Because of the Junlebao and Marathon, Qinhuangdao is completely fired today! ! !


Because of the Junlebao and Marathon, Qinhuangdao is completely fired today! ! !

At 8 o'clock on May 13th, 2018 Junle Bao Qinhuangdao International Marathon opened fire at the Olympic Sports Center and 25,000 contestants took a passionate start. As the first exclusive title company for this event, Jun Le Bao Dairy Group not only provided nutrition and healthy dairy supplies and perfect service guarantees for the players on the spot, but also organized the employees to run the team with Jun Le Bao to jointly promote health. Vibrant lifestyle.

Transmitting the Marathon spirit Jun Lebao revitalizes the health of the entire nation

The Qinhuangdao Marathon was founded in 2014 by the China Athletic Association, the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, Qinhuangdao City People's Government co-sponsored and has held four consecutive sessions. It is one of the domestic marathons with the most prizes and the highest bonus. The purpose of the competition is “passionate marathon, happy Qinhuangdao”. The total number of participants in the whole course and mini-run is over 25,000, and the registration population covers 14 countries.

Because of the Junlebao and Marathon, Qinhuangdao is completely fired today! ! !

Marathon is a Charm The movement that is infinite and deeply loved by the masses of the people demonstrates the spiritual pursuit of challenging themselves, exceeding the limits, and never giving up. Over the years, with the support of Wei Lihua, president of the Junlebao Dairy Group, Jun Lebao has been actively engaged in fitness for all. Running was listed as one of the sports advocated by the Junlebao staff, becoming a characteristic culture of the company, and the management of middle and senior management There are assessment requirements.

More and more Junlebao people are participating in the long-distance running campaign and are bringing more high-quality dairy products to consumers with a more positive attitude, strong body and innovative technology. In addition, Jun Le Bao also actively participates in various marathon events and continues to contribute to marathon events such as Zhengkai International Marathon, Shijiazhuang International Marathon, Hengshui Lake International Marathon, and Dongying International Marathon. .

Because of the Junlebao and Marathon, Qinhuangdao is completely fired today! ! !

At the Qinhuangdao Marathon, Jun Le Bao provided participants with products such as Kapha, Yogurt Yogurt, Jun Chang, and Live Mushrooms each day, which won the unanimous approval of the Organizing Committee and the runners. "Running a marathon is very expensivePhysical strength, Jun Lebao's milk is delicious and nutritious, helping me to finish the whole process. “Mr. Wang from the harbor area of ​​Qinhuangdao said.

In addition to the marathon event, Jun Lebao also planned a series of online and offline activities, such as “The Challenge of Ten thousand Steps” “WeChat applet, encourages everyone through the step-ranking rankings and award incentives to complete 10,000 step-by-step challenge goals each day, and jointly promote a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

On the eve of the event, Jun Lebao also returned to Qinhuangdao. The children of the orphanage donated powdered milk to deliver warmth and love to the children.

Helping Healthy China

Jun Lebao to “Four The most "promoting high-quality development of the dairy industry"

"The spirit of the Marathon's continuous self-reliance and perseverance is the company's philosophy and pursuit. According to Qiu Wei-nong, vice president and general manager of the brand marketing center of Junlebao Dairy Group, in order to meet the health needs of consumers and promote the high-quality development of the dairy industry, Junlebao strives to achieve the "four most," that is, the best quality. The brand is the strongest, the community is most assured, and the consumer is most satisfied.

Because of the Junlebao and Marathon, Qinhuangdao is completely fired today! ! !

For this purpose, Jun Le Bao pioneered two models: First, the entire industry chain production model, namely the integrated production and management model for pasture plantation, dairy cattle breeding, production and processing, and the entire production chain, which ensured the products Safety is assured; the second is the “four world-class” model, which uses world-class advanced pastures, world-class leading factories, world-class suppliers, and world-class food safety management systems to ensure high-quality products and thus production. World-class milk powder.

With world-class quality, Junlebao infant milk powder is the first in the global milk powder industry to adopt the BRC A+ top certification for food safety. Not long ago, Junlebao milk powder Passed a third-party food safety inspection agency in Hong Kong "Fish-testing" has achieved the highest level of safety rating.

With unremitting efforts, the sales volume of Junlebao Dairy Group reached 10.2 billion in 2017, and the production and sales of Junlebao milk powder doubled and sales reached 2.5 billion yuan, from January to April this year, Junlebao milk powder sales exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, 1.3 million dailyThe Chinese baby drinks Junlebao milk powder, and the production and sales volume has entered the forefront of the industry, and has been in short supply in the past six months. Junlebao milk powder is also sold to the Hong Kong and Macau markets.

Being a leader in China's healthy nutritional foods and providing consumers with healthy, nutritious and safe dairy products is Junlebao's vision and mission. Qiu Weinong said that Junlebao will actively assume responsibility for creating high-quality dairy products and assisting healthy China.