No, he is not! Hulker returns and breaks 6 minutes


No, he is not! Hulker returns and breaks 6 minutes

No, he is not! Hulker returns and breaks 6 minutes

Hurke's Flash

May 16, Beijing Time In the evening, in the second round of the 18th Asian Cup Finals in 2018, Hulk kicked off the 6th minute of the Kabuk team's home game in Kashima, helping the team to see the glimpse of the last quarter-finals of the AFC Champions League again. The goal was to make the general manager of Shanggang and the morale of the fans cheer.

In the past, Hulke was injured and in the May 5 Super League home game against Guoan, the Brazilian striker only played 42 minutes to leave due to injury. After Hulke was injured, the attack on Shanghai Port was very large. He would have a 1-0 lead, but he was eventually reversed by Guoan 2-1 and had the second loss of Super League this season.

On May 9th, Hulker went to Japan to participate in the first round of the AFC Champions League 1/8 finals with Shanghai. However, he did not enter the team's list due to injury. In the absence of Hulke's Shanghai Port, he was defeated on the road and was once 0-3 behind. Fortunately, he scored an away goal in the last moment and lost 1-3.

In the 10th round of the Super League last weekend, the lack of Hulke's Shanggang continued unbeaten, with a 1-1 draw against Guizhou in the previous five-game losing streak, and if Ng Chun-Hyun bravely saved Steve's penalty, Hong Kong is likely to lose again. In the absence of Hulke, Shanghai was struggling. Tonight's game, the Brazilian striker returned fire.

Hulke broke the city of Kashima in only 6 minutes, bringing the total score to 2-3. As long as he scored another goal in Hong Kong, he could tie the score. More important What's more, if you have a road goal in Shanghai, just get a 2-0 victory and you can advance to the quarterfinals with the away goals.