The savage CEO reconstructed the “Nyima event.” From the beginning to the end: I worked for him and helped him refinance usury, but he discredited Nyima.


The savage CEO reconstructed the “Nyima event.” From the beginning to the end: I worked for him and helped him refinance usury, but he discredited Nyima.

The savage CEO reconstructed the “Nyima event.” From the beginning to the end: I worked for him and helped him refinance usury, but he discredited Nyima.

Wang Nima

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After more than ten hours of interview with the “Wind Eyes” reporter, he claimed to be “King One of Nyima's actor, "Because of the rushed former employees who were threatened by the savage CEO Ren Jian, who was also restricted to personal liberty, did not receive full loans from the company, and was asked to sign harsh departure agreements." Called "Black Nyima"), had an abrupt 360-degree turn of attitude, overturning most of his previous remarks to "Eye Eye". He said: "I am a legal blind," "(according to the contract) Ren Jian borrowed how much money gave me the final say," "I'm the man wearing a cap, that's right, but the hood I'm wearing is a black one." Ma, "I have never played Nyima before."... He also published multiple videos on his Weibo, apologized to the real Wang Nima and Ren Jian, asking the latter to forgive He, and give him another chance to continue to do network management.

At the same time, Ren Jian called "Wind Eyes" and he anxiously but peacefully reconstituted the entire process called "Wang Nima Runaway." In Ren Jian’s narrative, Hei Nima is only a company’s network administrator and has a lot of usury debts. In order to help Heinemah to reform and live a good life, Ren Jian promised to lend money to him, but later found that he had squandered the money to an unreasonable place and had more and more debt. After the company's HR and Heine Ma talked, he proposed to leave the company but refused to sign the repayment agreement. One week after disappearing, Black Nima directed the so-called "Wang Nima Runaway Event."

After tit-for-tat days, the two sides have now reached an understanding agreement. Heinema has successfully left and violently renounced his legal responsibilities. This farce has ended temporarily.

Now recalling the whole process of getting along with Black Nima, Ren Jian said that his greatest feeling is "chilling." In turbulent times, it is a tradition for companies to lend money to their employees to respond to the need to meet the needs of the company. It is also one of the benefits of the company. But what Ren Jian did not expect was that this would actually be the trigger for a farce.

Prior to joining the turmoil, Black Nima had a business start in the computer city to open a small booth, very good for computers. In May 2016, Heinema became a tyrant and in June raised a loan request. Ren Jian did not reject the loan claims of the staff who had been employed only for more than a month. He said: “We did programs and reported the misfortunes of many people raised by usury. Now there is a living example, and he is on the job. The first month's performance was very good...”

On June 20, the two sides signed a loan agreement totaling RMB 100,000. Later, Ren Jian lent Hyundai 55,000 yuan. Heinima also said that he borrowed 100000 yuan from Ren Jian, a total of 155,000 yuan. However, Ren Jian quickly discovered that Heinema did not use the loan to pay the debt in accordance with the contract. A screenshot provided by Ren Jian shows that Black Nima had shown off in a circle of friends: He spent 190,000 yuan to assemble an electric car.

"Looked at the screenshots, I was full of anger!" Even more letting Ren Jian be surprised, Heinemar told him that he not only hadn’t paid off his debts, but also borrowed money from more loan app. ,"He originally borrowed money from four cash loans and then increased it to seven or eight." According to Ren Jian's narrative, Heinema proposed to resign after the legal affairs and HR communicated with Heinema. , but refused to sign a resignation agreement that includes a repayment plan. A week after the company disappeared without authorization, Heinema directed the farce on social media.

From the early morning of December 21st to the midday of the day, Black Nima successively released a series of screenshots through Weibo user @bingolaga, claiming that he was restricted by riots and Ren Jian to personal freedom and installed surveillance in the room. Forced to go nowhere, has aroused widespread concern.

"I have a new experience of the concept of rumor. People seem to want the conspiracy theory to be true, the truth is dark, and the business is to undermine human nature. There is no evidence. As long as words like monitoring, lying, hitting faces, threats, and shutting up forever are used, they will become real hammers and blacks as soon as they are forwarded.Who got some positives? Value? Just as the ragtag writes, after dealing with this kind of thing, the people who do the content still work overtime to make good-looking content to our consumers. The burden is hidden in the vast sea." Ren Jian in 2At 3 o'clock on the 2nd, the circle of friends was made this way.

