The Bureau of Enterprise Administration of the State Administration interprets the establishment of the national enterprise credit publicity system


The Bureau of Enterprise Administration of the State Administration interprets the establishment of the national enterprise credit publicity system

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In the afternoon of May 25th, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Enterprise Supervision of the State Market Regulatory Authority, Ruan Dengfu, served as a forum for guests and civil power countries. , For users to introduce the state enterprise credit publicity system construction. The following is the full text of the interview.

Deng Dengfu: People's Daily Online friends, everyone! I am the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Enterprise Supervision of the General Administration of Market Supervision, Mr. Zhai Dengfu. Today I am very pleased to share with you the relevant information on “Building a good business environment and building a national enterprise credit information disclosure system”. thank you all!

Moderator: Please tell us about the complete establishment of the National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System.

Zhuo Dengfu: General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “To solve the problem of outstanding lack of integrity, we must not only establish a credit system that covers the entire society, but also improve the law-abiding integrity recognition mechanism and illegal activities. The dishonest disciplinary mechanism has caused people not to dare to lose their faith and not to lose their faith.” On March 20, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang visited the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and stressed that he must form a national unified corporate information public information big data platform and put this “network” into the market supervision system. Weave good weave. After more than two years of unremitting efforts, the General Administration of Market Supervision completed the establishment of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System by the end of 2017. During this period, it successively signed a work plan for the collection of corporate information with 56 government departments and signed a memorandum of joint disciplinary cooperation with 37 departments. ). The publicity system covers 31 provinces, regions, and municipalities across the country and links government departments and units at all levels to uniformly collect information on enterprises, including various types of administrative licenses, administrative penalties, registrations, spot checks, etc. across different departments, regions, and levels. With the unified social credit code as the index, it is recorded under the name of the enterprise. By the end of April 2018, the publicity system has aggregated 568 million pieces of information from more than 30 million enterprises across the country, and pushed the company's basic information to various departments of the central government through a coordinated supervision platform of the central government. Ten million, 11.11 million business anomalies, and 34,900 lists of serious illegal businesses. It has played an important role in “collection and service of all parties”.

Moderator: Please explain what the National Enterprise Credit Information Publishing System can bring to the people.convenient.

Zhuo Dengfu: Build and operate a national enterprise credit information publicity system to give full play to the basic role of corporate credit information in the socialist market economy, to facilitate enterprises and the people Benefiting is our focus and direction.

The first is to constantly strengthen the convenience of all parties in the society for information inquiry. The publicity system collects credit information from all aspects of the enterprise in real time, and records it under the name of the enterprise with a unified social credit code as an index, which greatly facilitates public inquiries. The degree of attention and use of corporate credit information by all parties in the society continues to rise. As of the end of April this year, the total number of visits to the publicity system reached 44.73 billion person-times, and the number of queries had reached 17.987 billion person-times. Since 2018, the average daily traffic has reached 46,627,300 passengers, with an average daily volume of 3,835,900.

To collect corporate information, one important purpose is to use this information to serve the people’s business. In our words, it is to improve the market access environment. Now, we have implemented the reform of “multiple evidence and unity” on the basis of the previous “three-in-one integration” and “five-signal integration”. Since the beginning of this year, we have integrated with the relevant departments 19 licenses for enterprises to be incorporated into business licenses. "Twenty-four certificates merged." After the licenses are united, ordinary people do not need to run so many departments to start a business and do all kinds of licenses. We use the publicity system to collect and share information. Through "double notification", "multiple reports", and electronic full registration, we push the company's basic information to all departments in real time, implementing the same information "once acquisition and management "On line with data," "letting companies run less," reducing corporate longs, and the burden of repeatedly providing information, simplifying the optimization of corporate procedures, and making it easier for the people to start businesses.

In order to ensure large-scale, high-frequency, and professional applications of financial institutions, law firms, accounting firms, and other social organizations, we have adopted hardware upgrades, cloud security, and optimized frequency settings for access restrictions. Measures such as the establishment of a white list shall meet and respond to the needs and demands of all social aspects in a timely manner, and further improve the service level of the publicity system. We will continue to work hard to improve the accuracy and authority of publicity system queries, resolve the asymmetrical credit information among the public, enterprises, and governments, and provide more convenient, comprehensive, and timely access to corporate credit information to all sectors of society. At the same time, organization development AMobile internet applications such as PP applications and WeChat applets further expand the use of channels and effectively increase the experience of public application publicity systems.

