Men's Basketball Coach of Sichuan, Bowen, Sergeant Xuanxuan, Guangzhou, Fujian, Shandong, or Yang Xuezeng's next stop


Men's Basketball Coach of Sichuan, Bowen, Sergeant Xuanxuan, Guangzhou, Fujian, Shandong, or Yang Xuezeng's next stop

On the morning of the 10th, Sichuan Jinqiang Club officially announced on the official Weibo team that the coach Yang Xuezeng’s contract will expire in the near future. After consultation, the parties will no longer continue to renew their contract. This also means that Yang Xuezeng, who had led Sichuan team to win the CBA championship, officially left office. The Chengdu Business News client reporter learned that the Sichuan Men's Basketball Team has officially signed with the former German coach Dirk Bowman, who will become the new coach of the Sichuan Men's Basketball Team.

Sichuan Jinqiang Club stated in the official microblog that: The employment contract signed between our club and Yang Xuezeng guide will expire soon. After consultation with Yang Xuezeng, the parties will no longer continue to renew their contracts. , Yang Xuezeng guidance will no longer serve as my club coach. Yang Xuezeng instructed to join the Sichuan Jinqiang Club in 2015. Yang Xuezeng, as a famous coach, has a wealth of technical and tactical ideas and an advanced basketball concept. He uses his high influence and prestige to create a solidarity for the Sichuan Jinqiang Men's Basketball Team. Brave, stubborn struggle of the Jagged master. And in the season led the team to win the league championship, for the Sichuan basketball career left a thick and heavy strokes, will surely go down in history. Sichuan Jinqiang Club thanked Yang Xuezeng for his hard work and hard work during his coaching period. He thanked Sichuan Basketball for his honor. The club and all the fans in Sichuan expressed their highest respect to Yang. At the same time, they wish Yang Xuezeng's guidance to make greater achievements in the future.

When Yang Xuezeng became the Sichuan Men's Basketball coach in 2015, the team just entered the CBA. The third season, lack of experience, lack of strength, coupled with poor performance the previous season, the morale of the team down. However, with the joint efforts of the club's management team and Yang Xuezeng's coach team, the team of Sichuan had a sudden appearance that season and eventually won the CBA championship and set a miracle. Of these, three foreign aids have naturally played a huge role, but as the head coach, Yang Xuezeng’s merits cannot be denied. In the following season, Yang Xuezeng also led the team into the playoffs. However, last season, with the departure of several main players, the status of the veteran declined, and Franklin and Haddadi's two foreign aids have always been difficult to produce chemical reactions. The Sichuan team scored poorly and ranked second only to the league. In this process, the Sichuan team's defense and the use of young players were exposed. However, these two aspects are not what Yang Xuezeng is good at. So after the expiration of the three-year contract, both parties did not renew.

Sichuan Men's Basketball Investor Zhou Shiqiang Xiang ChengDushangbao Client reporter confirmed the news of Yang Xuezeng’s departure from the team and repeatedly emphasized that the two parties made this decision in a very peaceful and friendly environment. The China Live Network is a decision made by both parties based on their respective development directions. We must express our thanks and respect to Yang for guiding the work of the past three years. In addition, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned from reliable sources that the Sichuan team has signed a formal contract with the foreign teacher Dirk Bowman who once coached the German national team and the Iran national team. The latter will become the successor of Yang Xuezeng and hold the Sichuan men. The basket pointer is currently only official announcement. As to why Bowman was chosen, one insider said so: The first is out of the trust of the Germans in their rigorous coaching attitude, which we have inspected for a long time. In addition, when Bowman coached the German team and the Iran team, the two teams did a good job of defense, and our current team is the worst defense, need to improve. The third point is that Bowman is good at cultivating young players. This is very important for our team that is under reconstruction.

As for the future development of Yang Xuezeng, currently the CBA including Guangzhou, Fujian and other teams are all vacant, and Shandong team coach Caesar's position is not stable, a Champion head with championship experience, where It is sought after.