Sichuan 3 villages to find old man driving a Audi exchange counterfeit cheat 6.5 million jailed


Sichuan 3 villages to find old man driving a Audi exchange counterfeit cheat 6.5 million jailed

December 25th morning, Pengshan District, Meishan District Court on the road to open a case of theft. Three men driving white Audi Q5 car, specifically looking for rural elderly with fake money Huanzhen money, much of the crime in Meishan and Leshan, Yaan, etc., received a total of $65200 Caibo. Three men were jailed for 3-5 years, and ordered restitution to victims of all economic losses.

Audi change 2800 yuan counterfeit money is really old

March 21, 2015 afternoon, the county of Heilongtan what aunt home to three casual visitor. Two men dressed in white Audi Q5 car down, claiming they are the road, want to rent a HO Scale Yufang tools, covers an area of small monthly pay the rent. Expect to add some income, what aunt agreed, and two people chatted. Soon, a man answered the phone, with another man about to lead birthday, but the bag only lingchao. The two man suggests to any woman, I hope to change the whole zero, please change what aunt 100 yuan to them. What aunt took out 2800 yuan, the two men put money in the face of a number a lot, politely hinted that don't have enough money, still have to go to the bank to withdraw, will be returned to any woman money. What aunt did not think, put them back in my pocket, night her son play de law wind speaking people to rent a house, son listens to incorrect strength, let her look carefully at the money. What aunt found this, 2800 yuan itself actually becomes a counterfeit money, quickly reported to the police.

, Pengshan area, Dongpo District, Leshan, Yaan city to have rural elderly suffered the same work, most was for 10000 more than 7000 yuan, the elderly throughout over 60 years of age or older.

Profit 65200 yuan three men were severely punished

Case caused a high degree of attention to the police. April 16th, three men were detained by the Meishan Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal detention. In November 18th, Meishan District of Pengshan city procuratorate accused the defendant Wu, Huang, Lee guilty of theft prosecution to the court.

Identified by the trial, three series of partner, in year 2015 at a party after the meeting, Wu proposed to zero cash for the bill, then the counterfeit currency for banknote style went out looking for money, and put forward by Lee to help drive. Lee driving white Audi Q5 car ride Wu, Hwang to, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, Leshan City, Ya'an City Village, by Wu find the object of crime, Hwang is looking for a chance to the victim's real currency more adjustable for counterfeit money, Lee occasionally to pour boiling water, the toilet on the style of separation victim focus on money. Received money totaling $65200, deducting the cost of living, tolls and oil costs, to pay a fixed Li a day 500 yuan a fare and 200 yuan of accommodation, the balance by Wu Huang and average consumption.

The court held that the three defendants to illegal possession as the goal, repeatedly use of counterfeit money real currency means, get others to Caibo 65200 yuan, amount is huge, their behavior has violated the delineation of Article 264 of the criminal law of the people's Republic of China, the theft crime. The three defendants repeatedly find village elders as the object of crime crime to be severely punished.

Wu court sentenced the accused commit a theft and sentenced to five years imprisonment, and punish gold RMB 30000 yuan; defendant Hwang committing the crime of theft and sentenced to sentenced him to three years imprisonment for ten months, and punish gold RMB 20000 yuan; Li Mou of the accused person is guilty of theft crime and sentenced to sentenced him to three years imprisonment for six months, and punish gold RMB 20000 yuan; ordered three defendants victim restitution entirely economic losses 65200 yuan. Ancient West China will be reported to the client side reporter Li Qing

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