Kanter is a top midfielder but he doesn't score enough goals


Kanter is a top midfielder but he doesn't score enough goals

Kanter is a top midfielder but he doesn't score enough goals

Beijing time on Sunday evening, Manchester United against leader Chelsea at Old Trafford triggered at any moment before the game, Manchester United midfielder Pogba at the "Sky Sports", referring to the comparison, he and Kanter himself in the Manchester United the best location and other topics.

Pogba said: "I heard that Kanter is a top midfielder, I agree with this point of view. What he did on the court proved himself to be a top midfielder. But he didn't score many goals, did he? Critics don't talk about such things. They talked about Kanter's steals, interception, passing, and so on. For me, I'm working on it."

"I scored more goals than Kanter, but critics are still talking about what Kanter can do. If you want to talk about goals, you should compare all the midfielders. They're just talking about my transfer and what I want to say is that no one in real life can be worth 100 million pounds."

"But when you look back at Neymar and Baer in the past few years, the transfer is crazy. It's a matter of time, and each generation is different. Manchester United have spent a lot of money for me, but in normal life no player can be worth 100 million pounds or $80 million. My transfer took place in the football world, and now it's all over. The transfer is over, we can't talk about it anymore. We have to focus on the pitch and talk about our football."

"That's why I love football. It's not about money, hair, or dance. We want to see beautiful goals, good steals, fair play and everything else about football. If they want to talk about me, that's fine, but don't compare social media expressions, dance moves and soccer. Don't mix things up and off the football field."

I just want to participate in the game, whether on the left or the right, I am always on the field to contribute their 100%. The most important thing is to be a qualified midfielder rather than a goal. As a midfielder, you always want to take control of the game, to give the team assists, scoring goals, then it is a better thing."

"I always give my all on the pitch, it's not that I want to score goals or I don't want to be there. I play, play my best, I want to win every game. When I lose the game, I lose my smile, I don't record or dance."

"But when the game is over you'll think about life, you can't always remember the past and think about losing the game. You have to look forward, otherwise you can only be content with staying where one is on the road ahead. I am very happy to be able to play, I am fit to play, with both hands and feet, so I need to keep smiling in life. I have a great chance to play for Manchester United and watch the fans cheer for the team. I have to show the fans that they are happy to play at a club like Manchester united."

Interestingly, Pogba was not satisfied with the first season after his return to Manchester United, he refused to self praise, Pogba finally added: "when we know that we have made some achievements, then to judge me in."