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Japan is now the maid gym fitness costs?

admin Published 2017/04/15 21:38:31

King wealth is reported that Japan has always been a concept for the maid, a variety of maid related industries are booming. In recent years, Japan has carried out a maid gym to raise the public plan, once the smooth operation, dressed as a maid loaded fe


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Sharing bicycle fancy manned contest, live broadcast

admin Published 2017/04/14 16:21:38

Bicycle sharing has become the important traffic of people travel wherever you see people are riding it not only solves the convenient traffic but also very environmentally friendly but the latest news disturbing Shanghai a 11 year old boy riding in ofo w


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Don't take your life for a joke

admin Published 2017/04/14 16:20:02

Bike sharing greatly facilitate our lives, but we can see that there is no general shared bicycle fixed seat, also is not manned, but a lot of people in order to save money, just a bicycle sharing two personal use, then a variety of fancy manned, some wit


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Shared bicycle fancy manned, adult women also car basket?

admin Published 2017/04/14 16:17:54

Figure 1: a hand holding a child, staggered on the road bike Figure 2: a man riding a bicycle from the yard, put the child in the front of the bike basket, the shuttle in the driveway a lot of traffic coming, look feel dangerous. Figure 3: the two uncle b