The new BMW parked cell is the main residential property management to smashed cars blocking the protest


The new BMW parked cell is the main residential property management to smashed cars blocking the protest

Original title: the new BMW parked cell is the main residential property management to smashed cars blocking the protest

The new BMW parked cell is the main residential property management to smashed cars blocking the protest

Just mention the BMW car overnight smashed car owners anger blocking the cell door at home

Hangzhou Gongbei Yonghe Garden District silkworm lane, several car windows smashed, stolen items inside the car. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, the Great Wall, etc..

Reporter verification report:

Just mention the BMW car, home overnight suffer

Owners anger blocking cell door

9 in the morning to first find the windows smashed BMW owners, the car blocked the cell door.

BMW owner surnamed coke, who lives in Gongbei District of silkworm garden around 6:30 this morning, ready to go out, go to the Yongning lane to take the car, see the side cab windows smashed his car, the car is a mess, the owner group said this thing. Mr. Jiao angry: "yesterday afternoon just mention the car, put a night just smashed!"

The subsequent owners continued to found a total of 7 vehicles were smashed, and some front window, some rear windshield. Seven cars smashed the car parked on a road scattered.

Mr. Jiao said for the property management of protest, parked in the alley Yongning district.

"To buy a new car, gas mad! Want to go out early the car like this, look here, turn out of order." Another car Landwind Mr Cheung said that his car last October to buy the car, just a good license in December.

The world is a continuous drizzle, looking at the bare windows, Mr. Zhang had to put an umbrella in the cab door.

Morning gongchenqiao area police station arrived at the scene, several other vehicles smashed owners also arrived one after another, with a view to property.

Property companies continue to change, no money to pay the tube

Owners are very angry

A dozen people who don't know who say, to express their dissatisfaction, as well as residents told reporters here, have rushed over to complain. Area residents Zhang said, every morning the door plugging into a gruel, security owner screaming. He said that from the beginning of 2000, for several rounds of property, no property management fees, for a time before the money does not count, but also to pay, slowly no one handed.

The person in charge of property Mr. Tao said, the beginning of June 2016, a day to take custody of property silkworm garden property. December 1st formally signed to take over, before the property and the property is not the financial transfer. Tao said that the financial sector should be before the transfer of industry and property. But the owner said, the property and the owners have long grudges, but also because of the lack of financial transparency very stiff.

Subsequently, the person in charge of Mr. Tao to reporters took out a seal today, the effectiveness of the material is on the management of small vehicles.

The management plan, the reporter saw the property mainly emphasizes how to guarantee the package monthly vehicle parked position, how to carry out different management of residential vehicle and temporary vehicle, but did not mention the vehicle safety issues. The person in charge of Mr. Tao said, there are 30 residential property security, two shifts, 15 class, 2 hours every time patrol. Carter, one of the owners of "hum" to issue a sneer.

The owners said that in recent years the car smashed too much, Gaga can have dozens of cars, it is not a new thing. So we do not want to pay parking fees and property charges. After August 2015 closed, the area parking charge, 100 dollars a month, but the body has been designated, scratch, there has been no Luantingluanfang management. In this regard, residential property has said that this is only 100 parking fees, vehicle problems should not be all their own responsibility.

Property: to ensure that no similar incidents occurred no longer years ago,

But monitoring is not what we come to install

Mr. Tao said that since the beginning of the trusteeship, there have been reported to the car, but how to deal with the specific is not clear, because he did not take over the first line transaction. In addition, about what happened so far managed how many draw cars, car event, and no specific statistical data, the final processing result is not clear.

As smashed cars, Mr. Tao said, let them go to the garage next Monday, sit together to have a meeting to discuss how to solve. The time close to 12 noon, Tao and ask specific deal with the matter of the assistant whether the registration of several car information assistant, said no, let him to register tao.

Mr. Tao said that the future will strengthen the personnel patrol and security management, ensure that before the Spring Festival has no car smashed. As for the years after what the long-term management measures, Tao said, will increase the hardware management, such as installing monitoring, but not to control property, one is due before the property company property fee is used, one is also need the relevant departments of communication and negotiation, to support the original.

This morning, the police are on-site investigation and evidence collection. A Buick owner Mr. Zhou lost 6 cigarettes, and more than and 100 dollars in change, to repair more than and 800 pieces of repair smashed the window, with a loss of nearly 3000 yuan. Mr. Zhou said that she and my two cars are here to pay parking fees, car lover within one year has been scratching four or five times, his car is bought soon, usually live in Binjiang do not often come.

"114 in the morning call I said the car was broken, before the road often have a car smashed, did not think it was the turn of himself." Zhou said.

At noon, reporters from the area of gongchenqiao police station learned that the case is currently under investigation, the police, the owners of residential property, also have grievances, the police preliminary analysis, at present, smashing windows theft more likely. This afternoon, the police will take the surrounding area monitoring, one by one investigation.

Duty officer: Tian Yanmin