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Tsingtao Brewery Enthusiastically Advances AFC Champions

admin Published 2018/05/18 03:07:04

On May 16th, the AFC Champions League closed all competitions in the 1st round of the final round of the quarterfinals, and all teams entering the quarterfinals also produced. With three teams in the Super League, Evergrande and Shanghai Hong Kong have st


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Lose the World Cup, Wagner retires from Germany

admin Published 2018/05/17 21:29:52

In the 27-member primaries list presented by Germany's coach Loewe, Bayern's forward Wagner was unexpectedly defeated. After learning of the news, Wagner sadly cried in training. Recently, according to the photo news, Wagner decided to go from the Germa


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Ye Hao pregnant? ! Is Daddy a great Mr. Xiaomo?

admin Published 2018/05/17 21:25:43

Last night, Weibo broke the news that Ye Ye was suspected of being pregnant. The situation is like this: Yesterday at 7:00 in the morning, Ye Zi sent a similar confession to Weibo: When a man wanted to stay with you for 24 hours a day, he wouldn't see it


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Shanghai's attack on the "set-up car" problem

admin Published 2018/05/17 12:30:22

On April 5th, the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission Law Enforcement Corps taxied to the U.S. delegation to serve a “request for correction notice” and requested the U.S. delegation to follow the rules in order to clean up non-compliant vehicles