NBA playoff Preview: 3 factors make Spurs beat Warriors


NBA playoff Preview: 3 factors make Spurs beat Warriors

NBA playoff Preview: 3 factors make Spurs beat Warriors

On the playoffs, most people think that if there is no accident, warriors and Knights will join forces in the finals for third consecutive years.

All of the factors point to this result, although the two teams this season are ups and downs, they are still the best team in their respective division.

But before they go to the finals, they have to face the challenge of the other good teams in the league, with at least 3 teams in the East and West that pose a threat to them.

The Sanantonio Spurs are one of them, and they are the greatest threat to the warriors in the west, and there are three factors that could cause the Spurs to beat the warriors in the playoffs.

Kawai - Leonard

NBA playoff Preview: 3 factors make Spurs beat Warriors

Leonard this season is not facing the warriors with Durant (Durant due to injury did not play in the game), but with reference to the previous performance, Leonard is one of the few in the League to defend the 2014 regular season MVP players.

No exaggeration to say that Leon Ladd is probably the best perimeter defenders alliance ever since. In general, as long as Durant thought, he can easily get 30 points or more points in the league is only two to three players to score Durant in 30 minutes, Leonard is clearly one of them.

This season the warriors in order to get Durant, sacrificed a lot of important players, including Bogut, Barbosa, Svets, AI Ze Li, Barnes. The price is not big, but it is obviously worth it, because a healthy Durant in the offensive side is almost no solution.

If Leonard can lock Durant in the defensive end, then the game will change the trend. Even though the warriors know how to play without Durant, what happens when Durant gets on the ball and gets caught up in it? We don't know who will win in the 4 to 4 game, the warriors and the spurs.

Kawai or Leonard

NBA playoff Preview: 3 factors make Spurs beat Warriors

Leonard's attack is improving every year, but it is clear that this year has reached a new height.

Leonard is a big player, the greater the pressure he will behave better, his playing is not gorgeous, but very practical.

Leonard has played two games against the champions this season, averaging 27 points, and it is important to note that he failed to score a total of three goals in both games. What he has done is more impact on the warriors inside, these two games he averaged 11 free throw opportunities, which is the highest record of his face all the League team.

This is obviously a good offensive strategy, because the warriors inside the line is far from strong outside. The Spurs will be able to reduce the pace of the game by getting more free throws from Leonard. Because the Spurs know that if you let the warriors play their own offensive rhythm, then the Spurs will not have any chance to win. But if the Spurs can bring the warriors into the half court offense, the Spurs still have a great chance.

If Leonard is able to score in the playoffs against those who have lost the ball in the regular season (there is no reason not to think so), then the game will be reversed, perhaps the victory of the balance will tilt to the spurs.

It is difficult for the students to surpass the teacher

NBA playoff Preview: 3 factors make Spurs beat Warriors

Popovich is one of the greatest coaches in NBA history.

Steve - Cole is also a great coach, but not the top, the gap between the coaches in the two teams in the game is obvious.

Cole's rotation strategy sometimes seems strange (perhaps too much), which is an important reason for the warriors to struggle over the past few years. At the same time, it's hard for you to see mr..

In a seven game series, this advantage will be magnified, perhaps not so powerful warriors spurs lineup and overall strength, but Leonard and Popovich are obviously makes such confrontation with anticipation and suspense.