Second, continuous service companies do an annual report. The complete establishment of the publicity system provides a good platform for the company's annual report work. The annual inspection system of enterprises has been changed to the annual report publicity system. Enterprises publicize their own information through the publicity system and actively accept social supervision. This is one of the important contents of the reform of the commercial system. Prior to the reform, each enterprise had to spend an average of thousands of audit fees each year on annual inspections. After the reform, the company saved a lot of expenses each year, and the company could sit in the office through the online annual report, saving time and running less. The public company annual report rate for 2013-2016 was 87.55%, 85.12%, 88.32%, and 90.45%, respectively, which were higher than the annual inspection rate of 83.86 for the nationwide enterprises in 2012, indicating that the sense of responsibility of the main body of enterprises has continuously increased. As of the end of April, the nationwide public announcement system only displayed 10,681,200 instant messages. At present, we are actively promoting the “multiple reporting and unity” work with the General Administration of Customs, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. Based on the consolidation of 126 items of annual Customs annual reports this year, we will accelerate the annual report of 330 foreign-invested enterprises with the business sector. The integration of the registration of foreign exchange stock rights and interests in 62 foreign exchange administrative departments will reduce the frequency and data volume of enterprises' repeated submissions, and reduce the institutional transaction costs of enterprises.

The third is to actively promote the application of public data system socialization. Strengthen data sharing with social third parties such as financial institutions, industry associations, and Internet platforms, give full play to the industry associations and platform-based enterprises' standardization and guidance functions for enterprises, expand social supervision, and promote social co-governance. Up to now, the publicity system has provided 11.11 million abnormal business directory information (including removals) and 34,900 pieces of information on serious and unlawful and untrustworthy companies to the relevant parties, promoting the provision of inclusive financial services, supporting the development of small and micro enterprises, and safeguarding transaction security. Prevention of financial risks has played a very good role.

Next, we will continue to adhere to the principle of sharing, promoting and promoting the use of applications, and orderly opening up corporate credit information in accordance with the law. At the same time, we will solidly promote the opening of corporate credit information to financial institutions to achieve basic support for the prevention and control of financial risks, promote the rapid and safe development of inclusive finance, and release more credit bonuses for the majority of SMEs.

Moderator: Please introduce the role of the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System in creating a good business environment.

Yi Dengfu: Relying on the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System to create a good business environment, the key is to “open, hold, and manage well.” We always adhere to the construction of a national enterprise credit information disclosure system as a basic project to deepen the reform of the commercial system and create a good business environment. We must work hard to open up information islands and promote system integration and data sharing, and promote publicity systems for the decentralization of simple governance. Incorporate management and optimize services to provide data support.

The first is to create a loose and convenient entry environment for market players. This year, the General Administration of State requires all localities to thoroughly implement the State Council “Implementation Plan for the Unified Collection and Publicity of Government-affiliated Enterprises”, actively strive for the support of the local party committee and government for the publicity of corporate credit information, and promote the consolidation of the information-based work of all departments to solve corporate information. Fragmentation, decentralization, regionalization issues. At the same time, the Directorate General actively collaborates with the National Development and Reform Commission to promote the harmonization of data standards and formats for the collection of information concerning enterprises, promote all-round, multi-form and timely integration of relevant information on enterprises in all aspects and at all levels, and further improve the collection of information on government-affiliated enterprises. The overall coverage rate.

The unified data standard is a basic task, and the ultimate goal is to collect the information of market entities in an all-inclusive and accurate manner, analyze the market economy situation and market environment according to the information of market entities, and promote the industry for the party committee and government. Structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, high-quality economic development, and the construction of a modern economic system provide the basis for decision-making. It also provides a “white paper” to further promote the reform of the commercial system and the reform of the management service, and achieves the goal of creating a loose and convenient access environment for market players.

The second is to create a fair and orderly competitive environment for market players. In accordance with the requirements for the integration and sharing of the government's government affairs information system, the State Council promotes the integration of the publicity system with other government affairs information systems, and incorporates the needs of government departments for information sharing and business synergy among departments, and integrates publicity system data resources into government information sharing resources. The establishment of a foundation for the integration of government information systems in various departments and the sharing and application of enterprise-related information data. At the same time, relying on e-government extranets and data exchange front-end systems to achieve data integration between the publicity system and the national data sharing and exchange platform, eliminating the "data smoke" of corporate credit information.Bengbu.

Integrating the government affairs information system and establishing a unified collaborative supervision platform are both convenient for the government departments, especially the administrative law enforcement departments, to save administrative resources and administrative enforcement costs and improve administrative efficiency; more importantly, they are to promote the government. Management and administrative enforcement are open, transparent, fair, and honest, modernizing governance capabilities and governance systems, and truly creating a fair and equitable, standardized and orderly market competition environment for market players.

3. Creating safety for market players Powerful rights and interests to protect the environment: According to the "Provisional Regulations on Corporate Information Disclosure" promulgated in previous years, information on corporate registration, administrative licenses, administrative penalties, spot checks, and annual reports should be passed to the public through the National Enterprise Credit Information Disclosure System. Public notice: Now that the “Regulations” have been implemented for more than three years, government departments, the general public, media, and corporate trading partners have basically formed the consensus of “inquiry system for public information inquiry”. Market trading entities can well judge the credits of trading partners. Whether or not to conduct business cooperation will play an important role in protecting the rights and interests of market participants and safeguarding the security of the entire market.We have also established a database of small and micro enterprises on the publicity system to promote the development and protection of rights and interests of small and micro enterprises. The centralized display will facilitate the implementation of the business policy.