"People do not care about the so-called evidence, only believe what they want to believe." Ren Jian reluctantly said to the "Eye".

Hen Nima hurts Wang Nima. The lesson of Ren Jian is that the company needs standardized operations and management. At the end of 2017, he suffered from misfortune. Ren Jian wished that the re-starting Wang Nima could go on well.

Beginning on October 27 this year, the “Big Run Event” has never been updated. Previously, the first quarter to the fifth quarter have all been removed. It was not until November 30 that the riots re-announced the return of the Big Run. During this period, the riots went through a strict self-examination of content. Ren Jian told "Eye of the Wind", "After the "Run Big Event" will try more games, such as adding a variety of elements of the variety, as well as outside photography and other links, so that the program is more abundant."

" I hope this matter will just go by.” Ren Jian said that Wang Nima should bring happiness to people.

Following is an interview with Phoenix Cyber’s “Wind Eye” column and Runaway Comics CEO Ren Jian, slightly edited:

Wind Eyes: How do you see this matter in itself?

Ren Jian: I think the people watching the show have already finished watching. Everybody's attention is no longer here. We want to let this matter pass now.

The beginning of this incident was a financial microblogging number that sent some screenshots on Wechat. We didn't care when we read it. Any one of WeChat can say above. I am Wang Nima. And he accuses me that I was monitored by Ren Jian. I restrict other people's freedom. At the beginning, we feel that we are inexplicable. I don't know where the news comes from. Then I did not expect people to compare them. This thing is one thing.

We all know who this person is and we dealt with an employee but it was not handled by me. He said he was leaving, then we said you could leave, but you must sign a repayment agreement on the resignation agreement. Because he had owed money before, I personally plus my assistant borrowed a total of 150,000 yuan. As long as it is an employee of a runaway comic, we will borrow it when we need money, such as for emergency purposes.Money, buying a house, buying a car, etc., are not the only ones he will do. But when you are leaving, we generally require the employee to repay the borrowed money or sign an agreement on when to pay. We treat all employees who have to withdraw money to leave.

But he did not sign any agreement including a resignation agreement. He simply went to work and his phone could not be contacted. The first thing I thought about at that time was whether to call the police or not. I felt that this was an old one. But when I think about the child's impulsiveness, I'll wait and wait. I'm not in a hurry. Then, on the 20th or the 21st, he has not come to work for a week, and he is considered to have left the post without permission. The contract stipulates that if he leaves the post without authorization for more than three days, he can be unilaterally terminated.

The legal and human resources departments then sent him a text message, saying that because you had left the post for more than your deadline, you had already left the company automatically. Unexpectedly, this incident became the cause of what he thought we threatened him. I see all the things he made this screenshot, and say what you force me, but I don't know which shows that we are pushing him. We only hope that he can sign an agreement with us and explain how to pay back the money.

Do you borrow money for your employees? Or is it loaned by the company?

Ren Jian: Generally speaking, it is a company to borrow. But sometimes I will borrow it myself, because the company's process is extremely complicated. If employees need to spend money, they can't wait for the company. It takes more than three months to go through a process. Therefore, if an employee is anxious, I can also directly personally. Then the second one is also a convenience of our legal affairs. Individuals and individuals can borrow money from each other indefinitely and jointly. If they do not pay for direct arbitration, they can be solved, and they are convenient and guaranteed. If there is no repayment between the company and the company or between the company and the individual, it will be a little troublesome to deal with. Because we are also a company partnership system, the difference between a company loan and an individual is not that big.

Wind Eyes: What inspired you when this happened?

Ren Jian: I think the first inspiration is to pay attention to the management of Internet assets. When this employee was responsible for network management, he was also responsible for the debugging of machinery and equipment.The two Weibo numbers, the panda and the betta live account have also been replaced by his username and password. We have already recovered the Weibo number through the platform. So the first one is more critical. It used to feel that a webmaster managed our account password system to work. Now it seems that this requires a process that allows the company to manage password settings, account name changes, etc. For example, you need to change something. Take a written application. There was no such process before. An employee said that the password was too simple. He wanted to change it and let him change it. Then he saved himself. Now we need to go through the process of changing anything internally. In this case, the company will know which account's account password is. Then we will not easily hand over these important documents to individuals for management. For example, we can manage the system from the center through a certain system. Everyone has a fixed authority. We have already upgraded this section and it is a warning to us. The company is based on internet assets. The security of internet assets is very important.

