Martins Goes to Heal in London Colombia Announces World Cup 35 Man Moreno Selected


Martins Goes to Heal in London Colombia Announces World Cup 35 Man Moreno Selected

Most of the 35 people initially appointed by Pekerman came from the Euroleague and the Argentine league, and very few players from Colombia’s national league. And it should be pointed out that at the beginning of last year, Moreno had intentionally rented the Colombian National Athletics team for half a year, and no one player was selected for the 35-man video. This proves that Moreno eventually abandoned the loan at the beginning of the year. Joining the National Athletics is not a wrong choice.

For the Colombian national team, the specific 35-man World Cup roster is as follows:

The goalkeeper: Ospina (Arsenal), Camilo Vargas (Cali Sports), Fernando Cuadrado (Caldas), Alvoleda (Banfield)

Defenders: Christian Zapata (AC Milan), Arias (PSV), Fabra (Boca Junior), Murillo (Pachuca), Mina (Barça), Devon Sanchez (Tottenham), Mosica (Girona), Espinosa (Girona) ), Diaz (Olympia), Medina (Monterrey), Tejillo (Leon)

By midfielder: Carlos Sanchez (Florence), Aguilar (Camry Sports) ), J Luo (Bayern), Giovanni Moreno (Shanghai Shenhua), Quintero (bed), Vermal-Barrios (Man City), Lerma (Levante), Cardona ( Boca Junior), Perez (Boca Junior), Juan Cuadrado (Juventus), Cuellar (Flamengo), Uribe (Americas)

Striker : Falcao (Monaco), Gutierrez (Barranquilla Youth), Bacca (Villarreal), Muriel (Sevilla), Chala (Pakistan) Kea Young), Borja (Palmeras), Duvan Zapata (Sampdoria), Izquierdo (Brighton)

Of course, it is still Can't say that Moreno has fulfilled his World Cup dreams, because the 35-man roster will eventually be reduced to the 23-man list and 12 others will be eliminated. Objectively speaking, Moreno also belongs to a positionally unstable member, in order to enter the final 23 World Cup list. Captains also need to put more effort into the final Super League before the intermission, to show better performance. At the same time, after going to the Colombian national team to report training, they also need to show a better state and let coach Pekerman select him.

According to Colombian domestic media, Moreno’s main competitors are Quentro who played in the riverbed and Cardona who played for the Boca Juniors. The 25-year-old Jintro, who is chiefly responsible for the attack on the right side, can also be qualified for the position of the front waist. Last week, the Libertadores Cup fought against the Colombian team Santa Fe, who played for the first time in the Libertadores Cup and sent assists to help the team to qualify for the final match. At the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Quintero played three times and scored goals against Côte d’Ivoire. On the international competition day in March of this year, he was selected by Pekerman to participate in an inspection with Moreno, resulting in scoring a goal (but a penalty) for the French substitute for 7 minutes, helping the team to defeat France in Paris. The team also got him more recognition.

Boardard Cardona, who plays for the Boca Juniors, is as tall as Moreno, and he is also good at the left-hand side. He played a lot during the Colombia World Cup. His problem was that he had just suffered an injury in early April. He missed several games and was recently recovering. In addition, in November of last year, Cardona was banned by FIFA for five games because he had made racist gestures to his opponent during the warm-up match with South Korea. This means that Cardona will not be able to play at least in the two matches before the World Cup group match (his ban includes a warm-up match), which also increases his chances of losing.

For the captain, the difficulties are still there, but hopes exist as well. Let us wish Moreno to realize its own World Cup dream.

Last night, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua’s foreign aid Martins took the opportunity to leave Shanghai and he will travel to London to continue his rehabilitation program. Many fans of Shenhua traveled to Pudong Airport and teammate Sun Shilin and translator Zhang Chuan also sent Martins to the entrance. Let us wish Martins a quick recovery and return to the game!