Secondary school students misunderstood misunderstood as wild children robbed the villagers in conflict with the team


Secondary school students misunderstood misunderstood as wild children robbed the villagers in conflict with the team

In recent days, the Kanxi region of Gansu Province has spread information on the “bad people who rob children”. The local police conducted ruminations and verified that the rumored “bad guys” were actually two men and two women on a picnic in the village on May 20. Because of this misunderstanding, there was a conflict between the villagers and the four people. The police have conducted exegerates on the dissemination of distorted information and informed the truth.

According to the May 22 police report from Qianxi County, on May 21, the police of the Public Security Bureau of Qianxi County, Gansu Province, discovered that the local WeChat circle of friends, WeChat Group and Weibo disseminated a message. Kidnapped bad guys" message. It was verified that at 16:30 on May 20th, four young people (two men and two women) drove a white car to a picnic near the village of Pohe in Yahe Village, Gongchang Town. At 20:00, after the students of Sanya Middle School passed by the four picnic spots, they mistakenly thought that the two men and two women in the picnic were “bad guys who rob children” and informed the local villagers after passing the village of Pohe Village. Some local villagers intercepted white cars and caused conflicts. After the villagers made a report to the police, the civilian police of the Qianxi County Public Security Bureau immediately sent out the police and investigated and dealt with the relevant circumstances. After investigation, it was verified that there was no fact that "theft of children" was circulated online on May 20. The civilian police of the Qianxi County Public Security Bureau has given instructions to the personnel who disseminate distorted information and informed the local people about the facts.

These Internet rumors have been rumored recently:

1. The State Administration of Taxation confesses how income from exemption from income tax is paid on personal income from rewards.

Recently A netizen with a Weibo ID of “Xiaolei 3rd” reported that after consulting with the Taxation Service Hotline 12366 of the State Administration of Taxation, it was learned that individuals’ income from paid royalties was subject to VAT in addition to personal income tax. Yesterday, the State Administration of Taxation official public made a special clarification on this issue and responded that "Since the tax reform in 1994, individuals have been granted copyright exemption from business tax preferential policies for the transfer of copyrights, and VAT will continue to be exempted after the increase of the business taxation."


2. Opening of the World Smart Conference Liu Qiangdong rumored to expel half of his employees but artificial intelligence can realize unmanned companies.

Recently, a message of “Jingdong’s layoffs of 80,000 employees in the next 10 years” has spread online. This news came from the speech of CEO Liu Qiangdong at the World Retail Conference in Spain. He said that in the future, will be a 100% unmanned company operated by artificial intelligence and robots. Making full use of AI technology can reduce people. Working hoursOnly work two or three hours a day. He hopes that in the next ten years, employees will be reduced from the current 160,000 to 80,000 or less.

3. Message push in primary schools said students met with drugs and people walked behind the police after verification.

Chengdu network police found during network inspection that a primary school in Jinjiang District was in May. The text message sent to parents on the 8th stated: “A student of our grade met with a stranger to the body of a doll on the way to school yesterday (the subway station). The child was unconscious at the time the person following the drug left. Parents are walking in front of them, but they are aware that they have found the children back and reported them to the police. Please pay attention to the parents and friends. Be sure to explain clearly to the children that they cannot leave school alone. Be sure to go home under the guardianship of parents and pay attention to safety. ! If you have to go home alone, you must ask the class teacher to ask for leave or tell the specific situation!” And at present, this content has started to spread in some WeChat groups.

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Secondary school students misunderstood misunderstood as wild children robbed the villagers in conflict with the team