The second is recruitment. We also reflect on why such employees are recruited into the company. He started doing computer related things at startup, so we feel that it is very suitable to do network management, so we did not do more investigations. Because the runaway comics always pay attention to the ability to look at the qualifications, but also encourage everyone to cross the post, such as the real Wang Nima is a professional auto parts, many of our editors are learning clothing, but also from New Oriental, but Did not learn cooking (ha ha ha ha). People with professional backgrounds only come out of the TV station, such as the director, and even photography is not the origin of the department. Our idea of ​​employing people is to do the Internet. We need to have a strong sense of the Internet, and people who are not in their own profession are often able to make things that are very grounded and very interesting, because his life itself is very interesting. Therefore, our original recruitment has always been eclectic. We feel that you are interested. You can be with the big family in the runaway. We welcome you. At the very least, I will give you a two-month trial period. If you use it for a try, try it out. If you don’t, then everyone will break up peacefully. It doesn’t matter. In the future, we will strengthen the background investigation, because in addition to the craft, there is more to test your people, including your debt situation.

I remember when he came in, he signed a trial contract with him in May 2016. The trial period was two months. He was signed on June 20, 2016. Loan agreementDiscussion. His first month into the company was very good and positive. One month later, he began to borrow money. Our idea was to help him. Because we did the program and also reported the misfortunes of many people raised by usury. Now there is a living example, and his ability is good. People are also very clever. At that time, I hadn't considered the monthly salary of 5,000 yuan. How many years would he have to return for so much money? Just want to do a good job of your salary will rise. At least your life will improve, and you won't always be in a loop. Take a large part of each month's salary to repay interest, and then he can't lift his head for a lifetime. We were really just trying to help him and help him improve his life and get rid of usury. At that time, it was in such a state of mind, not to mention the fact that his parents were also bound in the loan contract, so there wasn't much thought at the time and he was quite at ease.

The main thing now is to feel very cold. We gave him work without too much investigation of his background because he felt he was good and believed that he would do better. He asked us to lend him money to borrow money, and we hope to remove him from a cycle of negative energy and let him work hard. However, we found that he had spent the money on the wrong place because the loan contract was very clear. At that time, the legal affairs had clearly left his mind clear. The use of the loan must be determined by me. I believe you have to pay the debt. I think this is the overhead of your daily life. We call it daily. The money he borrows can be used here, no problem. But he spent me and my assistant's money on assembling an electric car. I also don't know that the electric car will cost so much money. He has a screenshot that looks like it was in July of this year. At the time I saw it. All gas! 19 million! It cost 190,000 yuan on an electric vehicle. He put this picture in his circle of friends. I don't know if there are any bragging elements, but I don't believe that an electric car can cost so much money. I know that it is possible to play music or to spend money on photography, but I don't know how much money can be spent playing an electric car.

He also openly put this in a circle of friends, which I find very inappropriate. Then I asked him if your money was back. He said no. Not only did he not pay back the money, he also borrowed more loans to app to borrow money. At first, he told me that he had four fast loans.p. Later, I found that there were as many as seven or eight. I found that this was not the right thing to do. We took our money and bought a toy whose wages were unbearable and repayable at the time. It was his lifestyle. Then I really couldn’t help. At the time, I was actually a little worried. I asked the legal affairs that this money still needs to come back? The legal affairs said that you wrote a loan contract with him for two years. You can't do it now, but I said he didn't use the money at all when we agreed. Then we asked him a mouthful, and he was in a hurry, especially anxious. . Then he bit a thing, my contract is written for 100,000 yuan, but I only transferred 55,000 yuan from my account, so I still owe him 45,000 yuan. He said that if I had loaned him this $45,000, he would not have borrowed so much at present.

He tried hard to tell me because I still owe him $45,000. I have always stressed this matter. I am embarrassed. I told him that first of all, the use of 100,000 yuan in the contract is very clear; the second is my money and my assistant's money. Whoever calls you is the money that our company has borrowed for you. You borrowed 150,000; third you say now because I don't give you this 45,000 yuan, and then I owe you 45,000 yuan, which is absurd. I immediately said to HR that I think this person has a problem, let HR go to see his work, to see if he has other things. HR used to communicate with him in the past. I didn't know the details, but on December 14th he said that I was leaving, and then I allowed him to leave, but let him say clearly how to borrow money to make money and how to contact him. Then I said that I would sign an agreement. First of all, the resignation agreement was signed. The agreement will say how long it will take to repay the money. The individual does not need to bear the legal responsibility. At that time, I told him clearly.

