"Authenticated Baba into the city of Kings"


"Authenticated Baba into the city of Kings"

Authenticated Baba into the city of Kings

Shenhua is far more fortunate. This time, Martins was folded again.

Martins was unable to remember when he was in a bad state. This year, he rocketed like a rocket. The league played against Hebei China and scored 3 goals. The day before yesterday in the AFC Champions League against Japan's Kashima Antlers, and if the deity descended, he had his presence in the frontcourt. At the time, I was a little strange. How did the 34-year-old Martins glow like a second spring?

At the time of the Hebei China Summer Games, Martins did not have an iconic backflip after celebrating his third goal. How can he not turn over? Any person's demeanor and deportment are subconscious expressions of physical and psychological activities. Martins suddenly changed his habit of more than a decade, there must be a reason. That night I asked on the Weibo: "Why did Martins not flip??"

Now it seems that Martins, 34, should feel that he is not as good as before. If you can't play this kind of difficult movement, or if you turn it over again, you have to work hard - these are signals.

How did you explain the long-range shooting in the high-speed movement that led to Martins' injury? This point I am more confident in the analysis of the player's born commentator Liu Yue: With Martins' normal physical ability, he should not do so. Maybe he was feeling so good at that time that he had such an impulse, resulting in physical injuries.

Yes, such situations have also been encountered in our lives. Sometimes the body feels particularly good. Some of the things that cannot or cannot be done at ordinary times will be impulse to do it. And this It is time for danger to come.

Shenhua has suffered injuries since the start of the year. Cao Yuding, Li Jianbin, and Bai Jiajun have been injured. The game has just started. Shenhua has already fallen in the ward. It was finally easy for Xiaobai to come back. The lineup was picking up. Absolute main Martins fell again and announced his reimbursement for the season. Why does Shenhua never live a good few days?

This issue is naturally summed up by the club. The next serious problem is facing him. Martins is injured and can anyone get it?

If you ask me, I answer without hesitation:De Baba!

Demba Ba was signed by Shenhua on June 27, 2015. The transfer fee was 14 million euros. Shen Baba played Shenhua for more than a year, playing 37 games and scored 29 goals. It was almost as if Skywalker had landed at Hongkou, attracting surprises. Especially in the 2016 season when the league was over half a season, the number of goals was already ahead, if there were no accidents. The best shooter of the year was none other than Debamba.

The accident is still coming. On July 17, 2016, Deng Baba suffered a broken leg in a league match and left the Super League. After being injured, Shenhua was loaned to Tushkotas and was joined by Gutsape. Deng Baba is brave this year and has scored five goals in the seven Super Bowl games.

Some people may ask, although Deng Baba is good, but he has already joined the Guzi Tapei team and asked him to come back. How easy is it?

Here revealed a secret: As far as I know, Shenhua left the “back door” on the contract when he boarded the Guztapei team this year. It not only has the right to sign the contract, but also Quite right to speak. In other words, if Shenhua wants to return to Deng Baba, there should be no major obstacles. Of course, Shenhua’s ability to have such “power” is quite worth paying for.

The problem has come again. Demba Baba has suffered such a serious injury. Will it not work again?

This is a difficult question to answer. Well, make a hypothesis: Assuming there is such a player, such a state and such a highly effective goal, in full accordance with the "black and hard" ideals pursued by the Super League club, do you sign or not?

There is no doubt, sign!

If it is Deng Baba, is it still signed?


Why did you get so many problems with Den Baba?

Because he was injured and afraid of affecting the state...

So, did Deng Baba have recently been affected by the status of Tujia? No. The Super League and Tu Chao are all under the FIFA rules. Why did you deny Baba to go into the Super League and worry about him when he went to the Super League?

Worried about his slender legs...

The two slender legs in the earth can kick in the world wave, why not in the Super League?

Den Baba was injured in the Super League. He was worried that he could not afford to suffer in the mind ... ...

Can't afford anything? Deng Baba is a religious believer.Kindness and cleanliness are like a month. His people can see from a series of performances during the time he was injured in Shanghai after he was injured. This point, I absolutely believe him.

Actually, people's fears are because Super League's playing environment cannot be compared with other “super” players.

What I want to say is that the "super-tech action" is not only super, but also in other leagues. But the player who intends to destroy the player should not have it, otherwise he must not be mixed today. As for injuries caused by mistakes on the field, this will happen in any league. It can happen to anyone, not only Deng Baba, but also Lee Baba and Wang Baba. Why do you have to worry about Deng Baba?

Obviously, the worries about Deng Baba are superfluous.

Therefore, if Shenhua were to look for Martins' replacement, it would not be more appropriate than Shen Baba. Instead of struggling with a list of players, Zibo would like to sign a contract. It would be better to recall Demba Baba and acquaintances to plug and play. When Martins took the place of Deng Baba to become famous, the two brothers were born to replace each other. Now it is time for Demba Baba to return to Martins.

Furthermore, tactically speaking, Deng Baba's height of 1 meter and 90 feet, the offensive style in front of him is more than that of Martins. Once he can't open the deadlock, he and Moreno are both rushing together. In front of the door, it will also give the opponent a great threat...

What else should he hesitate?

"Authorizes Baba to enter the city!"