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In the playoffs the Spurs vs Memphis: sweep?!

admin Published 2017/04/17 12:52:16

2016-17 season regular season ended, NBA will be a truce for two days. OnFire will be in the order of time each showdown broke, launched the "parade" playoff series. In the same way, the analysis was divided into two halves. The Spurs attack vs Memphis


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Changchun Yatai 2 than 3 lost to Shanghai Shenhua

admin Published 2017/04/17 12:49:17

Newspaper April 15th (reporter Jing Yang) 2017 season Super League in the fifth round to continue to carry out the. The 15 point, Changchun Yatai host home to meet the challenges of Shanghai Shenhua team, and ultimately Yatai lose, 2 to 3 against shenhua.