Pogba face to face Sheriff: Kanter is world class and he doesn't score a lot of goals


Pogba face to face Sheriff: Kanter is world class and he doesn't score a lot of goals

Pogba face to face Sheriff: Kanter is world class and he doesn't score a lot of goals

Tiger football news April 16th sky sports columnist Sharif J arrived at Old Trafford, and Pogba talked about his face to face, will face the midfield opponent, ngolo - Kanter, the best location as well as more news and......

Sharif J's column reads as follows:

Pogba felt a little tired.

After playing in Anderlecht, Pogba received the drug test, alone back to Manchester City, five in the morning he did not return to Manchester, and in the sky sports interview, I found a man, Pogba is very talkative.

In fact, Pogba is very polite, very punctual, but for the beginning of the interview when some of my questions, he only gave some very perfunctory answers, rather than the usual enthusiasm, this time his interest seems to be not high.

It looks like this will be with a glamorous star very boring conversation, until I asked: "you said in the middle of the week, do not use the number of goals or assists the quantity to evaluate my performance, so do you think which should be used to measure the factors you?"

Pogba stared, straighten the chest, in the face of those in his question, he refuted the outside bad opinion of him. Kanter, who is in the midfield, lacks a goal, no emojis, dance, hair, social media, and no 100 million pounds.

Pogba said: I heard that Pogba is a top midfielder, I agree with this point. Look at what he's doing on the pitch and we can see that he's a top midfielder. But he didn't score many goals, did he? But we're not going to talk about these things.

"They will only talk about Kanter's contribution to the field, he can get the ball, he can pass, and he can create opportunities, I, I also try to accomplish this achievement.

"I scored more goals than Kanter, but we still say Kanter has done this or that achievement, if you want to use the quantity to evaluate the goal, I think you need to evaluate each player in the same way.

"Commentators will only talk about the transfer and the money, I want to say is, in real life, for an ordinary person, no one can be worth 100 million pounds."

Pogba face to face Sheriff: Kanter is world class and he doesn't score a lot of goals

"But if you look back a few years ago, Neymar and Gareth - Baer transfer fee, you will feel that the transfer market must be crazy. This has a relationship with the times, the times have changed. They will invest more money in the transfer market, but in real life, I dare say, no one can be worth 100 million pounds or $80 million.

"In the football world, it may happen, but now that the deal is complete, the deal is over. We don't need to talk about it, we have to focus on the pitch and talk about football.

"This is why we love football, this Never mind and money, and the hair or those dance also never mind, we want to see a beautiful goal, excellent sports steals, fair competition and this sort of thing.

"If they want to talk about me, that's good, it's what problems, but they should not take the emojis expression and style of football together, away from the pitch, let him off the field of play, we can not take it and pitch things confused.

"I just want to play, whether it's on the left or right. I always give 100% of the team. The most important thing is that my first priority is to be a midfielder, not a goal. You have to bring creativity to the team and help the team, and if you score, it will be added value to the team."

Pogba face to face Sheriff: Kanter is world class and he doesn't score a lot of goals

Pogba said these words, the chest has been ups and downs, some excitement.

This is not to say that Pogba is angry or resentful because of the media coverage, but it does touch a nerve. All in all, Pogba is telling his critics to stop blaming him for his goals, and why do they not ask Kanter for the same position?

Mr Pogba does not want the outside world to label him with a label that is overly optimistic and full of entertainment, insisting that he and other players have the same professionalism.

Pogba said: "when I play, I will give my all strength. That's not to say I want to score goals, or to contribute everything on the pitch. I'm playing, I try my best, I want to win every game. When I lose a game, I don't laugh, I don't play video games, or dance.

"But at the end of the game, you have to think about life. You can't just live in the past, live in the games you lost. You must look ahead, or you will be standing still. I am very happy to play football, I am in good health, I have a healthy body, so you have to smile and keep a positive attitude in life. You have a good chance to play and see how the fans cheer for the team. You want to prove to the fans that it's a pleasure to play at a big club like Manchester united."

In the end, I tried to get Pogba to evaluate his first season, but it was interesting that Pogba refused to comment on his first season at united.

"Let's look at what we've done at the end of the season."

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