2018 Public Interview Hotspots: Misty Biases for Children with Misinformation


2018 Public Interview Hotspots: Misty Biases for Children with Misinformation

Background of interview hotspots Misrepresentation of wild horses as stealing children. In recent days, the Kanxi region of Gansu Province has spread information on the “bad people who rob children” in the village of Yahe. The local police conducted ruminations and verified that the rumored “bad guys” were actually two men and two women on a picnic in the village on May 20. Because of this misunderstanding, there was a conflict between the villagers and the four people. The police have conducted exegerates on the dissemination of distorted information and informed the truth. It can be seen that the wild misinformation is a misappropriation of kidnapping, and the price is high. Still, I hope that everyone will not be ignorant, unbelieving, or ignorant, and be a good citizen who abides by the law.

2018 Public Interview Hotspots: Misty Biases for Children with Misinformation

Exclusive interview hotspot analysis In fact, there are many similar rumours in the online world. Rumors are everywhere. What then is the convenience of the dissemination of rumors? In the face of rumors, what should we do as a netizen in order to better adhere to our responsibilities?

There are three main features of this type of viral fission rumors:

First, the screen and words are very powerful and satisfy the psychology of hunting, such as raging fire. , Bloody violence and other elements;

Second, there is no obvious regional identity in the contained information, and the system maker can easily "localize" the rumors;

The third is mainly point-to-point contact. Type communication.

There is a false information in the "Complaints" option of the public article. However, if you check a message in the WeChat dialog box, it cannot be reported directly. Some interviewees believe that the rumors themselves cannot be reported directly in the dialogue interface, which opens the door for rumors to spread point-to-point among social groups and friends.

Reminder: The online world is not a place of extraterritoriality. People from all walks of life and netizens are encouraged not to do anything, not to trust, not to pass on.

Dissemination of rumors, false reports of dangerous situations, epidemics, warnings, or other violations that deliberately disrupt public order will be punished accordingly. If you find unverifiable network information, you can call "110" or confirm it with the police through the network.

The era of mobile internet is often falseThe information was amplified by the network and quickly fermented. The analysis of public security officials and experts interviewed made it difficult to extinguish the rumor, mainly because “easy to transfer”, “not strictly controlled”, “punishment is too light”, and it is urgent for government departments, Internet companies, and self-media users to form a “crash”. "Collective force.

Social platform companies must shoulder more social responsibilities, strengthen technological capabilities, increase monitoring, and strengthen the filtering of false and false information, especially in the early stage of dissemination, such as peer-to-peer, community Spread a greater role in communication and do not wait for rumors to spread before attempting to stop it.

The police investigating the case said that it is difficult to crack down on internet rumors, and the cost of handling the case is high, and punishment for the swindlers is too light.

At present, China's Criminal Law, Public Security Management Punishments, etc. have specific penalties for spreading rumors. However, relevant experts believe that the penalties for the huge number of vigorous Internet rumors are insufficient and the illegal costs are low. . Therefore, experts and public security departments have appealed to increase the legal punishment for the attainment of rumors.

Although rumors stop at wise men, wise men are not enough. After all, as an ordinary person, rumors should be communicators. The green network environment requires more than the cyber police to constrain. It should require the maintenance of self-learning by our vast number of Internet users. Adhere to their own basic moral principles as a netizen, consciously address various rumors, and contribute to the harmonious development of social civilization.

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