Liao basket sounded the National Assembly


Liao basket sounded the National Assembly

After stopping CBA semi-final, the Liaoning men's basketball team only a week off, began to prepare for the National Games in Tianjin. April 23rd, the National Games men's basketball preliminaries will be officially started, although the basket has not yet officially announced a large list, but from the recent training and warm-up match situation, the men's basketball preliminaries in the Liao basket basketball preliminaries.

Since the Liao basket "people's army" attribute, is actually in the CBA games lineup of domestic football team as a team. Fans are most concerned about, in addition to Li Xiaoxu, He Tianju and Bush tomorrow morning 3 wounded, is probably chongpi Jersey Zhou Qi the distant basket. Unfortunately, due to the finger fracture in the finals, Zhou Qi will not participate in the preliminary contest, only to wait until the final stage of the comeback for the Liao basket.

As for the 3 players who suffered a serious injury this season, the recovery is not the same. He is currently in the Tianju fitness coach under the leadership of individual practice, can not participate in joint training team; cluster recovery is more optimistic in the morning, the distant basket with the Jilin team's warm-up match, although he did not play, but before the training performed a dunk. But according to the doctor and coach Guo Shiqiang's plans, but also need to use the cluster a week tomorrow morning to strengthen the muscle strength, to participate in the combat training. Now from the preliminary National Games men's basketball team in less than 10 days time, taking into account the preliminaries oppqnents strength is not enough to make too much trouble to the basket, while the 3 player back, the distant basket No. three is already overcrowded, it is not necessary that he Tianju and Cong comeback adventure tomorrow morning.

In contrast, Li Xiaoxu is the only one of the three teams can determine, in an interview with Guo Shiqiang is given a clear answer: "Li Xiaoxu will participate in the game, but he had six did not participate in the competition, we will gradually increase his playing time." In the days before the distant basket and the Jilin team's warm-up match, Li Xiaoxu also appeared in the team's starting lineup.

Therefore, if there is no accident, Zhao Jiwei, Guo Ailun, and so on, will be the main force in the preliminary contest of the national basketball game of the Liao Dynasty, and will become the main force of the national basketball team in the National Basketball Association of the Republic of China and the world. Who will clean and fierce as a substitute in the inside, although captain Yang Ming missed the warm-up match because of the cold, but it does not matter. So, finally, the distant basket Games preliminary list of 12 National People's Congress 4 seats, will produce in the original, Chai Changyi, Zhao Lvzhou 3 handsome player, Guo Xu, Sun Kaiqi and Shiyan 3 named Liaoning basket CBA lineup of young players.