Wang Fengya's incident reveals the ugly tip of human nature


Wang Fengya's incident reveals the ugly tip of human nature

On May 4, Wang Fengya, a seriously ill girl aged under three, passed away. Responding to the family's doubts about “fund-raising”, the family faced the camera for the first time during the critical period of the child’s suspicion: 1Flood fundraising fundraising for Fengya was 36,000 yuan, not 150,000 for the boy at home. Funded by the @Sudden Angel Fund, it is not a donation for Fengya.

Wang Fengya's incident reveals the ugly tip of human nature

Before commenting, explain Wang Fengya’s family environment. The father has mental problems. There is an uncle who is 18 years old and is approaching the age of marriage. I have three sisters and one younger brother. It can be seen that this is a three-view family with problems. Even if the mentally ill person is married, he will be very cautious in requesting children. Only if the authority of the hospital can detect that the genetic risk of mental illness is extremely low, then the child will be born. This is usually the adoption of a welfare institution.

None of the 36,000 required to treat Wang Fengya’s eye disease were found. Her daughter and son are genetic diseases. It can be guessed that Wang’s family did not conduct a genetic risk test for this mentally ill father. Give birth to four daughters to regenerate a son, it can be concluded that there is a serious patriarchal inheritance incense idea! This is an extremely selfish and irresponsible concept. It is also the culprit of Wang Fengya’s death, which was indirectly caused by the poor only three-year-old!

In addition to saying that the angels of the public welfare organizations help people in need of help, when they take the love of the public as the first, rather than the interests first! However, there are many non-commercial public welfare organizations, among which there are a number of flags that serve the interests of the public. After selecting the goal, do everything possible to hype, and do everything possible to attract money. After the children's pain and sadness fundraising to a certain amount, they are not trying to help the family to treat the child, but want to know how to turn the money into If you go to your own hands or have a stake in a foundation that you have interests in, you can't achieve the goal.

This case! Wang Fengya's parents do tend to favor boys, but they are far from trying to kill their children. They don't want to spend a lot of money on their illnesses, and they have a life and death count, especially when they are diagnosed with malignant tumors in hospitals. When it may not be too good for a lot of money, this is cruel but people still have to live. Wang’s parents’ choices will, of course, infuriate the guys who have spent a long time on this kind of charity.Stimulate public cases to vent their dissatisfaction.

They claimed that the money was misappropriated and that the money that should have been given to the girl was used to cure her cleft lip. This just shows that these public welfare platforms are ill-conceived, the earmarked funds are earmarked, and the child is at the hospital. Which hospital account the money hits, but the family's hands, the balance can be returned to other people who need it, why did they hit Wang Fengya's parents? Wang Fengya’s cleft lip was fully funded by the @Sudden Angels Fund in April and was reviewed in December. These people did not investigate clearly. They used the open platform to claim that the Wang family used the money for girls to treat the boy, proclaiming people’s fraud and abandonment. Or even killing, do not take legal responsibility?

Love is noble and undoped! Anything evil in the name of love is extremely despicable. It is a voluntary act to sympathize with the weak and compassionate people and donate money to people who need it. However, it does not mean that you bring good people's aura. You can indiscriminately stand up against moral abuse at the highest point, even if you are a volunteer, you need to pay attention to compliance. Public order and goodwill respect others. The hype that was originally imperfect was even more abhorrent. It is hoped that the relevant departments of the country will take up the responsibility and truly implement the network is not an extra-territorial place.

In the end, of course, those people who need help from the bottom, how to make these people's ideas keep up with the times, get rid of the evils of human nature, do not be greedy for money that should not be greedy, so that people are not short of poverty. It is a lesson for all of society. To say one thousand and one thousand, it comes down to one sentence, hoping that charity can be managed in a standard way!