou star used car owner Wang Mingxing said: the vehicle will not really affect the price of second-hand car sales of second-hand cars." Because a lot of components after soaking, life may be greatly shortened, what problems will occur later, who also said that bad. Mr. Wang said, the large and reputable second-hand car dealers will not touch the water car, not risking smashed signs of risk, a small profit to covet a few million "". "I think the bubble car compared with the same configuration, the same condition of normal vehicles, at least 30% to 40% cheaper." According to the reporter estimated 40% devaluation, Lee lost up to $30 thousand.

Three kinds of driving situations

Owners responsibility for different accidents

1 generation driving the company appointed driver driving on behalf of risk.

If the driver on behalf of the company belongs to the service, which belongs to the commission relationship, once the accident by the company compensation. If the vehicle is insured, or the company has to buy third party insurance, the insurance company claims, the lack of part by the company to bear. Mr. Li is the case.

The owners of the 2 generation driver directly linked to the individual risk: assumes

Direct contact with the owners of individual drivers on behalf of the driver, which belongs to the employment relationship. In the event of an accident, the employer shall bear the liability for compensation, such as the existence of a major fault on behalf of the driver should bear joint and several liability. Similarly, there are insurance companies in advance of the insurance claims, the lack of part borne by the employer.

3 acquaintance free driving on behalf of risk: assumes

If it is free of charge on behalf of relatives and friends, colleagues, acquaintances driving, which belongs to the helper relation. The general liability borne by the beneficiary, who help significant negligence should bear joint responsibility. Insurance, the insurance company claims. Editor: Xiao Lei