Pogba: I'm a midfielder, don't measure my performance with a goal


Pogba: I'm a midfielder, don't measure my performance with a goal

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He felt tired.

Pogba: I'm a midfielder, don't measure my performance with a goal

With Anderlecht after he received the drug testing, and returned to Manchester alone, to 5 in the morning he did not finish the journey through. In this interview with Pogba, I found that Pogba was a very talkative person. To tell the truth, Pogba is very polite, he is very punctual, but he is somewhat slow. For some issues in the beginning of the interview, he gave some perfunctory reply. Than usual this time he is off the reel, some melancholy.

Looks like I'm going to finish this dry visit with an attractive star. However, when I asked: "The path winds along mountain ridges., you once said, should not use the goals or assists data to evaluate your performance, so do you think should be based on what the judge?" The boy's eyes widened, shoulders, to refute those outside of his false debate. His French compatriot Kanter is also a midfielder, he did not score, there is no exclusive social expression, can not dance, there is no four hair style, social media, the heat is not high nor the value of 100 million euros.

Pogba said: "I have heard that Kanter is a top midfield player, and I agree with him that he will be able to determine his level of performance based on his performance on the pitch. But he didn't score many goals, did he? But no one talks about it, people talk about Kanter's contribution on the pitch, he can play with the ball, he can pass, and he can make it."

"I scored more goals than Kanter, but we are still talking about how Kanter has done this or that, if you want to evaluate the number of goals, then use this standard to evaluate all players. Commentators are more interested in transfer and transfer fees, I would like to say that in real life, for an ordinary person, no one can be worth 100 million pounds."

"But if you look back a few years ago, Neymar and Baer transfer fee, you will feel the transfer market crazy. This is related to the times, the times are different, prices have become different. The team will invest more money in the transfer market, but in real life, I think no one can be worth 80 million or $100 million. But in the world of football, this is possible, and it has happened. We don't have to think about it, we should focus on the football field and talk about football."

"That's why we love football, it has nothing to do with money, it doesn't have to do with hair dancing. We want to see beautiful goals, clean steals, fair play and finish the game. If everyone likes to talk about me, I welcome it. But you shouldn't associate my social expressions with my hair style with football."

"I just want to play well, either on the left or on the right. I will do my best for the team and the most important thing is that I am a midfielder. I want to bring creativity to the team and help the team, and goals are added to the icing on the cake."

Pogba: I'm a midfielder, don't measure my performance with a goal

At the time of the above, the chest has been in the sharp ups and downs, some excitement. This is not to say Pogba because these reports of media and angry, but these did stimulate to the young people. All in all, Pogba wants his critics to stop blaming him for not scoring goals, and he is not convinced that, why don't we ask the same position of Kanter?

He continued: "when I play, I will do my best. It doesn't have to be a goal or a shot. I'm playing, I do my best, I want to win every game, when I lose the game, I can not laugh, and will not be recorded after the game or dance."

"But at the end of the game, I have my own life. I can't just live in the past, live in the lost games. I should look ahead, or I won't make progress. I'm lucky to have a healthy body, so I can play football. So I want to keep smiling and keep a positive attitude in life. You have the opportunity to play football, watching the fans cheer for you is a happy thing. I also want to prove to the fans that it is a great honor to play at a club like Manchester united."

Finally, I tried to get Pogba to evaluate his first season at United, but Pogba refused, he said:"Let's wait until the end of the season to talk about the performance."