Before the Bundesliga home win B to Sochaux unbeaten


Before the Bundesliga home win B to Sochaux unbeaten

Beijing tomorrow morning, the Second Division League eighth round will be staged in the finale, Stuttgart home court against feierte. Two teams have played in the Bundesliga, Stuttgart is in the 2006-2007 season won the Bundesliga champion, but in the last season, unfortunately downgraded. The Stuttgart is currently 4 wins 1 flat 2 negative 13 points behind in the second division, fifth standings, behind only ranked third, to participate in the play offs Hayden Haim 1 points. The visiting team with 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 Feierte negative product 11 points, round to win will overtake Stuttgart, so in the new season Deyi start stage, the team between the gap is relatively small, everyone wants to win all 3 points, to establish their own advantage as soon as possible.

The last round of the Second Division League, Stuttgart 1:1 away draw with Bochum, after the two game winning streak was ended. In the league this season, Stuttgart in the home record of 2 wins and 1 losses. The Filter in the last round of the second division home court also using the 1:1 by Sander Hallson in the 5 round draw, only to defeat the Nuremberg. In this season in the second division, Fuerth away get 1 wins 1 flat 1 negative record. It is worth mentioning that the two teams had previously played two times in the warm-up match, Stuttgart maintained a winning streak of two.

In the morning B League tenth round the last contest, Le Havre at home against sochaux. The home team in Le Havre is currently only 3 wins and 4 draws a total score of 13 points in the record, ranking the second floor of the standings, the first place in the League at home this season, the record is only a record of 1 wins, 2 draws and 1 losses, home record in the top fourteenth. The visiting team so far in the B Sochaux 4 wins 5 flat 1 negative 17 points good record, currently placed fourth in the table, the distance is third Amiens only 1 points (b League top 3 teams promoted to the Ligue 1), so this will Sochaux to grab points on the road. But in this season's B away, Sochaux's record was 2 wins, 2 unbeaten, they have the ability to do something on the road.

However, the need to remind the lottery, the two teams in recent 6 confrontation, Le Havre 3 wins and 2 draws to occupy the upper hand. In addition, Le Havre on the road wheel lore downturn of the state of Auxerre, finally came to an end after 7 rounds of league games would seem to have picked up signs of the state. The last round of home court and Sochaux 1:0 victory over Ajaccio, stopped after 4 Lianping decline.