Let a Goebel clippers still get the Jazz now what level


Let a Goebel clippers still get the Jazz now what level

Jazz fourth Clippers in the playoffs, the beginning of the fifth. About this group who can win, that American ESPN and Clippers jazz is Diamond cuts diamond., just about the same, each hold 50% of the shares, the two teams. In addition to the playoffs, the Rockets VS thunder is the biggest attraction, jazz and clippers is also the biggest aspect.

The Jazz have more young force, they have a hood, Goebel and guy Hayward like this player, at the same time they are Dior, free from arrogance and impetuosity, George Hill and Joe Johnson like this role experience. It seems that this season, the chemical effect of the people to bring more of a surprise, but also the official appearance of a team to give people a bright spot, or how will it be fifth in the west?

Let a Goebel clippers still get the Jazz now what level

Since Paul joined the clippers, and the formation of the three giants of Losangeles and Jordan, and at the same time grams of the magic of the performance of the six, and so on, to add a lot of color to the clippers, and so on,, and so on. Finally, Rivers like this championship coach to join. People are more than red, fans of the Clippers naturally contains unlimited expectations, unlimited possibilities. The dream is beautiful, the reality is cruel, so far has not touched the floor push the clippers, the clippers and a stroke above experience than sir.

The clippers have won 18 games in their last 20 games. The first clippers VS sir, the clippers have not been able to reflect the advantages of the Jazz in recent years to inform the bank. Another concern is that, in the beginning of the second 11 seconds, the team general Goebel because of a sprained left knee sprain, early withdrawal from the game, it is likely that he will miss the rest of the season all the games.

Sir Goebel in 1915, is important for the jazz, his absence will be a test of jazz defense, he may be blocked shots this season. The clippers have little Jordan because of the absence of Goebel should be the embodiment of the inner strength of the most incisive, but the jazz with the lore of Joe Johnson, away from the Jazz win, the Jazz won a victory on the following grams.

Data, the Clippers scored three pairs of people, Griffin got 26 points and 7 rebounds, Paul scored 25 points and 11 assists in 7 rebounds, little boy got a score of 10 points and 15 rebounds. Sir Hayward scored four double, 19 points and 10 rebounds, Hill scored 16 points, scored 15 points and 6 feiwosi rebounds.

Let a Goebel clippers still get the Jazz now what level

Singles Joe successfully beat the clippers, clippers all players returned to the locker room, Paul speechless, Griffin and little bow down his head. This season, the Jazz can be described as a surprise team fifth, sir, what is the level of this season?

Jazz can have fifth reasons:

1, Hayward, the strength of the embodiment of Goebel;

2, George Hill, the experience of joining the Joe Johnson;

3. Defense is the key to their success;

4, all the success of their coaches on the spot arrangement - Quin - Snyder.