Windeye: He is sensitive to money and afraid to take responsibility?

Ren Jian: Yes, so for this pile of words he said on the 20th, I also asked if we were forced by the law. They said nothing at all. We did not contact them again. I also asked them if they were looking for a reminder, or who would have to write a lawyer's letter to do such a particularly overwhelming thing. They said nothing at all. They last contacted him on December 20 and sent him a text message telling him because youHaving said that you left, then you have disappeared for a week and you have formed an automatic resignation. So you need to have a confirmation letter with him. However, he did not answer the phone or come to the company to hand over, so the legal and human resources sent a text message to confirm whether he had left the company and had not contacted him since that text message. The next step is to have a screenshot of the stock microblogging account. And he took away that account @ Needed domestic fragrance, that is the trumpet of the runaway comic artist, no longer operating. He took the number for himself, and then said a lot of so-called news. Then when we saw these things, my personal first opinion, all his screenshots were one of him, and he claimed to be Wang Nima. I think who would believe such things. I could also change the name to Wang Nima on WeChat. All of him is talking alone. There is no such evidence that constitutes a basic dialogue.

"Windeye": Isn't he himself Wang Nima? Or just one of them?

Ren Jian: No, he has nothing to do with Wang Nima.

He has previously told us that he played "Hine-Nima." Does this character have this role?

Ren Jian: Black Nyima is not our official character, and it is not in the runaway family. Black Nyima is like this. He is our webmaster and also manages our live account. He was wearing a hood that he had displayed in the office when he was broadcasting. This is a black headgear, and then Talk to users on the live and chat. No one knew at the beginning of this matter, but later discovered that it was harmless and harmless. But Nyima is not a character in the runaway family, and officials have not confirmed such a role. We really didn't think about what kind of role Black Nima should be. What is its positioning, what should be done, what kind of content should be presented, should we not invest in this role, and we have absolutely no plans or ideas. Now that we have said it, we can say it. There is no way, but it is indeed Hei Niima who has just played a role on the live broadcast with his cap. The image belongs to the company, but this role has not been included in the runaway family. There is no investment or planning in this role.

"eye": He gave me show off photos of a contract, which he says the penalty is three hundred thousand why there is a network of liquidated damages?

any sword: It really is our contract with him, this contract I have to explain that he took the contract has really done a lot of articles, this is the future we will Improvements. During the signing of the man in the runaway comics, the functions and places of work on the contract were not particularly careful. For example, the place of work above the contract is Shenzhen, but his actual work place is Xi'an. In addition, we have a lot of artistes who are not artists. They are company employees, such as those who once operated, videographed or otherwise, because we often shoot things. We often pull our employees around and pat on him. So there are requirements in the contract terms. If the company needs you to go to the mirror, then the company has the priority of signing for you. This is the one we added in the entry clause. What we do is for example, when an employee takes a runaway resource and shoots a thing. When the fire is over, no one can be found. Therefore, the company wants to maintain the minimum power of priority signing.

Including the contract between the beginning of the company and my sword is also a performing arts, because my performance is so rotten, so they let me not play, I can also do Some screenwriters. The first episode and the second episode of the runaway talk show were performed by me. You can still find it. It is indeed a bad performance. The service contract he took out was signed with him in May 2016. He wrote performances, worked in Shenzhen, had a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan, and signed it for five years. The reason he signed the five-year visa was that he said that he gave up the previous project and was actually a small booth in the computer city. Because he abandoned his own entrepreneurial project, he said he needed to give some guarantees. I said how to guarantee, he said that the contract was signed for five years. I think that's fine. Anyway, when it's not time, it's time to put forward an agreement to cancel the contract. It's just a N+1 cost issue that I thought at the time. After

agreed to sign for five years, he said since signing for so long, you want to increase the penalty to a tune. At that time, I thought it was OK. What could be wrong with this? I just ridiculed it and gave him. He signed it. At that time, no one forced him to sign. This contract is really a matter that both parties are willing to do. He must disagree with the penalty amount or disagree for five years, or disagree with the monthly salary of 5000 yuan. He may notsign. But in the end he signed it. Now that you signed it and took it again, was it not that the breach was too high? I would like to stress that the contract is something that both parties recognize. If he does not recognize that it can be mentioned at the time, there is nothing in the black and white word that is irrelevant.

"Windeye": Do you think this incident has caused such a big concern, is it related to the previous stormy artwork being taken off the shelf?