Moderator: Please explain how to use the national enterprise credit information disclosure system to strengthen market supervision.

Zhuo Dengfu: Corporate credit information is the basis for the market players to reap the credit dividend, and is a powerful tool for government departments to strengthen supervision. We insist on using the information publicity system for the application of national enterprise information as the main attack direction. Improve risk early warning and dynamic monitoring, and promote integrated law enforcement to be more precise.

Firstly, it is a deep integration of online and offline supervision. In February this year, the General Administration of China issued a notice specifically requesting the integration of market supervision practices. Further expand the functional role of the collaborative supervision platform of the public display system, and rely on informational measures to comply with the law and the performance law of the enterprises in the jurisdiction. The online dynamic monitoring and remote verification of obligations, business activities, etc., both reduce the disruption to the company’s normal business activities, and accurately focus the problem clues, forming a work pattern in which online supervision and offline supervision work together. Randomly open"The work is based entirely on the publicity system. We have built a "double random, open" regulatory platform on the publicity system. We require all localities to establish a directory of law enforcement inspectors and a list of inspectors through this platform to achieve a random shake and random inspection plan. Publicity, publicity of inspection results, etc. In 2017, local market supervision departments randomly selected 927,600 enterprises, representing 3.73% of the total number of companies, relying on the publicity system. Among them, 889,800 enterprises that had been sampled publicized spot checks through the publicity system. As a result, the publicity rate is 96.78%.

Next, we must focus on the guidance of local governments relying on the publicity system to in-depth exploration of post-event supervision and method innovation, scientific application of enterprise registration, administrative licensing, administrative punishment, and supervision. Credit information such as inspections, quality inspections, etc., combined with information such as complaints, reports, re-delivery, big data analysis, public opinion monitoring, etc., promptly finds clues for violations of laws and regulations, promotes accurate management, and achieves effective results.

2 It is strictly implementing credit constraints and joint disciplinary measures. Information sharing with courts, procuratorates, taxation, quality supervision, safety supervision, customs, etc., and actively promoting collaborative supervision and joint sanctions for untrustworthiness, and the influence and scope of credit constraints have been further expanded.As of the end of April, the country’s operating anomaly list used market players 457 Ten thousand households, of which 4.22 million were enterprises; 32,800 serious illegally-breaking enterprises, and these “blacklists” were publicized and shared through the publicity system, which caused them to be subject to administrative approval, qualification recognition, financing credit, bidding, and business cooperation. According to the “Lao Lai” list provided by the Supreme People’s Court, we have restricted “Lao Lai” to serve as the legal representative of the company and “22, 000 employees” in the title of “Supervisor of Directors,” and we will further sort out the list of joint disciplinary measures by various departments. The initiation, implementation, and feedback mechanism of joint disciplines promotes the formation of a list of untrustworthy company publicity, market access restrictions, job qualification restrictions, the implementation of credit supervision, and feedback and disciplinary information in a complete and closed-loop manner to achieve effective corporate governance violations. The sharing and exchange of untrusted information by market entities in departments and units Expanding the social application of credit constraints has effectively created a situation where “one place loses trust and all restrictions are limited.”

The third is to effectively promote accurate warning of regulatory risks. Since this year, the General Administration of Administration has taken precautionary measures to address major risks in the field of market regulation. Focus of work, summarize and promote Beijing's credit risk supervisionThe inspection practices will guide local governments to rely on public information system information, effectively correlate Internet data resources, and promote the analysis, prediction, and early warning of the company's survival and development status, production and operation behavior, and risks of illegal and non-compliance.

We will adhere to the principle of “preliminary perception” and “effectively resolve” to deepen the expansion of the application of data resources, organize the development of enterprise risk analysis and judgment, and explore the promotion of corporate credit risk supervision. At the same time, intensify the “Internet + supervision”, combine online monitoring and supervision with risk prediction and warning, use big data to effectively lock down high-risk industry sectors and high-frequency illegal activities, and improve the ability to predict, prevent, and manage risk factors. , focus on improving the effectiveness and accuracy of market supervision.

Overall, we have a lot of work to do in order to build well, apply well, and play a role in the publicity system. In this organizational reform, the State set up a market supervision and management bureau to consolidate market administrative enforcement and market supervision in one department. Its purpose is to strengthen the effective supervision of the market by the government. This requires us to constantly innovate the concept of supervision and supervision, and Supervision measures, deepening the reform of the commercial system, strengthening post-event supervision, continuously improving market credit supervision, and making greater contributions to building a modern economic system.

Moderator: Thanks the Secretary for sharing and thank you for your attention.

Jiandang: Thanks for the attention of netizens to our work. I hope that netizens will continue to support and care for our work. We need to tell us where our work improves. We must follow The requirements of netizens made the work better. thank you all!

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