In the playoffs the Clippers Sir vs: Diamond cuts diamond.


In the playoffs the Clippers Sir vs: Diamond cuts diamond.

2016-17 season regular season ended, NBA will be a truce for two days. OnFire will be in the order of time each showdown broke, launched the "parade" playoff series. In the same way, the analysis was divided into two halves.

Clippers attack vs Jazz defense

In the playoffs the Clippers Sir vs: Diamond cuts diamond.

Remember last year in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs played extremely boring, this situation should be very difficult to repeat this year, just the Clippers against the jazz series is very interesting. The strength of both sides in about the same, the key is also high quality teams -- fourth and sixth points separated the alliance. And if you have to pick a higher level, it is no doubt that the Clippers fifth attack against the League of the United States of America's defense of the third.

Look at the clippers. Paul, Griffin, Jordan and Reddick is the combination of 4 old team, two on two points with the ball without the ball top all-around point will always produce a lot of changes. The data show that they can get 116.9 points in the round when they are together, the league is more than 1000 minutes to play the largest group of four. If Paul and Griffin are injured more than 20 games, the clippers can better attack.

This side of the jazz, Goebel in his own hands erected in the inner wall of a city, the field is 10.2 times the same time only to protect the opponent cast a basket hit rate of 43.9%, the best of the union is the two data. He can be taken into account in the pick and roll the ball back and break down to cover the player, making his teammates do not need to defend awol. Jazz is therefore one of the league's least missed points, opponents 27.9% of the proportion of only higher than the heat of three.

In the 4 confrontation, Jordan and Reddick are relatively less than two people. Little Jordan rarely touched on a body can not rely on the rolling of the opponent, want to easily go down and empty cut is not a hit rate from the usual 7 or more to a sharp drop of up to 5. Reddick trapped in the opponent's super discipline, 33.3% of the quasi accurate heart of the three points. But Griffin (second 26), Paul (third 33) and Crawford (fourth 28) have their own representative, that jazz defense is not outsiders.

Why is this happening? You know Sir conservative anti roll strategy is that Goebel of the 1 - 2, he preferred protection box when the distance will be relatively weak areas, especially against the alliance is the third high in the middle area of the proportion of shot. The Clippers just have the league's top 5 hit in the distance. Paul and Jordan pick and roll as an example, Goebel is not anti too on the outside, he had to pay attention to prevent Joe behind Dan Shun, and more on the breakthrough more difficult.

That's when Paul's strengths are shown. He can always maintain the threat of passing, and then use the ball and shoot the patient to find the space. NBA is only one of the few who is good at holding the ball, and Paul is one of them. And when Griffin feel good can also play a similar role -- second games Paul, Rivers Griffin and Jordan simply by frequent phone number four or five for the pick and roll, Goebel is also not any protection.

Is it difficult to walk this road? Of course it's hard. Speaking white Jazz strategy is to break your strong policy and the weak side shot the whole block, not making mistakes can also tie the fence, if you can throw the ball danwuxufa zirendaomei. So this round of Paul to maintain sufficient desire to attack, so that the stability of the middle of the distance to be more precise, such as the bench to seize the opportunity of the end of the fate of Goebel, Crawford Griffin. Everyone has to do their jobs, the Clippers to blaze a new trail.

Jazz attack vs clippers defense

In the playoffs the Clippers Sir vs: Diamond cuts diamond.

Utah's offense and the Clippers defense is their weak, but just are ranked twelfth in the league, so it is Diamond cuts diamond. confrontation. Sir the trouble is, they expected the "five season before the war and not to be together". Feiwosi in space and Goebel is not compatible; hood growth range is limited; as they and Hill all season struggling in the minor injury ailment, their main total with 14 games.

Fortunately, Hayward and Goebel have their own small progress. Hayward really become the main hand all star level, can control the ball into the pick and roll and ready to stop, can retreat without the ball shooting or continuous cutting. Goebel has been promoted to the top threat to the league. He is not afraid of confrontation, just throw can swing Zhuangshen spark of the likes of Jordan, there is a hand and body does not match the passing ability.

Confrontation in March 14th, Hayward scored 27 points and led the team to win. Paul and his style is quite common, usually small Jordan may be more directly to defend, but due to Goebel's threat or priority back down at this time, Hayward a smooth jumper comes in handy. Goebel in the 4 game in the field of the hit rate of 65.7% were cut by 13.8 points, it is obvious that little Jordan also took him no way.

Originally, the Clippers defense is somewhat similar to the poor version of the jazz. Little Jordan's consciousness Goebel not so outstanding, the bench and the lack of players, resulting in leakage of air and lost two attack is often the case. But the Jazz attack is not the poor version of the Clippers? They somehow become a dual core team, there is also the problem of lack of scoring power, and even unlike the clippers have second points of the ball and the ball back to the wrong point (Griffin). If Hayward goes off like the rest of the match, their options are too limited.

Interestingly, in the NBA faster and faster today, the two teams are more or less obsessed with positional warfare. Paul likes to play slow scheduling is just a habit from the debut, the rhythm of the jazz and even the slowest union. They are in the bottom 7 of the League break proportion less than, in fact need to speed up the Clippers occasionally avoid Goebel barrier, Sir to avoid hard grinding position errors problem, then you can see who can do better.

In this round of series will be played very anxious, to predict a winner, the Clippers should have 3 advantages: one is to grasp their playoff experience, like jazz is many years the first early adopters is their home court advantage; two, if the day Wang Shan or rob seven can have a home his support; three is their rotation level is more clear, sir here significantly more trust in Ingalls et al and phevos. Temporarily optimistic about the Clippers win half raise it.

Expected results: Sir 4-3 clippers

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