Ren Jian: Yes, we think there will be a connection. Especially recently, I think there are so many people watching the live music on the Internet. People choose to believe something, but these things may not be true.

My friend circle wrote a paragraph of speech. I want to read it to you. It was when I was in the early morning that I was deeply moved to write down: I have a concept of rumor With the new experience, people seem to want the conspiracy theory to be true, the truth is dark, and business is to undermine human nature. Someone broke the news, with or without evidence, using words such as monitoring, lying, hitting faces, threats, and shutting up forever. Once they are forwarded, they become real hammers and black materials. For Runaway, for me, for Wang Nima, for our company's employees, we always wanted to produce good content and good programs. We don't want our brand to be overshadowed by this term. But what everyone wants more is farce and reversal, forcing us to constantly prove our innocence. Therefore, I also want to sincerely communicate with all my friends in the media. In fact, what we want to promote in the entertainment media is the whole event. Who has gained some positive value? After dealing with this kind of thing, the people who do the content still work overtime to make good-looking content to our consumers, and the accomplished people can still hide in the vast sea without any burden.

I am very touched. I feel that this Internet environment, especially in the second half of this year, is becoming more and more of a problem. People don't care about the so-called real hammers, so they only believe what they want to believe.

"Windeye": Will it be related to poor communication? For example, after the appearance of the storm, you did not come out for an interview response?

Ren Jian: I'm a person who likes to talk, but the company is particularly scared when I say it. For example, talking for an hour on the phone can delay work, and they can't find it if they find me.So basically, the company's marketing department includes colleagues in the public relations department. If they can grasp it, they let themselves solve it. They really don't know how to answer it before they come to me. I think that's OK too. Maybe they want to make my life a bit easier. It's also good. This kindly leads me.

Wind Eyes: Do you think the image of Wang Nima was hurt in this incident?

Ren Jian: It must have been damaged, even though he now clarified that he is not Wang Nima. There have been many people including those who have been concerned but are now not paying attention. People with this incident still have one-sided information. We don’t want to let him talk about monitoring and blocking such words and Wang Nima. This kind of harm is invisible. What we do is content of entertainment and happiness. We don't want to associate any negative vocabulary with us, or if someone else might mention it, you know, you know, there is an employee in the runaway. Was monitored, or one employee was banned, one employee was forced out of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and was forced to commit suicide. This would have negative thoughts on the content produced by your entire company. So this is something we must definitely clarify. He has already said that he is not Wang Nima. This is the starting point, but it must be clarified that something out of nothing is not there and needs to be forgotten.


Ren Jian: I am very sure that Wang Nima is one person (playing) so far. I want to tell you through this channel. Please rest assured that you like it. Wang Nima's husband is the king of Nima who I like. It's a person. It is all from beginning to end.

The next step is how to develop, for example, How old Wang Nima is, and we don't know about it at the moment. We can only say that if Wang Nima can't act, if anyone comes to play Nyima, or if we turn Nyima into a symbol, he doesn't have to play anymore. We don't know. We Did not plan, because it hasn't arrived yet.

We are all in the 90s and we are still very young, so this question asks us, and we didn’t do it.Method answer. But I wrote in my article yesterday. If we really do that day, we will openly talk to everyone. If Wang Nima wants to change people, we will tell everyone, and let us believe in us, from the first quarter. Now Nyima has not changed.

Wind Eyes: This year your personal image has changed a lot, from short hair to long hair. Does this mean anything?

Ren Jian: I am short hair now. This does not have special meaning. It's just because I'm lazy. I usually keep my hair for about three months before I manage it. The beard is also, I sometimes do not shave, sometimes I'm particularly clean, is scraping once every two weeks, I do not attach much importance to this aspect, the whole person is in the state of entrepreneurship and creative state, more concerned about In your own world.


Ren Jian: There is nothing we can disclose about the specific information. If anything, we can at least see the information. What I can tell you is that we have investments. Our investors will ask them to withdraw. So, at the last moment, we will be listed on our own, or we will sell them, or we will buy back the investors’ stocks. It must be this. Aspect action. We don't know whether we have to go public or not. Because the market can also be seen, listing is a way for cultural companies to be a founder's exit and a way for investors to exit, but it is not the only way. . Maybe Tencent one day is very happy, saying that I would like to buy you a lot of money, we are willing to sell and sell, I think this is not absolute. But certainly there are investors who will invest in the money, they will consider exit methods, this is certain. (End)

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